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A sweet little book filled with lovely pictures and great ideas for kids who like to explore nature and use their imaginations If I had read this when I was little, there would have been fairy houses all over our huge yard Maybe one or two will pop up in my current yard @Free Ebook è Fairy House Handbook ¶ A Fun Craft And Lore Book Whose Main Focus Is A Step By Step Guide To How To Build A Fairy House, What Tools And Materials To Use, And Many Ideas On Different Details You Can Add To Your Fairy House Also Included Are Bits Of Fairy Lore, Fairy Dos And Dont S, Fairy Wisdom, And Other Fairy Crafts And Activities This Book Will Be Heavily Illustrated With Hands On Photos Of Fairy House Building, And Photos Of Steps For Some Of The Specific Details Fairy House Are Spreading Beyond The Coast Of Maine And Becoming A Fun And Popular Subject For People Around The Country This Book Will Be A Very Fun Hands On How To Book That Will Be Popular With Parents Looking For Something Whimsical And Creative To Do Outdoors It Will Also Have Great Pictures, Stories, And Activities That Will Capture The Imagination Of A Child Written For Children, Or Anyone With A Child S Heart This book is about the true fairy house that you build out in your yard and or nature not sure this would work for suburbanites here in Carmel but it makes you want to find a place to build one of these using all natural materials twigs, leaves, etc It is written as if someone is talking to a child about making these so I m not sure that having it in the adult section of the library is the right place for itthanks for picking it up Andee beautiful photographs. Written directly to children, the text is pretty fluff The photos though Really beautiful, imaginative inspiration. Another great book by Walsh A must read for those wanting to provide quality homes for woodland fairies 745 Wamade with all found materialstry sea glass Going to buy this and make some with the boys this summer. The pictures were great inspiration but the text was a lot of fluff and layout was not planed well. Fun read to bring the child out in all of us, and some fun garden projects for Spring.