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Bald LiesThree gentlemen in the prime of their lives meet at their Club to drink away their worries They each have problems one has a wife who is rud to be carrying on a flirtation or worse with another man another, a young fop, is in need of money and the last has a secret problem he doesn t dare to confess to anyone he s losing his hair The solution is to repair to the country to a house party to try to solve their problems by finding wives for the two bachelors Audrina, the daughter of a vicar, is content to be the companion to her beautiful younger cousin Carrie However, her uncle is a miser who desires nothing than marrying his daughter to a title The titled gentleman he has in mind is old and smelly and Dree s cousin does not wish to marry him When Audrina discovers that two wealthy bachelors have come to the country, she hatches a plan to marry her cousin to Maxim, the Earl of Blanford Max feels he s too old and too lacking in hair despite a hair piece for the young woman There s a certain minx who has caught his eye but she seems intent on pushing her cousin at him All they do is argue How can true love persevere if the lady can not see what is in front of her nose This story is sweet but short It s too short The romance suffers as a result There s too much telling and very little showing It s funny and cute though The romance content is very low kisses only and barely that There s no real dog in this story either but there s a joke about a poodle.In The Last Valentine, a lonely young woman is buried in the country after a failed elopement It s been four years of tedium and being watched by a stuffy old chaperone When Martine discovers a love letter outside her door, at first she thinks it was misdirected but then when notes and gifts arrive, she s convinced it s her old lover Digby returned to her She s determined not to let him go this time.This story is sweet and tender The tone is darker than Metzger usually writes The story is bittersweet There s an interesting twist at the end but I sort of saw it coming I really liked Martine and felt very bad for her I liked how she blossomed as she realized she was loved I was disappointed there wasn t a dog in this story but only a cat Content warning There s a mention of making love and how Martine felt about it The final story Love and Tenderness involves a young married couple On their wedding night, the heroine panics when she discovers a ghost in the room Misunderstanding, Lee, the Viscount Maitland, leaves his bride not willing to force her to do anything she doesn t wish to do Senta DOES wish to continue the honeymoon but Lee won t listen Senta learns she is the only one who can see the ghost He can t remember who he is and doesn t know why he s there All he knows is that his name is sort of like a vegetable and he was a king of a rock Then Sir Percival, as Senta dubs her new friend, discovers that Maitland is being blackmailed Maitland s brother Michael was a soldier with Wellington s Army and supposedly turned traitor and sold information to the French and then killed himself The Army officially declared an accidental death but the blackmailer knows the truth Determined to stop this nonsense once and for all, Lee heads off to London to try to find the blackmailers and obtain an annulment When Sir Percival informs Senta of what has happened, she is determined to take matters into her own hands to solve the mystery and prove to her husband that she loves him, even if it means associating with a grizzled old soldier servant, a fallen woman, a baby and an old hound dog This story is darker than Metzger s usual romances but it also contains a lot of humor, especially from the ghost It took me a lot longer than it should have to figure out who the ghost was There s no explanation of who he is or what he s doing there His identity becomes obvious as the story goes on It s a little TOO obvious and very annoying It feels really weird to have him in the story I got very tired of the constant hints The story would have been far interesting without the ghost The mystery kept me really interested It surprised me a bit how it all unfolded It was worth putting in a full length novel and developing There was a secondary romance that should have been fleshed out The dog plays a minor role in the story I didn t like the marriage plot I hate supposed marriages of convenience They always involve a silly misunderstanding The last bit of the story is stupid and unnecessary Why It doesn t do anything for the plot It s not even explained The story isn t squeaky clean The h h are married and the reader is in bed with them but they don t get very far There s some sensuality and some parts that may make readers uncomfortable but nothing is super graphic It s clean but not kisses only This book was free on openlibrary.org and it was worth the time spent reading it but not worth paying for. (((FREE PDF))) ⇱ Valentines ⇰ The Creative Genius Of Barbara Metzger Utterly Enchants Romantic TimesBALD LIESAudrina Is Desperate To Ensure That Lord Blanford Not Only Notices Her Beautiful Cousin But Marries Her As Well However, Max S Head Is Beset By Larger Worries Than Matrimony Though He Is Curiously Diverted By The Antics Of The Flame Haired Matchmaking Minx THE LAST VALENTINEExiled Into Obscurity By Her Odious Father, Martine Can Only Assume The Romantic Love Notes On Her Doorstep Are A Mistake Intended For Another Who Could It Be Only Cupid Knows As Mischief And Merriment Mark The Countdown To Valentine S Day LOVE AND TENDERNESSFew Blushing Brides Have Their Wedding Night Ruined By A Ghost Only They Can See, But Senta S Hysterics Send Her Groom Running Reconciling These Stubborn Newlyweds Is No Easy Task Even For A Handsome, Oddly Dressed Apparition Who Calls Himself The King Well, a dashing hero who is losing his hair, how novel Why did no one tell me that the third story Love and Tenderness features the ghost of Elvis Never explained In an otherwise normal Regency set historical romance A good enough read, but no need to go out of your way. 5 stars for feel goodness though perhaps on balance a 3.5 book So worth it for the laughs though I loved Bald Lies best Middle story was a cute predictable snippet.The last with was my least fav, though it was very action packed the gimmick got a bit old by the end Overall, I liked that there were real life issues in the stories, like baldness and pimples Would he still think she was beautiful Her figure was fuller now and her face thinner, paler, except for the spot on her chin from eating all that candy Excerpt There is one week until Valentine s Day , she read I have waited this long to ask you to be mine I will try to be patient until then There was no salutation and no signature Martine shrugged The note was romantic, mysterious, and a mistake The sender must have directed a messenger to the wrong house, for Martine had no beaux at all, much less one waiting any amount of time Why would he wait, this unknown admirer Mrs Barrett was a poor but respectable widow, still wearing mourning for her soldier husband, who, of course, had never existed That is, George Barrett had once lived, and died, but not in Martine s vicinity Her father had simply borrowed the fallen cavalryman s name for his fallen daughter These here are some of my favorite lines especially the bit about watching his friends closely for hints of decay lol Excerpt The incipient resemblance to a hen s offering didn t even bother Max as a memento mori He d faced death on the battlefield often enough to accept his own mortality No, he saw each fall of dark thread, each ebony remnant on his pillow slip, as a sign of betrayal His body was playing him false by growing old Old Max Blanding, first cricketeer, Lieutenant Lord Blanford growing old How had that happened He was only two and thirty He couldn t be old yet.Max had studied his friends this evening, searching for signs of decay Gordie was gaining some girth, but he was still the rosy cheeked lad from school days And Franny, despite his affectations in dress, was still a blond, blue eyed cherub They were all of an age, so how was Max the only one getting old He pondered the question while he waited for the footman to bring another bottle to the table At this rate, he estimated, in less than a decade his teeth would be coming loose and his stomach would be straining toward his knees, no matter how hard he worked at Gentleman Jackson s He sucked in those muscles with a gasp Are you all right my lord the worried servant asked Max scowled the waiter away. There are three short stories in this book the last two pretty forgettable but the first, Bald Lies , very, very funny The ending is over the top funny Max Blanding, Earl of Blandford, recently of His Majesty s Cavalry, is going bald and can t bear it When he and another nobleman friend are invited to a house party near Bedford, he decides he should go and check out the single ladies, too, because he isn t getting any younger His valet coaxes him into wearing a hairpiece, which he instantly regrets because he is SURE everyone can tell He has an arsenal of funny names for the hairless state and for the toupee, like dead rat When one of the rolled up socks stuffed into Dree s bodice falls out while dancing, Max diverts everyone s arttention by ripping the toupee off his head and throwing it into a cormer, yelling Rat He hustles Dree off the floor to repair her dress and they declare their love for the other Turns out she only wanted to find a man just like her father the vicar a good man, who also happens to be bald. What can I say Funny, romantic book Three short story Each one different Barbara Metzger, the second best writer of witted romance the best is of course G Heyer You won t be disappointed You will have a nice time and you will be smiling many times during reading and even after. It s Metzger, so it s fine, but, to a greater extent than ususal, I felt trapped inside a laugh track Too, the third story was completely overwhelmed by the ghost of Elvis Presley, and not in a good way. Three.charming Valentine stories, each charming than the previous one Unique twists on Regency love stories, especially the third one with the ghost of the King who has amnesia How delightful to follow his progress as we gradually figure out this identity of the apparition.