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This book is an interesting read It suffers from what is apparently an issue with the English language, I got the feeling that English is not the author s first language Many spelling errors, like riffle for rifle Other than that it is a tour of Nigeria as well as computer viruses. [Read Ebook] ♼ Razor Sharp 3.0 ⚇ Zeus Is A Mathematical Genius That Never Seems To Complete What He Starts Losing His Father, And Inheriting A Huge Debt Changed All That He Purposed To Channel His Energy To Developing An Intelligent Software Agent For Predicting Stock Prices The Project Didn T Meet His Success Yard Stick, Or So He ThoughtHis Brainchild Takes A Life Of Its Own, Infiltrating Millions Of Computers Worldwide In Its Quest To Gain Processing Power One Of The Computers In Question, Belong To A Secretive Organization With Highly Sensitive Information And So Began The Race To Find And Take Out The Creator S Of This Elusive Worm Before They Can Figure Out The Power Of What They Have Can Zeus Stay Ahead Of The Ruthless People After Him Find Out Math genius Zeus never seems to finish any project he starts Then his father died and he inherited a large debt so now is the time to get down to business.He put all his energy into developing a software program that would predict stock prices It didn t seem to meet his expectations But then his brainchild takes on a life of it s own and starts infiltrating millions of computers, world wide, to gainprocessing power.Unfortunately, it also infiltrated a high power computer with extremely sensitive information This started a mad dash to take out the creators of this worm before they figure out what power they have.See if Zeus is able to succeed by getting your own copy of this book This was a fun, fast paced read Anyone would enjoy this book.It s available on Kindle and Whispernet and you can get it here Razor Sharp 3.0 is about a genius that calls himself Zeus that creates an A.I software that predicts stock market trends with some friends in different parts of the world It soon starts hack into other computers for processing power, and when it hacks into a computer of a secret dark organization that is when a group of secret agents come looking for Zeus, not wanting to talk but to destroy Razor Sharp, as well as its creator.All an all it was a great read I loved the suspense and also, the underlying spiritual and supernatural themes in the story gave it an interesting tone.The main character Supo Zeus was such a beautiful soul, and so thoughtfully written He was definitely a worthy underdog that you just wanted to continue to root for with every twist and turn.Although the beginning started out a little slow for me because there were so many characters and ideas, and it was like a jigsaw puzzle putting them all together and figuring out what was going on In a way it worked because it added to that sense of, curiosity of how everyone was going to play in the grand scheme of things, and when it all came together and the loose ends were tied up it was just brilliant Ola Adigun, is a great storyteller and I am looking forward togreat things from him in the future I thought this was a very good and very entertaining book I especially admire the author s imagination, and I love the way the places and people appear right before your eyes as though you were right there This book is packed full of action and suspense and you will not be bored at any point in this story You will be sitting on the edge of your seat and thinking, wow , This is crazy If you are a computer friend this book will end up being a favorite This is about Zeus, who creates a stock prediction program with some friends, and the program has a mind of it s own, and hacks into the wrong organization This of course causes some major problems and Zeus soon has some secret agents coming after him and his program Don t start reading this before you have to leave the house, and don t make plans until you are completely through You will end up sitting there, getting hooked on this book, and your friends, or wife or husband will be waiting for you at the bar, or wherever it is you go p