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I loved Lori s last series Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor and was sad when it came to an end but she promised us a fantastic series that we would love just as muchso was she wrong.NO she wasn t Although this is a seperate series it carries on with the same theme of drug smuggling and trafficking of young women.Normally with a big build up of a book we are often left disappointed but I sure wasn t Within the first few chapters I was gripped and loving the story and instantly loved the characters especially Logan.Let s just say that within the first 20% of the book I was calling out to my friends for assistanceI needed a fan as I had got so heated ha haI can t wait to read about Reese, Rowdy DashCopy kindy supplied by Harlequin via Netgalley 5 5Wow loved this book so freaking much I don t know why skipped this book in the series but I m glad I went back and read it Pepper was an amazing herion who held her own and Logan was just wonderful he wasn t an ass to her and actually cared about how she felt This was an awesome Lori Foster book. 2 stars Contemporary Romance Romantic SuspenseI m a fan of LF s Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series and had high hopes for her new series, but this first installment was sadly disappointing I didn t feel any connection between the H h other than lust, and their HEA was whiplash fast and trite The suspense part of the story was rather dull and definitely didn t make up for the inadequate romance Overall, this was a lackluster read that I m really glad I got free from the library Despite being underwhelmed with the series debut, other characters have promise, so I might give the next book a chance. This is a review of the audiobook I haven t been a big fan of Jim Frangione s narration in the past I think it is his cadence Nevertheless, I love this author, so I gave him another try He does a nice enough job here not a lot of differentiation, and with his deep voice, it is hard for him to do the women I will probably go on with the series on audio, so he wasn t awful I have always called Lori Foster my Iron Woman She doesn t receive many five stars from me but then she rarely gets less than four stars I like her Romantic Suspense they don t have me biting my nails, nor give me nightmares Still, they get my heart beating faster and have me creeping toward the edge of my seat The emphasis ison the Romance Her stories are great and make it easy for me to identify with the heroine.I usually like her characters, and Detective Logan Riske and Pepper Yates AKA Sue Meeks didn t disappoint I don t blame Pepper for wanting to reveal her real personality Five years is a long time to play a role, especially one that is the opposite of your nature I don t blame her for falling for Logan, either In order to find out who killed his partner, he is under the guise of a construction worker I ve always had a thing for a well built man in a tool belt He is trying to seduce Pepper in order to find out her brother s whereabouts But, Lord help this guy when Pepper finds out he has deceived her Out on Audio ( Download Book ) ♞ Run the Risk ♡ When Detective Logan Riske Goes Undercover To Find Pepper Yates, A Potential Link To His Best Friend S Unsolved Murder, He Vows To Gain Her Cooperation By Any Means Necessary But The Elusive Beauty Is Suspicious And In Far Danger Than He Expected And The Last Thing Logan Needs Is To Start Caring For HerPepper Has Spent Years Dodging The Corrupt Club Owner Who Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Her Silenced She Can Trust No One, Not Even The Handsome New Construction Worker Who S Moved In Next Door The Heat Between Them Is Undeniable But Will Surrendering To Passion Bring Her The Safety She So Desires Or Will Her Feelings For Logan Draw Them Both Into A Killer S Crosshairs Detective Logan Riske is working undercover searching for the man whom he believes was an eye witness to the murder of his best friend In order to find the elusive Rowdy Yates, he sets himself up as a construction worker and neighbor to Rowdy s sister, Pepper Believing she will be the link to lead him to her brother, he is ruthless in his pursuit and will go to any lengths necessary to obtain the information.Pepper Yates is hiding secrets For years she s been dodging the corrupt club owner who wants her dead Posing as Sue Meeks, the shy and unimposing manager of the apartment building, her goal is to be as inconspicuous as possible She hides herself well under over sized, shapeless clothes, no make up and the ugliest shoes ever She s very private and keeps to herself The only substantial contact she has is the phone calls from her beloved brother Foster has given us another well written romantic suspense with an alpha hero that is sexy as sin and a heroine that is full of surprises The near perfect blend of romance, intrigue, action and humor, made this an enjoyable read It s not too intense and everything wraps up quite neatly in the end The first half of the book moves at a slower pace as these two dance around each other with their hidden agendas Logan never figures that he would start to have feelings for Pepper This little surprise throws him off kilter, but still he sticks to the plan Lonely Sue Meeks Pepper can t help but be aroused by this piece of eye candy as he parades himself around in only his low slung shorts, exposing all that delectable flesh and taking her breath away One of the highlights for me was Pepper coming out from under her Sue Meeks cocoon The reaction from Logan and his partner, Reese is near priceless and had me laughing Without a doubt, this is no shy, meek woman She s resourceful, smart and now very angry Things start to pick up and while not without flaws, I enjoyed the second half much better Run The Risk is the first installment in Lori Foster s latest series Love Undercover. I liked the ruse and the mystery kept me invested until the very end It s steamy hot and we are given a cast of secondary characters that nearly take the limelight I think this is a very promising series and I m already anxious to read the next installment, Bare It All. My Rating 3 5 Stars ARC courtesy of Harlequin via NetGalley , ,, 3 ,,,, . Run The Risk es el primer libro de los cuatro que forman la serie Love Undercover creada por Lori Foster y tiene como protagonistas a Logan y Pepper.Honestamente comence la lectura sin ninguna clase de expectativa ni buena ni mala , he leido varias novelas de la autora y me gusta bastante su estilo al escribir, aun asi tengo que admitir que este libro me sorprendio gratamente.Run The Risk tiene una trama atrapante, interesante y que no decae en ningun momento, algo muy impresionante ya que el libro no es precisamente corto, ademas tiene unos personajes muy bien creados y que resultan realistas, quizas me hubiera gustado poder llegar a conocerlos mas profundamente pero aun asi, me senti muy satisfecha con su desarrollo.Soy una fanatica de este tipo de novela, en la que se mezcla una parte mas romantica o sentimental con la de suspence o crimen, en mi opinion hace que la historia sea mucho mas adictiva y si ademas esta tan bien resuelta como en esta, es una apuesta segura para mi.Esta historia es una de las mejores que he leido ultimamente, en unas horas iniciare el siguiente, Reese y Alice me dejaron muy intrigada.En fin, un comienzo maravilloso para una saga que promete y de la que ya me declaro fan.4 Estrellas 3 estrellasRese a en el blog final he conseguido disfrutar de la historia El comienzo no me convenc a para nada, los protagonistas me parecieron planos y superficiales Logan me ha parecido un acosador que no aceptaba que Pepper intentaba evitarlo y, por otra parte, no soporto a los personajes que no tienen personalidad Pepper ve a a Logan y sus abdominales y ya no razonaba En fin, que no me gust para nada la relaci n que tiene porque no le veo desarrollo ni profundidad B sicamente la autora te dice que est n enamorados y te lo tienes que creer Afortunadamente, a medida que nos adentramos en la trama de acci n y suspense, la historia empieza a despegar y me enganch algo m s Aun as , tampoco ha sido una trama muy currada y el final me ha parecido muy precipitado y r pido lo que se traduce en poco cre ble Lo mejor han sido los personajes secundarios que daban vida a la historia e incluso me interesaban m s que la historia de los principales En conclusi n, ha sido una novela normalucha para pasar el tiempo Estoy un poco decepcionada porque me esperaba otro tipo de historia Seguir esta serie porque tengo mucha curiosidad por leer la historia de Reese y Alice y tambi n la de Rowdy RESUMEN CON SPOILERS view spoiler Rowdy y Pepper llevan un par de a os escondi ndose de un peligroso due o de un club, Morton, que los est buscando porque Pepper es la nica testigo de un asesinato acometido por su organizaci n Para proteger a su hermana, Rowdy consigue una nueva identidad para ella y Pepper debe pasar desapercibida llevando ropa que no es de su estilo y comport ndose de manera distinta a como ella es en realidad Logan es un detective que est buscando a Rowdy creyendo que fue l el testigo del crimen para conseguir un testimonio que le permita ir tras Morton, el hombre que mat a su mejor amigo Para ello, est en una misi n encubierta viviendo al lado de la hermana de Rowdy, Pepper, y su trabajo es acercarse a ella para conseguir atrapar a su hermano.Sin embargo, cuanto m s tiempo pasa con ella, m s atra do se siente hacia esa chica y m s temeroso est de que cuando todo se descubra ella no quiera saber nada de l Rowdy vigila a su hermana y empieza a investigar a Logan Logan sabe que Rowdy va a entrar a su piso para buscar m s informaci n sobre l y llama a su amigo y compa ero de trabajo Reese para que lo atrape Cuando lo detienen, Pepper descubre el enga o y dolida, huye y se cambia la imagen para conseguir llamar la atenci n de las personas que van tras ella y salvar a su hermano.Pepper se presenta en el club, pero antes de reunirse con l explota una bomba Rowdy y Logan llegan y se llevan a Pepper Para protegerlos, Logan lleva a Pepper a una caba a escondida en los bosques perteneciente a su familia Rowdy se marcha para descubrir si Morton est muerto Todo se complica cuando descubren que todo es un farol y que en realidad Morton sigue vivo Logan intenta reunirse con Rowdy para llevarlos a l y a Pepper a la comisaria y poder protegerlos mejor Primero deciden pasar por casa de Reese Rowdy llega primero y empieza a buscar entre sus cosas ya que no termina de fiarse de l Sin embargo es sorprendido por Reese y luego por la teniente que llega despu s Para finalizar, llega Morton con dos de sus secuaces y les tiende una emboscada M s tarde llegan Pepper y Logan y descubren que la casa est vigilada por un mat n de Morton y que probablemente l est dentro con Rowdy y Reese Alice, la vecina de Reese y cuidadora de su perro, les ayuda a entrar en la vivienda y le da un arma a Logan Pepper se queda en la casa de Alice mientras Reese entra en el apartamento de su amigo para atrapar a Morton.Finalmente Morton muere al fracturarse el cuello, detienen a los vendedores de mujeres con los que negociaban y todos salen vivos aunque Logan es disparado en un hombro Logan le pide matrimonio a Pepper y esta acepta hide spoiler How do you catch a killer when the only witness is on the run and can t be found Answer you go undercover and try to get close to the witness sister.Two years ago, Detective Logan Riske s best friend was murdered With no evidence and no witnesses, the culprit is still roaming free, but Logan wants justice and revenge When he learns that the witness Rowdy Yates has a sister safely tucked away away, posing as an apartment building manager, he decides to go undercover as a construction worker and fellow tenant to get closer to her Where she is, her brother can t be far away But meeting Sue Meeks aka Pepper Yates is both the best and worst thing that could have happened to him His mission and his growing feelings for Pepper could cost him the woman as well as her life.There is a lot going on in this book, and it delivers on many points humor, action, suspense and hot sex I giggled my way through the first few chapters with the introduction of Sue aka Pepper and Logan She was so painfully shy, that when faced with all the manly naked chest manliness of Logan, her reactions were actually very comical However, her wicked thoughts belie the buttoned up prude hiding beneath long skirts, over sized sweaters and unkempt hair She can t fathom why a man as good looking as Logan would try so hard to break down her resistance and her carefully erected barriers But when he does, he certainly doesn t hold back.The relationship between Rowdy and Pepper kept me questioning whether she was a door mat or just absolutely devoted to her brother He literally was Big Brother I felt that Pepper s anger directed at Logan dragged on a little too long around nine chapters I understood why she felt betrayed and angry, but her idea of payback was to initiate sex and walk out immediately afterwards The next morning Pepper would act like nothing was wrong or be antagonistic By the second round I got bored and skipped the sex scene to get back to the action.There were two subplots to set up the next books in the series, and while I came to like Rowdy eventually, his detour into a restaurant where he becomes infatuated with a waitress did nothing for this story except add on extra reading material Now I can guess who his love interest will be when his book comes out.I really liked Alice She was quiet, standoffish, but there was a quiet strength about her that I really enjoyed Apparently she made her first appearance in Trace of Fever Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor, Book 2 Overall, I enjoyed this new series, and I ll probably read the rest when they come out First I have to read the rest of the MWWTEoH series I just bought all the PBs yesterday Favorite quotesThank you, she said again.He thoughtfully watched her as he ate You know, I just had my tongue in your mouth, so you don t have to be so formal Pepper gasped and choked on her pizza I m wondering, he said, if I mentioned how bad I want to get you naked, would you keel over The only risk I want you to have is my last nameThank you Harlequin Imprint HarlequinMIRA and NetGalley for the ARC. 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