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DNF at 35% I am not feeling it I truly believe its me though, so I ll pick it up again some other time. A tragic romance like no other As priestess to the Goddess Athena, Medusa s sole purpose is to serve When she meets the handsome warrior guard Ariston, Medusa begins to question her duty to the Goddess As time passes, Medusa finds herself falling for Ariston and when she is set free from her duties to Olympus she wastes no time in marrying her true love Their time together is short lived with Ariston called off to war and when the truth of their union is revealed, jealousy consumes the Gods who threaten to come between the two young lovers.Sasha Summers takes your breath away with a riveting story of love, loss and sacrifice in Medusa, A Love Story Many of us have heard of Medusa in Greek mythology, but most of us automatically characterize her as a monster This story shows a young and innocent woman in love who s cursed by the Gods in their selfishness and endures pain and heartbreak but is never broken Medusa s character is loyal and pure of heart, it s easy to love this heroine and never see her as a monster The love between Ariston and Medusa is the reason romances are writtentheir story is captivating and heart wrenching, I couldn t put it down you ll have to read it to find out why.Medusa, A Love Story is a beautifully written forbidden romance that pulls at your heartstrings and keeps you on edge With a stellar romance, Gods as villains and wonderful imagery, it has all the elements to satisfy a voracious reader like myself It s the kind of story that leaves you breathless and impatiently waiting to devour next book Whether you re a fan of Greek mythology or just love to read a true romance that whisks you away to another world, you ll be captured by Ms Summer s allure ebook courtesy of author via Bewitching Book Tours for review Original Romancing the Darkside Review [Read Pdf] ♌ Medusa, A Love Story (Loves of Olympus, #1) ☦ It S Said Love Can Change A Person Medusa Wasn T Always A MonsterMedusa Is Ruled By Duty, To Her Titan Father And The Goddess Athena She S No Room For The Tenderness Her Warrior Guard, Ariston, Stirs When Olympus Frees Her From Service, Her Heart Leads Her Into The Arms Of The Guard She Loves And Curses Her As The Creature With Serpent LocksAriston Goes To War With A Full Heart And Dreadful Foreboding He Learns Too Late Of The Danger Medusa Faces, Alone, And A Persian Blade Sends Him Into The Underworld But Death, Curses, Nor The Wrath Of The Gods Will Keep Him From Returning To HerPoseidon Will Use Greece S War To Get What He Wants Medusa He Does Not Care That She Belongs To Another He Does Not Care That She Will Be Damned He Is A God, An Olympian, And She Will Be His Beautiful Job Sasha First of all, let s all take a look at this cover I m going to say that it depicts what s inside perfectly I haven t ever thought about Medusa outside of the ever ingrained images in my mind from Clash of the Titians I m talking the old Clash of the Titans with Harry Hamlin As I read this book, I looked up a little of the Greek Mythology surrounding Medusa, and it appears there is tale that she wasn t always the hideous creature that she became Sasha Summers took this story and made it sweet, beautiful, sad and heartbreakingly gorgeous Medusa is the human daughter of Phorcys, a Sea Titan, who has bartered herthan once in her life Now the Priestess to the Goddess Athena since she was a child, Medusa has lived a life of servitude, never being free to make her own choices She and her guard, Artison start to fall in love, and all she longs for is to be free to be herself, and know this beautiful man that holds her heart Medusa is beautiful beyond measure, and Poseidon has set his sight on her, and will not back down until he has her, thus setting in motion all the evil games that are played at the cost of Artison and Medusa Finally Medusa gains her freedom, and the first person she runs to is Artison With only two days before he is to set out to war, they are finally able to be together This was such a sweet time in the story, and I fell in love with Artison from the beginning He was so sweet with Medusa, and their short time together was beautiful And a short time would be all they would have The Gods seem to enjoy toying with others like pawns ME INCLUDED There were times I had to stop reading because it was breaking my heart what was happening to these two It was like there was constantly an obstacle, and the fates were not on their side It seemed as though nothing good could possibly come of this story Sasha Summers did a beautiful job with her writing, and the characters I m really looking forward to the next book If you like Greek Mythology I highly recommend this book. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion Medusa begins in a scene anyone who s seen Clash of the Titans will be familiar with A daring young man, armed with a sword and shield, walks into the ruined temple to slay the cursed Gorgon, Medusa He knows his chances aren t good every man who s come to this island before him has tried and died The monster surprises him, though, offering instructions on how to take her head.The novel then rewinds about a year, to when Medusa was a cherished priestess of the goddess Athena Her guardian has recently been replaced by Ariston of Rhodes, a loyal soldier who s worth muchto Athens on the battlefield than babysitting Medusa He doesn t really mind though, as she s beautiful and engaging His loyalty to Athena becomes a problem for him His job is to protect Medusa, whose vow of purity demands that she not be touched Within days, touching her is all he wants to do Sasha Summers is a master of the tiny detail Her characters, Ariston and Medusa, are intimately aware of their own breath, their own heart beats, even the slightest tickle the other causes under their own skin I am of the opinion that there are few devices quite as powerful as sexual tension, and while the innocent Medusa serves Athena, the desire between her and Ariston builds into a palpable force.Much of fun of Greek mythology is the tragic course it takes, and the author plots two trails through purgatory for her pair One leads Medusa to torture, divine curse, and the hospitality of her Gorgon sisters, while the other leads Ariston literally to hell and the mercy of Hades, the god of death.The characters of this creative twist are exceedingly well rounded, particularly the gods Poseidon is a selfish, game playing boar Yet, while not quite guilt for his actions, he is the god on Olympus who seems most concern that her punishments continue Athena, traditionally a wise and just goddess, is anything but when she s offended and it doesn t take much Hades, typically feared for being heartless, displays great mercy The author displays the Greek gods as we ve come to know them noble and concerned for Greece most of the time, yet at other times, they are conceited, petty, and cruel And still, Summers manages to make the key players surprising.I would recommend this book to any lover of Greek myth and romance. Sometimes beauty is a curse as poor Medusa finds out Cursed by Athena for lies and lust of Poseidon, her life has never been her own Given as slave by her father, given as priestess to Athena, she s deeply honorable still.And what her honor and gentleness grants her Nothing but despair and pain Her story is heartbreaking Her love for Ariston, and his for Medusa, is doomed from the beginning, but it will resist everything, even the wrath of Gods And only death can reunite them Those spiteful, selfish, power hungry Gods Who do not mind the humans but treat them like cattle and toys They steal, they lie, they cheat, they prey upon humans, but they pretend slavish obedience and adoration A rather grim tale, where hope doesn t exist and the only way to right the wrongs done by Gods themselves is death and reunion in the afterlife This is one of the most interesting sounding books to come out this fall I don t think I ve actually seen someone else trying to tackle Medusa. Nice. A really great retelling of the Medusa Myth I really enjoyed myself 3.5 5 stars Buddy read with Ana To read her review, kindly click on her name.Recommended to all the Greek Mythology enthusiasts and lovers out there And if you care for a lovely take on the much scorned character, Medusa, do read this and learn about the serpent ladyWisdom will rule you from this day on, your constant lullaby their serpent s song Only those with an innocent heart, women and children, are set safely apart A heart of stone is your curse to bear as they turn man to stone with their ruby stare Keep them safe and keep them whole, or to Hades you will send their hardened soul Your disloyalty brings man s life to an end, but through your death they live again In the late versions of the myth, Medusa was described as a fearful woman with snakes in place of hair whose gaze could turn men to stone Only those pure of heart children and women were spared The fate of Medusa is no secret She dies by the hand of Perseus, Zeus son It was something I had to acknowledge before starting this book First Achilles and now Medusa I don t know why I torture myself so I guess the pages before matter, the story before the end, and Sasha Summers, it seems, is very sympathetic to Medusa s character She made me so too.You might have heard monstrous tales of Medusa, but before that there was Medusa in love Medusa, fair, ethereal, graceful and gentle Medusa was the mortal daughter of the sea titans Ceto and Phorcys Her sisters were Gorgons in all sense of the word, but she was set apart for her beauty, mortality, and her fertility She was nothan a bargaining chip All her life she had been for those very traits traded and offered in place of favors Medusa is what it means to be a pawn of the gods Something to be toyed and played with In this story, Medusa becomes a victim I sure as hell blame the gods The gods are cruel It s a known fact They are gods, they do not cater to the welfare of man unless it suits them They are proud and ruthless and they take delight and glory in being so How easily they break ties and cast away those who have been faithful in service for years over some small slight It never ceases to amaze and intrigue me, honestly I couldn t help but wonder This servitude, priesthood and whatnot, isn t this akin to slavery The unfairness of Medusa s curse was truly so unsettling What wrong did she do but love Was it her fault that she was sandwiched between deities and used for sport A priestess of the goddess Athena who demanded purity, lusted after by Poisedon who demanded and took whatever he wanted Who takes responsibility for that There are versions of the myth which say Medusa was raped, and others that she was seduced by Poisedon Whatever variant you choose, it doesn t make the outcome any less twisted I guess all that s for the reader to dissect I liked that we were involved with each character s thoughts Man and gods alike The gods were fully involved in this story That s what we want to read about About those I found intriguing enough for mention Hera, goddess of marriage, women and family, her delicateness and thoughtfulness was quite endearingAres, not all of Athens soldiers are skilled The cost of such a warthe loss of so many husbands, sons and fathers is no slight thing, Hera chided him, turning her huge brown eyes upon the God of War Not all are so eager to find glory, Hera bit backAres, god of war, never ceases to be repulsive No matter where I meet himWar is war, Hera Death is part of the journey to glory, Ares counteredI have always felt a certain tenderness for Poseidon I liked him best of all He was my favorite Olympian But this story painted him in a villainous light But we can t be too judgemental because after all he is a godPoseidon was known for his conquests He d siredchildren than any other God, by women willing or taken by force Hera had often chided him, comparing his temperament to that of his kingdom, the sea He preened under such comparisons Truly, was there aglorious thing than the untamed sea His affection ebbed and flowed, he took what he wanted regardless of the destruction it might cause He was a selfish deity, but he felt no shame for it Why should he He was a God Pompous ass Yes This is me jumping ship Unashamedly I don t want it anyMy heavy thanks to the author for the disillusionment I still mourn Somewhere along the way Hades became my favorite Greek god Please don t ask how.He is just so apart from the Olympians Cast away, but I found him so fascinating after reading just a few pages with him Medusa s Character I could not love Or be the slightest bit involved in Her character did not incite interest, forced sympathy and pity, yes but nothingI felt the kind of empathy I feel for a stranger who is suffering There s a certain level of affection that defines involvement and I couldn t feel that with her That didn t stop me from cheering her onWhat makes Medusa s character notable is her passion and loyalty Medusa was given to the service of the goddess Athena, as a priestess, from a very young age of twelve She embraced this pronouncement and entered her role with purpose and humility She felt as much as love for Athena As a woman, she grew to yearn and want for the things normal women who roamed the streets of Athens do Love to love and be loved, to be held and comforted She thought of family and kids Things which turned transgressive in the light of her vow to Athena She couldn t touch a man or be touched by one How woeful is it that she fell in love Ariston and Medusa were electric Their love was frankly, sensual, albeit it wasn t rushed, it escalated quite quickly which I thought was a good thing It s a story of only 300 something pages, no need for the drag along torture It s true nothing much happened, nothing earth shattering, nothing startling or heart racing, but I didn t mind at all A story need not shock to be loved, I think That s not to say I loved this Hot and feverish is just as well, sensual I found, can be lovely too I really liked Ariston and Medusa together I was happy for them For Medusa No matter her fate or how short lived her love wasIt was folly to imagine what could have been if she were not a priestess or the daughter of a Sea Titan But, for a brief moment, she did To be a woman from a family of no import, with little or no responsibility beyond that of daily life to carry out to just be I ll get to the point Forbidden love is smexy in books. In real life I can imagine it involves a lot of tearfulness I hold my peace and say noAnd here again we find the topic of the perils of immortality quite prominent The Gift Was immortality a giftMedusa was offered this gift at some point in this story What did she say Well I and Ana do But we won t be tellingggg I think it s fair to say there s been enough discussion, in my corner, about this topic to stay in current circulation for a long time A stinging thought The coldness and severity of marriage unions in the early days baffles me And while I read the exchange of vows between Ariston and Medusa, I couldn t help but wonder Are you buying a cow or wedding a womanIt is a fair agreement, binding according to the laws of Athens and Greece Medusa is now my property and my family I give myself to you, Ariston of Rhodes, for the purpose of providing legitimate children and increasing your oikos Medusa s voice did not waver This was a romance story through and through, and I was in the mood for it It was also a pretty quick read, albeit my slow reading because of my examsOne last quote War was men s work, and they seemed eager for it 3.5 stars This book is so sad..Like, really sad..All I did during reading the book was shout, WHY ..I was really disappointed though. I read this book after reading For the Love of Hades, which I loved. This book on the other hand, not so much. Still, it was a really nice SAD book D..