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I got my copy of Women Will Save The World this week, and couldn t have been excited after reading a pre book release interview with the author With all the noise questioning women s place in society, women s autonomy, and women s impact being made in the current political climate, it is a double lung full breath of fresh air to see a book celebrating the achievements and potential of everyday women be published The book is divided into traits that different women have embodied through their work, whether it s in the creative field, the trailblazing path, or those who ve made positive changes in the world through nurturing others Under each trait, women of historical acclaim are profiled, followed by essays written by women living and working in the world today My favorite is by Alicia Vargo, who not only founded a lingerie company that caters to women who ve undergone surgery for breast cancer, but also founded a house for her employees to stay in rent free if they were struggling to get on their feet financially I hope this book gets read by both women and men, and is given to daughters who may be struggling, as is typical of young girls, to figure out what paths are available to them in life The answer every path. i won this book on good reads and enjoyed it very much i would highly recomend it to my friends and family. What a perfect book for all women to read Each page will encourage you and uplift you as a woman doing the best you can every day to juggle all your responsibilities The book is divided into subjects Each subject has a couple of profiles of famous women and some essays from well know and not so well known women A few of the subjects touched on are creativity, strength and wisdom.The profiles under each subject are of women who changed the world These profiles are short but will help you see these special women in a unique way From Anne Frank to Harriet Tubman each woman s life story will encourage you to be a better person.Each essay relates to the subject they are listed under These are amazing pieces of work A different person wrote each one They tell of a certain circumstance that changed their life or outlook on life These essays are each a few pages long and are definitely worth reading I found this book to be a real encouragement and because of that I gave it a 5 5 stars I would like to thank the publisher for the copy of this book I enjoyed reading I gave an honest review based on my opinion of what I read. Getting this many women together in one book is a MUST READ Women Will Save The World is an insightful and inspirational collaborative The book is smartly categorized into seven main characteristics honoring women in history and today s modern woman After each set of essays, there are five self affirmations that align with what you just read The affirmations were a nice surprise to remind, enhance and solidify these characteristics within ourselves This book is an easy and joyful read. I received my copy this weekthanks Looks great, will be able to read fully after my test Friday Will give review then Thanks again A truly inspiring book with stories by women who have discovered their inner strength and used it to create meaningful lives for themselves. Happy days If you are young and Female looking for direction in life then read this book. &FREE BOOK ↾ Women Will Save the World ⇰ At The Vancouver Peace Summit In September , The Dalai Lama Announced, The World Will Be Saved By The Western Woman Absolute Love Publishing Creator Caroline A Shearer Was Struck By His Statement And Collaborated With Leading Women From Around The World To Explore How The Feminine Nature Impacts Humanity In The Book, Women Will Save The World Through Essays Of Collaboration, Creativity, Intuition, Nurturing, Strength, Trailblazing, And Wisdom, This Women S Studies Bestseller Attempts To Answer The Question Will Women Save The World Women Will Save The World Features Dozens Of Essays From Prominent, Modern Day Women An Olympian, Billboard Topping Musician, Visionary Media Professionals, Artists, Authors, And Profiles Of Historical Women, Such As Mother Teresa, Harriet Tubman, And Anne Frank, Each Who Contributed To Saving The World Historical Timeline Demonstrating How Women Already Have Saved The World In Myriad Ways Plus Affirmations To Help Strengthen Your Inherent Feminine Qualities Plus Ways To Celebrate Your FeminineWomenWillSavetheWorld I don t know what I m missing here other people loved this I did not love it I didn t even really like it, even though I wanted to I tried very hard to like it I found the essays disappointing, and a large portion of the book is very shallow biographies of women in history, art, literature, etc The wikipedia pages for the individuals have depth There are a lot of essays by women about learning to collaborate There s also a lot of stereotypical male female stuff and mystical feminine blah blah Both things I don t particularly care for I was expecting feminist essays and essays with just depth generally I wanted this to be so much than it was. This collection of stories from women all over the U.S is truly inspiring The sections of the book reveal the strength and goodness in all women, through many different emotions I think this is a must read for all women, young and old The stories are inspiring and provide a message that is not forced upon the reader but gently understood.