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As an avid reader of historical novels, it s great to discover a fascinating character I knew nothing about Juan Hidalgo was, I find, a famous, if now almost forgotten, 17th century composer and harpist who wrote the music for the first two operas written in Spanish Here, Gordon Thomas puts flesh on his bones as he skilfully brings to life not only the personality of Juan but that of his family and friends We quickly become engrossed in all their various fortunes, good and bad and, especially, in the ups and downs and ambitions experienced by Juan himself Rising from theatrical musician to harpist at the Spanish royal chapel, he eventually becomes leader of the court chamber musicians While Juan quickly gains the respect and admiration of King Philip 1V, the author gains the respect and admiration of the reader for the wonderfully detailed yet seamless research he provides, giving us insight into the colourful and dangerous life of Philip s Spanish court and, also, into the lives of the ordinary people Gordon Thomas effortlessly sweeps us into the sights, sounds and smells of the period, with the horrors of the inquisition hovering at the elbow of innocent souls and political spying a part of life for many, including Juan Hidalgo Add to all this the happy sad relationship between Juan and the girl he marries which is beautifully portrayed and the natural touches of humour that flow from the author s pen as easily as the pathos, and you have a novel to linger in the mind long after the last chapter is devoured.I m sure the name of Juan Hidalgo will soon be familiar to many as will the name of this talented first time author. An excellent tale, masterfully told with vivid and colorful accounts of the protagonist s life experiences as a harpist I read this book a while back and I still recall how entertaining and well written it was The author has a talent of going from tragic to lighthearted with effortless skill Though one doesn t always associate historical fiction with humor, there were a few scenes that were downright hilarious Needless to say, I don t think I ll ever see olive oil in the same light again. For a limited time only, The Harpist of Madrid, my debut novel, is available on Kindle for the knockdown price of 0.99 Half the profits from this promo will go to the BBC charity, Children in Need So help the kids and buy one, please The five stars are what the book has received for all 7 reviews on not my review, of course [ FREE ] ⚖ The Harpist of Madrid ⚖ Bright And Musically Gifted, Juan Hidalgo Grows Up In The Madrid Of The Early Sixteen Hundreds Employed As A Harpist In The Court Of King Philip IV, He Is Soon Writing His Own Music And Sharing In The Life Of The Court The King Confounds His Expectations By Being A Charming And Helpful Man, And A Fellow Musician When Juan Makes A Happy Marriage Both His Family Life And Career Seem To Be Falling Into Place His Wife Rewards Him With A Son The King Is Amazed When He Witnesses Juan S Escape From Death While Saving Another Soon To Be Engaged By The Inquisition, Juan Agrees, In A Crucial Test Of Loyalty, To Act As A Clandestine Agent For His King Yet New Risks Await Him In Rome Where He Has To Succeed Or Spain Will Collapse Into Bankruptcy In Italy, New Ambitions Form On The Verge Of Achieving Them, His Family Life Is Blighted By A Cruel Fate How Will He Deal With Death And Insanity At Once Tragic And Uplifting, Gordon Thomas Has Penned A Rich Portrait Of Art And Society When Spain Is In Upheaval He Lets An Intimate Member Tell Of His Life And Loves