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I just want to know when part 3 is going to be released Great sequel Well Myss shan finally delivered us the sequel to one of the best books I ever read,Rozalyn go s on another rollercoaster ride as she try s to rekindle what her and the love of her life Tamar lost while she was missing for over a year.But can they do it while so much is coming at them ,secrets re being revealed and people are dying right in front of them that hits close to home.I could not put this book down for one second until I was finished PLEEEESSSSSE GET THIS BOOK ,YOU WONT REGRET IT EPUB ♵ Rozalyn 2 ♃ Hated By Many, Loved By None Is Now Available Reigning Starr By Shan Is Now Available Twitter Myssshanfacebook AuthoranRozalyn McGuay Has Been Missing For Close To A Year Now And Everyone Believes She Is Dead She Is Close To Giving Up On Life And Reuniting With Her One True Love Finding The Strength And Courage She Needs Rozalyn Fights Through Blood, Sweat And Tears To Find Her Way Back Home Only To Find That Her Homecoming Isn T As Sweet As She Imagined It Would Be Tamar Has Moved On Hitting Her With The Ultimate Betrayal Fed Up And Needing A Sense Of Revenge She Goes On A Warpath Full Of Destruction Involving Those Around Her And Herself With Visits From Her Past, Treachery Clouding Her Present, And Danger Threatening Her Future Rozalyn S Back Is Up Against The Wall Finding Comfort In The Arms Of Another Man Turns Out To Be The Biggest Mistake Of Rozalyn S Life Tamar Is Confused, Full Of Anger And Sick Of Being Stabbed In The Heart Unable To Determine His Next Move What He Decides Could Be The End Of His Life Will It Be Too Much For The Two Of Them To Stand Can Their Relationship Withhold The Blows Or Will Things Continue To Crumble Down Walk With Rozalyn As She Tries To Put The Pieces Of Her Life Back Together And Strive At A Chance Of Happiness ROZALYN IS NOW AVAILABLE Rozalyn pt 1 was a bangerso when I picked up pt 2 I expected nothing less this story delivered I still wanted to do Tae some harm, with his hard headed behind and as far as Roz she was getting on my nerves too lol I loved the book, loved the characters, and I see that many friendships are being tested in this one as wellI hope that Reigning Starr completes this story and if not I will be waiting for a pt 3 I don t think Roz and Tamar can live a normal lifewe shall see Wow, well I already knew that Shan was going to bring the heat on her follow up It was all of what I expected after picking up the first installment You definitely won t be disappointed in the least bit She s a force to be reckoned with in the literary world Shan keeping doing your thing and we ll continue to support 5 stars This series has my head SPINNING and my heart beating fastlol Not finished just yet but will be in just a few, WHEW Ok, so this one was just as good as the first I would love to know how long it took you to write these two books Shan because there were sooooo many twists and turns, plots and sub plots It was a super wild looping roller coaster for sure I cannot wait for part three Great jon Shan All I can say is I can t wait for part 3 I could hardly sleep because I didn t want to put my Nook down I had to know what was going to happen next Shan definitely has good writing and editing skills. I loved this book part two was a trip I hate she was mistreated like she wasbut i was mad at her for stedy messing around with Brandon.but i am ready for the third part OMG This book was sooooooo good I had mixed feels once I read some of the reviews, but I was able to follow along and I stayed interested in the story the whole time Rozalyn was just as wrong for going back and forth with Brandon as Tamar was for messing with all these different women One of the things I hated about Tamar was that he thought that he was untouchable and that his stuff did not stink If he would have been paying closer attention to his surroundings, then maybe he would have been able to see that one of his soilders was a cop, and that his very on fam was out to get him He did research he would have know that Ms Diamond was really Rozalyn s little dirty sister I felt like if he loved Rozalyn the way he said he did, then he shouldn t have been so quick to beat on her like all the other men in her life He claimed he was ready to be with her only and wanted to work out their marriage, but he had no problem doing what he did to her in he end Her so called Mama and sister were some kind of family They treated her like a dog with ease They honestly believed in their twisted little minds that Rozalyn was the cause of their fall, when they should have been blaming PJ Tamar s family was just as crooked and scandalous They were equally money hungry and jealous of him I really hated what happen to Keylan He was really the only truly loyal solider that was on Tamar s team along with Dmitri I m glad that Tamar was able to put his Dad down finally I just hate that he didn t get a chance to put Brandon and Tavon in their place, but at least Brandon did get arrested for doing his own girl wrong I think the book was well written Not bad for your second book Shan Keep em coming Shan is back with a sequel to her debut novel Rozalyn This book starts where part one left off I can t say much wihtout giving the book away but what I will say is this book will leave you speechless There will be a lot of Hell no moments Just when you think you have everybody figured out, you learn that everybody is not who they claim to be Rozalyn will have you literally ready to reach into the pages just to try to knock some sense into her This book was a page turner I enjoyed it from beginning to end Can t wait for part 3 5 stars Black Faithful Sisters and Brothers Book Club