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[[ Read E-pub ]] ⚝ Bayong ng Kuting ⚣ Taun Taon Ay Nanganganak Ang Alagang Pusa Ni Tonton Taun Taon Din Ay Kinukuha Ng Kanyang Tatay Ang Mga Kuting At Inilalagay Sa Isang Bayong Kung Saan Dinadala Ang Mga Ito, Hindi Niya AlamNgayong Taon, May Limang Kuting Si Mingming Nagpasya Si Tonton Na Sundan Ang Kanyang Tatay At Alamin Kung Saan Nito Dinadala Ang Mga KutingAlamin Sa Kuwentong Ito Kung Paano Tatanggapin Ni Tonton Nang Maluwag Sa Kanyang Kalooban Ang Pagkawalay Niya Sa Kanyang Mga AlagaEvery Year, Tonton S Pet Cat Has Her Litter Every Year Too, His Father Gathers Mingming S Kittens And Places Them In A Buri Bag Where They Are Being Taken To, Tonton Does Not Have Any IdeaThis Year, Mingming Has Five Kittens Tonton Has Decided To Follow His Father And Find Out Where He Is Taking The KittensFind Out In This Story How Tonton Copes With Being Separated From His Pets I met the author Mae Astrid Tobias once and that was the reason why I bought and read this book.It s an okay book Definitely written for children It s about being friendly to animals, in this case cats The boy in the story has cats for pets Actually only one female cat that procreates yearly and so the kittens are disposed by the father because their family cannot havethan 1 cat in the house The boy wonders where the kittens go once he sees his father putting them in a bag When he is already big enough to know, he follows his father and discovers the truth.It is not what you think This is a children s book so there is no murder or drowning of small kittens The revelation in the end should be nice Otherwise, the small boys who idolize their fathers would have broken hearts and their fantasy world that fathers are their heroes would be shattered forever.We fathers have hearts too. I read this as part of an assignment I liked the story I even laughed in some parts and the ending was touching There were just some inconsistencies for me in the later parts of the story I also feel there was a missing part towards the end, which came a little abrupt for me Nonetheless, I enjoyed it Being an adult I really did I think the story preserves the innocence of children wondering where kittens end up when being given away or placed in a buri bag I also do hope it serves as a lesson for adults to be like Tonton s dad in treating animals I would have appreciated itif the English title wasaccurate like A Buri Bag of Kittens or at least A Bag Full of Kittens rather than A Bagful of Kittens but I d like to think the author chose this title intentionallyOverall, I liked the story it s lovely with a little bit of adventure while centering on the love for animals The kitties were cute I m definitely gonna read this to my 4 year old nephew who loves cats. Made a story plot almost similar to this LOL Thankfully we had different endings.