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I was impressed by this book Despite the numerous grammatical mistakes, spelling problems, and general language butchery the story shone through and it was much better than the typical violent child abuse porn story.Essentially, I saw it as giving a relatively believable version of a child growing up abused I d almost believe the author has some insight into such a situation The depictions of foster care and the main characters emotions were realistic than what you usually see in these kinds of stories I hope that Ms Traxie can get a proper publisher and use her talents to make a living and write good stuff. A few translation issues, but was easy enough for me to over look Just little things like the word on instead of in, or one instead of on Those little words actual caught me the bigger word differences Just enough to make you blink at it for a moment, but not enough to drag you out of the story The first half was just full blown, never stopnever even paused, abuse It never stopped.And I could not put it down.I made it through all of that, dry eyed.The towel and bunny were heart wrenches, but it wasn t until 62% I fixed it for you that I lost it I was blubbering like a baby and couldn t stop for several pages.Even though the part that got be blubbering was from the 2nd half, the first half was actually engaging.It was just that one nice moment, after all the horrible that hit me so hard Sorry, I m being vague, trying not to not give spoilers.if it still sounds spoilerish, tell me, and I ll put up a spoiler hide If you like Dark with a touch of romancekinda then this is for you.Read the warning tagsif you have issue with any of themthen RUN, because it is not watered down. #Free Epub Î Pain and . . . pain? õ Amazing EPub, Pain Andpain Author Traxie This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Pain Andpain , Essay By Traxie Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is a free read, and it shows but that does not detract from the story It s well plotted and the characters are fully realized I can only imagine how amazing it would be with a little polishing given how already impressive as is There are a few plot points that I think should be explored or expanded, some general grammar and word choice issues but I loved this story Every character was fully developed and every issue realistically portrayed This is a story that I would gladly pay for if the author decides to polish and publish. This book is so difficult to review, I personally hated the subject matter, and was just too close to home for me personally.It should come with a very big health warning the fact that this book covers child abuse, sexual, physically and mentally It makes reference to boys children as young as 4 years, but mainly covers the life of Jason, who s 17years at the time of our introduction His farther is a drunk, and his mother died when Jason was young He s abused by his fathers friends, and his father protitutes him, but sending him to the club , where he s paid for sexual favours He never sees any of his takings, as his father is paid for services rendered by Jason.Unfortunately for me, his farther appears to never pay for his crimes, and it turns out he was involved with than sexual abuse I could cope with this book if I knew this was a true account of someone life event, as it s known this sort of abuse does occur and it s extremely tragic and goes on under our noses, but without our knowledge What I could not come to terms with, is that this was written for entertainment..why , what is the author trying to achieve Are they trying to draw attention to this crime, that generally goes undetected They make reference to neighbours witnessing Jason emaciated conditions, yet no one helps him Benson and Troy , he eventually helps himself The author appears to have a knowledge of police procedures, such as using a pay phone number to identify a location, social services and the fostering system.I felt this story was extremely moving and emotionally motivated, and unfortunately something I can not return to I found myself an emotional reck by half way through the book, and I did struggle to complete this story I felt so bad for Jason I just wanted to find him, hug and protect him It s well read from that aspect, but the grammar still needs attention, even though it has already had some editing But I di find that it was such an emotional read that the grammar and spelling paled into insignificance They were lost in the translation of the book.This is definately one book that you can loose yourself in, but not a happy place.It does have a sort of Hea, but I would have liked so much It s a book about survival against the odds, and that if you work it out for yourself and with the help of the select few, then you can manage anything.It may not be what anyone wants, but at least it s managable, and there always someone to help if you know where to look Also look with your eyes, don t ignore the obvious, and take action.I will not be returning to this, but I m glad it was picked for me to read I don t regret reading it, but I can t do it again I wanted to give it one star, just because I hated the subject matter, but I just couldn t do it, as I did think it was a good book in its own right, but I couldn t in all consciousness give it This subject was a big no no for me for entertainment, but a huge yes if this was a life story Then I would give it a big 5 stars, despite the grammar 3.5 stars The first 50% or so details the physical, sexual mental abuse that 17 year old Jason receives Second half describes his salvation from said abuse Traxie has english as a second language and it shows, still an engaging read however. I am giving this 3.75 stars The author s second language was english which led to errors, but they were easily overlooked for the most part I really deduct stars for the way it ended and how it was rushed and glossed over in the end This story was F d up to the power of ten but it was morbidly compelling at the same time I had to know what happened to Jason Overall I enjoyed the story, despite wanting to kill most of the characters, especially johnathan, the keeper, and that damn dad view spoiler I REALLY wanted Jason to end up with Kevin, but he ended up with his foster brother Chris which was okay, but I felt He would have been better off with Kevin Although, he did go to live with Kevin, who took him in sort of like a son in the end If it weren t for who Jason ended up with in the end, and the dad and johnathan not being violently murdered by Kevin then I would give this 4.5 stars Kevin really should have killed those two and swept Jason off somewhere safe long before the police raided the brothel And the fact that Kevin stayed so long at the brothel before turning it over to the police really irked me, the fact that he cared about those kids, but never did anything except prepare them for anal rape all the time or put them in bondagewell that part of the story was lacking in follow through, Kevin was a rushed and incomplete feeling character by the end just like chris hide spoiler That was a great read The progress Jason made from his horrific existence to the almost perfect one is amazing, the transformation is breathtaking I did not even mind a lot of repetition in the plot If anything, it gives you a very clear idea of what Jason was going through same kind of abuse day after day after day of his very short life.Granted, there were a lot of typos, editorial and grammatical errors with plethora of inconsistencies But on the great scheme of things, they did not carry a lot of weight for me personally However there are some unresolved issues that I again personally think needed to be taken care of Therefore 4 stars. It took me a while to actually sit down and read this book because I actually didn t think it would be very good I was pleasantly surprised I know I have seen a list, on listopia, for the worst parents ever and Jason s dad needs to be on this list The story was non stop and no boring or slow parts for me I was protective of Jason and didn t trust anyone that came into his life They had to prove themselves I still don t trust Ron Overall, this was a good story I like that the author gave Jason a chance in life and it was done in such a way that it flowed with the rest of the story Jason acted as you would think someone in an extremely abusive relationship would act Quite depraved and I enjoyed it all. There was definitely a lot I was willing albeit grudgingly at times to forgive because it was a free read.I think the way it handled things wasn t bad It s definitely thought provoking, especially regarding psychiatrists and foster care and providing aid to those in need although most of my observations are personal, so I m not going to go into detail.I thought would come of the Benton Troy character arc, but I don t really have many quibbles with that I suppose it kind of makes it like real life sometimes you meet people you think are going to be really significant in your life and they kind of float away, whereas some whose present you never suspected would become so prevalent do.I m starting to feel like I need a shelf for thought provoking vs evocative or edifying