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Cute non fiction about Degas and ballet More research for me. Rachel Isadora and Degas illustrate this about dance and Degas. Free Kindle ⚆ Invitation to Ballet ⚐ In This Invitation To Ballet, Young Readers Learn All About What Happens In Ballet Class Works Of Art By French Impressionist Edgar Degas Bring The Ballet Vividly To Life, While Illustrations By Rachel Isadora Picture Modern Day Girls And Boys Practicing Ballet Positions And Steps Complete With A Brief History Of Ballet And A Biography Of Edgar Degas, Invitation To Ballet Is Sure To Delight Every Child Who Dreams Of One Day Becoming A World Class Dancer Praise For Invitation To Ballet The Real Treat Is Seeing Isadora S Picture Book Portraits Of Students Juxtaposed With The Ethereal Works Of Edgar Degas, The Th Century Master Of Ballet Painting New York Times This Beautifully Illustrated Volume Offers Young Dancers An Introduction To Ballet Isadora S Pencil And Watercolor Illustrations Give The Book Enormous Child Appeal While Visually Defining The Terms For Positions And Movements Students Will Learn In Class A Captivating Invitation To The Beauty Of Ballet Booklist This Beautifully Illustrated Book Is An Introduction To Ballet Enhanced By The Accompanying Paintings Of Edgar Degas Reading Today Online I wanted to like thisand I think on my own I would have The problem was my audience is 6 and it was too dense for her I had to skim over and simplify some of the content She liked the parts about real ballet but wasn t too interested in the background of the works of art. I really liked this introduction to ballet and the work of Degas for primary grade children. An excellent introduction to the basics of ballet, illustrated with paintings by Degas and additional illustrations by Rachel Isadora. Another Bibi Booskhelf blog post. Interesting format with lots of information A lot of the pronunciation guides for the French words here are awful, and not just American accent awful We lose full syllables in a couple of cases.I liked the combination of Degas paintings and Isadora s illustrations The two served different purposes But the contrast really shows off how good Degas was at portraying movement A lot of Isadora s illustrations looklike held positions.There are a couple of minor errors in the text That is not a practice tutu, for instance The history of ballet at the end leaves a bit to be desired It s too episodic it s missing the throughline connecting the parts of the story. There is so much to like and so little to dislike in this marvelous introduction to ballet On its left hand pages, the book features text explaining the basics of ballet such as what to wear to dance class, the five basic ballet positions, and various dances and famous ballets performed through the centuries These are accompanied by simple sketches illustrating the points made in the text On the right hand pages, readers will find several full page reproductions of ballet scenes painted by artist Edgar Degas There is even a section devoted to the artist himself that explains how Degas approached his subject With a pink cover and pink borders around the pages, this title will clearly appeal to many artists and balletomanes.