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~Free E-pub ♵ Be Careful What You Wish For ♎ Ever Dreamed Of Owning Your Boyhood Football Club Be Careful What You Wish For Simon Jordan Grew Up A Stone S Throw From Crystal Palace Football Club As A Boy He Used To Break Into The Palace Ground For A Kick About On The Hallowed Turf On Leaving School He Entered The Mobile Phone Business By The Age Of Thirty Two, He D Built A Company From Nothing, Sold It For Million And Bought His Childhood Club By The Age Of Forty Two Palace Was In Administration And Jordan Had Lost Nigh On Everything Be Careful What You Wish For Lifts The Lid On The Owner S Story And Reveals For The First Time How The National Game Really Works Jordan Spares No One, Least Of All Himself, As He Takes Us Inside A World Where Hopes And Aspirations Sit Alongside Greed, Self Interest, Overpriced Players, Dodgy Transfers And Top Level Incompetence He Doesn T Hold BackBreathtakingly Honest, Highly Controversial, Humorous And Full Of Jaw Dropping Anecdotes, Be Careful What You Wish For Is Far Than A Football Book It Is A Social Commentary On The Culture Of Great Wealth And Ambition A Shakespearean Tragedy That Exposes The Dark Side Of Chasing A Dream One Of The Best Football Books You Will Ever Read Birmingham Post This is an enthralling read and one that football fans of any club should enjoy This is an autobiography of Simon Jordan It recounts his early business life and certainly brings across his personality and passion The character and passion of the author, as well as his humour, made this a real page turner The book focusses on his spell as Chairman of Crystal Palace Football Club and how that unravelled due to financial issues brought on my the credit crunch The book provides plenty of insight to the runnings of football clubs and the author s intelligence and wit shines through This was a fascinating read. Jordan serves as a refreshing antidote to the hypocrisy, greed, and self serving agendas that pervade the modern game He can be blunt, forthright, and uncompromising While these are not qualities I normally find particularly endearing in a person, I really admire Jordan for his tenacity and bravery in lifting the lid on some of the ills of modern day football Agents are painted in a particularly treacherous light, but then again their reptilian practices are by now well known to the majority of us who follow the game Jordan has mastered the withering, comical put down, and there are some hilarious passages and lines in here The books flows at a nice pace, and the writing style reflects Jordan s brash, engaging style His passion for Crystal Palace shines through, yet he certainly seemed to be saddled with a thankless task, fraught with obstacles, arguments, and disputes at every turn This is an excellent lid lifting book, and provides a fascinating insight into the life of one of Britain s most successful and talented young entrepreneurs and football chairmen. Very enjoyable and interesting read for anyone who loves the game You don t have to be a Palace fan to enjoy it, nor do you have to be particularly fond of Simon Jordan While we do get to learn about how he built his multi million pound fortune, the majority of the book is based on his work in football, and only briefly touches on personal issues which is good Of course it s only one man s story, and of course he will most likely have been kinder to himself than to his enemies, but regardless it still provides a great insight into the bizarre and illogical world in which football operates, and the many shady characters within it.I was one of the many football fans who disliked Simon Jordan for no reason than his unusual appearance and smarmy personality on TV, but over the course of the book I grew to like him to a certain extent, and really feel sorry for him towards the end I shared his frustration at agents, and at the football establishment in general, which is severely in need of modernisation. Fascinating to receive insight on the business side of football I think Simon Jordan was out of his depth when it came to football ownership SuperbI wanted not to like this guy He, so I thought, is cocky arrogant etc But I was absolutely grilled by the narrative from the beginning Found myself warming greatly to Mr Jordan, and his exposay of the shabby world of football I d highly recommend this book A bluntly honest personal assessment of his successes and failures as well as an intriguing insight into the day to day world of a football club Excellent read Simon Jordan, mobile phone king, perma tanned, loud, silly suits This was the image the football world was confronted with when Jordan became the youngest ever owner of a football team at the age of thirty two He then talked a lot, somehow mistaking the business world with how soccer worked Good luck with that was the popular view at the time.The book briefly covers the author s childhood and early business endeavours in IT he became an expert in unplugging computer systems he ought not to unplug From there he moved was pushed into mobile phone sales, eventually setting up in business with a friend and striking it rich When he sold the business he instantly became a multi millionaire This should be a happily ever after story, but Jordan decided to plough his riches into a new venture, the ownership of his boyhood club in south London, Crystal Palace This was a dream deal for Jordan, but he soon realised business mixed with football is like a nightmare.Brash and outspoken, he didn t mind upsetting a few of the incumbents Here he doesn t mind dropping a few names and listing the trappings of his good fortune, but he doesn t come across as a particularly flash personality Of course he spends a lot of money, but who wouldn t if they had the best part of 40 million in the bank More If you have gone and watched your football team play against Crystal Palace in the last decade, chances are you would have chanted Simon Jordan is a w nker alongside 10,000 or so of your fellow fans at the top of your lungs.Perhaps this is not the best endorsement for Simon Jordan and his book, but how many other football chairman can you think of that was controversial, outspoken, and blonde than the former Eagles owner Palace fans loved him, opposition fans loved to taunt him The perma tanned self made millionaire made his fortune in the mobile phone business and by the age of 32 he was the youngest owner of a football club Ten years and 35m later he had lost it all, but what a decade he had left in his wakeClick here to read the rest of this reviewhttp stevenscaffardi.blogspot.co.uk I actually read this book over a period of two weeks during my lunch break at a local bookstore My perception of Simon Jordan has changed after reading this book as the personality painted by the media is very different from the one shown in this book Simon takes us on a brief journey through his childhood and how he made his millions as the founder of the Phone Pocket Shop, a mobile phone retail company that was bought over by T Mobile in the nineties The main part of the book is dedicated towards his time as the Chairman of football club Crystal Palace Simon leaves no stone unturned as he reveals the good, bad and very ugly side of the football game filled with all sorts of character I like Simon s writing style his willingness to poke fun at himself Knowing the eventual outcome of Simon Jordan s affiliation with CPFC made this a bitter sweet read He invested about 30 million into this club and left with about 175,000 when it was wound into administration One of the major takes from this book is if and when you become a millionaire, never spend your money on buying a football club Definitely not worth the hassle Great read and highly recommended.