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i enjoyed this story but I wanted so much I love asian african american women pairings i love the power Solan had and the shyness or unsureness of Diana but I would have like to have know what was to come after there first complete encounter coming together I loved that Sloan lost control and Diana let go I would have loved to see how dominate Sloan could get and how submissive Diana wanted to be And lets not forget her son her friends son she has custody of I would have like to see what was to become of him on his journey This was a nice quick read Will venture out and read other items of this author. sigh Yet another fat woman with self esteem issues needing a hot, hunky man to give meaning to her life stories This is supposed to be EROTIC Really On what planet, pray tell Thus far, I ve come across three books with this theme Fetish, For the Love of Rei and now this hot mess Diana Moore is supposed to be this savvy businesswoman making a success of a strip mall, and yet she s too fat, hates her ample curves, yadda, yadda, yadda, yawn Into this pity party comes hot, young, part Asian martial arts teacher Sloan Kent go figure, Asian male equals Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun Fat stand in , who obviously likes his women tall, black and plump Don t they always There s some dominance and submission stuff happening but I just didn t care enough about it because the heroine just worked my last nerve The fact that I paid 2.99 for a 65 page book that was filled with so much fail is upsetting to say the least So much for fat women being self confident and sexy and going for it I m sure books like that exist, I just haven t been lucky enough to have found them yet. ^Book ↱ His Landlady (Raw, #1) ☠ I Know I Should Have Waited, Bided My Time Like A Good Boy ButI Am Not A Good Boy, Seductive Younger Man Sloan Kent Tells Diana Moore The First Time They Meet, When The Martial Arts Instructor Lures Her Into An Act Of Unexpected SubmissionDiana Moore Is Edgy Around New Tenant Sloan Kent, Owner Of A Kick Boxing School From The Moment She Glimpses A Martial Arts Poster Of The Lean, Beautiful Man, She Wants Him, But She Can T See A Focused Warrior Athlete And An Earth Mother Like Her Having Much In CommonSloan S Calm Zen Facade Lulls Diana So That She Submits To Him The First Time They Are Alone Together Diana Has Never Had Such An Intense Experience, But He S Too Young To Be Her Master, Isn T He Reader Advisory This Story Has Been Previously Released As Part Of The Subspace Anthology By Total E Bound