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23,956,432 reasons why I love this book But I m really only going to write out a few of my favorite things I think I just quoted Julie Andrews from Sound of Music Maybe I was humming that song when I saw this book was released If I actually attempted to write all my reasons my hands would be disfigured like misshapen claws And so, lets go to yesterday, when something magical happened to me I live in Germany, where time stands still, so this doesn t happen often But the Heavens parted, and little Cherub angels came floating down And voil Junk Miles was released WILLST DU MICH VERARSCHEN I knew it was coming out soon, and by Soon I thought in a few months So I stored it away in my mind as to not drive myself crazy.Here is kudos 1 to Liz This book wasn t released a year after the first book, so when the second book DOES come out you have to basically skim through the first to refresh your mind I read book 1 a few weeks ago I had no moments of, oh yeah I forgot that happened In Junk Miles we quickly catch up with Brenna s life It s now Christmas time, and things with her and Jakeah, sweet Jakeare perfect Couldn t be better And then she receives a ticket to go to Paris with her mom..Ah, Paris where everything is romance and perfection But in Brenna s case its where a lot of confusion and growing occurs for her The rest of the book deals with her choices in Paris She is left with a lot of decisions Insert kudos 2 Liz doesn t hold back It s something I enjoy about this writer She doesn t placate the reader into what we want or think should really happen If that was the case, then Bella Swan,IMO, would have been killed by James in Twilight, and then I could have swooped in and been like Oh Edward, I m not stupid and clumsy And I promise my blood won t drive you insane insert lame wink or Calla would have turned all she wolf in Nightshade and ate Shay for breakfast or something Liz writes realistically, and shows that none of her characters are perfect Again, this series is truest to life.I had hoped to see of Saxon in Junk Miles, and I did We learn so much about Saxon You understand about his life, and it give you the Ah hah moment as to why Saxon acts the way he does I was torn with my favorite bad boy in this novel.Well, my personality was bi polar like One minute I would get excited when he opened up and showed his true side to Brenna Because, just like Double Clutch, you can see that he holds a lot in and brushes so much off by sarcasm or smoking And then I wanted to drop kick him, when he shut her back out But if it was any other way it would have been false and not realistic I thought I liked Jake in Double Clutch Such a sweet, and loyal guy I take it all back people I loved him in Junk Miles In DC he is low key This book shows a dangerous, and the retribution side of him Am I jacked up for loving the bad side of him When Brenna comes back from Paris, I anxiously waited for her to see Jake again, and I secretly relished in any scene him and Brenna had I think their scenes, no matter where they are fly by for me, because they are amazing together Brenna meshes with both Saxon and Jake in different ways But in the spark wise department, her and Jake are one of my top couples I have no idea what it is about Brenna, that I like so much Wait a tick Yes, I do She is strong and holds her own That is something I love so much, because it s rare to find in heroines Especially in YA And, again, I m the pickiest reader out there I am the first to chuck a book when something goes ire, but I felt sympathy and sorrow right along with her She makes mistakes, but I found that reading through her mistakes, they didn t irritate me She s learning through them But it doesn t make the book a happy, running through a prairie field feeling I think thats what gives this book the final 5th star not everything is perfect in life I think the things that occur to her needed to happen I know a lot of people are complaining that this book was different from the first OR they didn t like Brenna in this one when she couldn t decide between which boy to choose from Ummm, thats a good thing Why do I say that Because it s soCOMPLETELY REFRESHINGHow many times have we all seen some girl run around with mascara tears running down her face, giving her a striking resemblance to a raccoon as she wails about a guy that crushed her when he dumped her, used her, or was just a McDouche How many times have you quickly ushered a friend into the restroom, and told them, He s such a jerk You deserve better Even if you don t want to admit it, you ve witnessed it And so NOW, here we have a character that is making her own choices, living her life, deciding what s best and people are upset PFT I say keep it coming I loved that she didn t sigh annoyingly, stare dreamily into Jake or Saxon s eyes whenever they spoke, or followed them around like a lost puppy Instead, it was the opposite These TWO, not one, but TWO boys wanted her attention, they actively sought HER out I know, I know, this is hard for some people to comprehend but thoughtful pause shouldn t that be the way its supposed to be And to note The ending made my heart drop just a little I now I have conjure up all these scenarios as to what will happen to Jake and Brenna I wonder how hard it would be to ask Liz Reinhardt to write this series to Volume 26 It could be titled, Brenna Blixen College Days.I d donate my kidney to read that Volume Okay lets just be honest I m curious to see Jake in older version You re wondering now too [[ Kindle ]] ⇱ Junk Miles ⇨ Kissing Someone Other Than Your Boyfriend Is CheatingBut What About Thinking About Kissing Someone Other Than Your Boyfriend What About Thinking About It A Lot Brenna Blixen Has The Perfect Boyfriend He S Sweet, Sexy, Loyal, And Sure That Brenna Is The Best Thing That S Ever Happened To Him But Being The Perfect Girlfriend Isn T As Easy As Brenna Thought It Would Be, And The Pressure That Comes With Trying To Be Jake S Everything Is Beginning To Weigh On Her When Her Mother Surprises Her With A Trip To Paris Over Winter Break, She S Torn She Anticipated Spending Her Vacation Snuggling With Jake Kelly, Ice Skating, Drinking Cocoa, And Relaxingbut What Girl In Her Right Mind Would Turn Down A Trip To Paris Things Only Get Confusing When She Winds Up Unexpectedly And Unavoidably Thrown Into Saxon Maclean S Arms In The City Of Lights Far Away From The Comfort And Stability She Finds At Jake S Side, Brenna Faces Down The Feelings That Have Been Swirling Through Her Since The Day She Laid Eyes On Saxon Is It Fair For Her To Call Herself Jake S Girlfriend When She Has So Many Unresolved Feelings About Someone Else Brenna Is Determined To Figure It All Out, Even If It Means Making Some Of The Hardest Decisions Of Her Entire Life She Also Learns That Every Single Thing She Does Has Rippling Repercussions, Some That Fill Her With Total Regret By The Time She Figures Out What Her Heart Truly Wants, She Realizes That She May Not Be Able To Have It After All 4 stars Junk Miles continues right where Double Clutch leaves off and sprinkles on plenty of angst and intense drama to this unique little love triangle I will refrain from specifics, but I will say that the Jake or Saxon dilemma intensifies, as they both get some Brenna Blixen action in this installment The story kicks off with a mother daughter trip to Paris a Christmas gift from Brenna s sometimes over bearing, but very loving mother After Brenna reluctantly says goodbye to Jake, she sees Saxon at the airport and learns that he is strategically taking this very same trip with his mother Sotime away from Jake plus a vacation in Paris spent with the very sexy Saxon begins the downward spiral of conflicting events that grace this book form cover to coverOnce again, this author has amazed me with her eloquent writing and ability to completely move me with words I felt every bit of sadness and pain experienced by these characters, as well as their frustration At times, I was angered by Brenna s selfishness, but I understood why she had to do what she did My heart ached for Saxon as I got a deeper peek into his truly tortured soul but Jake won my heart over from the beginning and I ll be rooting for him till the end Excellent sequel with a bitter sweet ending that plants a seed for drama up ahead in book three Can t wait to see what Slow Twitch has in store ACK How did I not know this was released I know what I ll be doing tonight 2.5 starsFirst off, I d like to give props to Liz Reinhardt on a story that is probably some of the most emotionally realistic stuff out there.I remember once upon a time when I was this young, this stupid and was confused beyond control She totally nails that messed up way young love is suppose to be about The right, the wrong and the very ugly.Now with that said Brenna Blixen What the hell are ya doin At the start of the story we have Brenna and Jake all adorable and in love I remember how sweet these two were from the first book Jake was the right choice for Brenna but there was still Saxon in the background waiting for his shot, and I d be lying if I said I didn t want him to have it Only, I didn t want it to happen like that.There was a lot of bad decisions here that I wasn t very pleased about It all started when we found out that Saxon was on the same Paris trip I knew right there that Brenna would be playing with fire, Saxon just had to light the match.I ve never had a lot of tolerance for cheating in books, there were a few exceptions, but sadly this wasn t one of them.I understand temptation quite well and I even understand confusion and conflicted feelings for another person You can be attracted and want two different guys at the same time, but the way it was handled was so irresponsible and out of character for Brenna that I was completely shocked Saxon on the other hand didn t even phase me I knew he was a complicated guy to begin with but the way he handled himself with Brenna wasn t what I pictured it would be like I wasn t expecting a complete one eighty here, but it didn t feel like he was even trying It turned out to be a pretty dysfunctional relationship and all about sex As for Jake I think his reaction was the only one that made sense He did exactly what I expected him to do and I was even happy with the way he worked things out with Brenna in the end.Lots of mixed up, messed up feeling s in Junk Miles and while I didn t care for a lot of what happened in this sequel, I was still intrigued enough to read this in one sitting and curious enough to want to know what happens next, so I m looking forward to reading the third novel Slow Twitch. 2.5 StarsBrenna s true colors really shined through in this one She, for lack of better terms, is a bitch and an elitist snob so is her mother Things that bothered me Brenna believes that Jake, her boyfriend, may not be good enough for her because he is poor and not as well traveled as she is Home girl needs a reality check because Jake is way out of her league Her mother thinks that Brenna is the best thing since sliced bread which again, is false What I don t understand is why Brenna s mom is such a snob because she herself was a teenage mother so she should be sympathetic to Jake s situation Brenna s reaction to Jake finding another girlfriend after she cheated on him with his brother She bad mouthed his new girlfriend because she was poor and a slut, did I mention that Brenna cheated on her boyfriend with his brother She complained that Jake put her on a pedestal So basically, her only complaint about him was that he treated her too well Give me a break She s one of those girls Fast forward to the end and Jake decides that he wants to leave to create a better future from himself and Brenna Brenna objects after spending the whole book complaining that Jake is content with his life and going nowhere But when he shows interest in bettering himself she protests because she doesn t want him to change In layman s terms, she wants to have her cake and eat it too She wants a boyfriend but she wants to be able to frolic with whoever she chooses to She wants her boyfriend to have status but she doesn t want him to change I could go one and on CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFJunk Miles, the second novel in the Brenna Blixen series by Liz Reinhardt, continues with Brenna, Jake and Saxon s story And let me just say, I love their story I know it s not finished yet, but I am having so much fun reading their love story For the last couple months, Brenna and Jake have been in a happy, loving relationship, but Brenna can t stop thinking about Saxon for some unknown reason Jake is a great guy and a wonderful boyfriend He treats Brenna like a princess So why can t she get Saxon, the mysterious bad boy, out of her head Brenna s mom surprises Brenna with a trip to a Paris, and although it means they won t be able to spend winter break together, Jake is supportive and happy for her They exchange their goodbyes, and Brenna heads off to Paris But, the trip isn t only for Brenna and her mother Other professors and their family members are also going to be along on this trip And, guess whose mom also happens to be a college professor If you guessed Saxon, then you got it right.Caught having feelings for both Jake and Saxon, Brenna becomes extremely confused And then shit hits the fan, to put things mildly.My one big complaint about Double Clutch was that there wasn t enough conflict and drama for me There were small conflicts throughout the novel, but there weren t any big explosions Well, Liz Reinhardt remedied that in this novel Junk Miles was loaded with conflict and drama I have no complaints about this novel Like I said in my review for Double Clutch, there really isn t an obvious choice for me between Saxon and Jake I really, really like both guys I think Jake is definitely compatible with Brenna right now, but I still think that Saxon has potential to be the most compatible with Brenna in the long run However, both guys still have a lot of growing up to do Saxon s flaws are definitely advertised than Jakes Saxon is extremely honest and open about his faults, but for some reason that doesn t deter me from liking him I like his honesty I just wish he could let his emotional guard down a little I think his rebelliousness is just a cry for attention, and that breaks my heart.I will admit that I am a huge Jake fan I hate it when he talks bad about himself and beats himself up, but I love him nonetheless He still has his flaws, but overall, I think he is a good guy with a big heart.While reading this novel, I went back and forth between Saxon, Jake, and Brenna s independence Yes, there were a few times when I thought Brenna would have been better off alone, at least for a year or two I won t name which guy I rooted for in the end because I don t want to ruin anything, but I will say that I was extremely happy with the way things ended.I gave Junk Miles by Liz Reinhardt 4 STARS I strongly recommend this novel and this series to young adults who enjoy romance, drama, and smart, sarcastic heroines.PS I absolutely cannot wait until the release of Slow Twitch, the third book in this series, told from Jake, Saxon and Brenna s perspectives How freaking awesome is that XOXOREADING, EATING AND DREAMING There were parts that I enjoyed Brenna is still figuring herself out AND still drawn to both boys She makes mistakes but so do the boys Her voice is realistic, if a little self involved It s still geared to a mature audience, with the sex and exploration and what not, but there is drama as to the last, is that a good thing or not Now, faced with the ever present love triangle, do I want to start this by settling on which of her choices was hotter Should I Really If Double Clutch was mostly her being torn between two equally smokin choices, Junk Miles highlights precisely what s not to like in either Jake or Saxon most especially in Saxon He has a lot of face time in this one But as usual, he could be douche Yet, there were moments when he wasn t But, the girl does like her bad boys, shrugs Then there s Jake who showed just how little he thought of himself reformed bad boy and all that and how much he thinks of her too much at times And it s these two things that gives her pause I could understand her misgivings, as she made a couple of valid points really I could But, still, I had problems with her choices A lot of what she thought and a lot of what she did made perfect sense too perfect as if almost rehearsed She did not want to be pegged as anyone s girl consequently the girl acts, indulges then does some pretty selfish things Add the fact that her mother encourages her to indulge and stuff It all sounded right, but there was one thing holding me back what about the others around her It was all I am confused, or I don t know what I want And because of those things she branches out and tries other things This is not bad a thing, but it didn t mean that she had to go about it the way she did, and break so many hearts along the way.Basically, girl wanting to prove she s her own woman does not equal being selfish and insensitive 2.5 5 Why,Brenna,why As I predicted at the end of the first book she would hook up with Saxon i am not going to judge her because we all have temptations in our lives but that doesn t mean we should succumb to it Oops,I said no judging Junk Miles starts of with Jake and Brenna happily in love Their plans to spend winter holidays together fall through when Brenna s mom decides they should go to Paris And surprise,surprise,Saxon and his mommy are there too So,our dear sweet girl has a make out sesion with Saxon and because she is such a nice and honest girl calles Jake and tells him about this mess Obviously,the poor guy breaks up with her And she is now mopping around Paris and making out with Saxon some When she gets back home,she finds out Jake has already found himself a new girl,who is,of course,a slut God forbid the new girlfriend of the leading character s ex boyfriend is a virgin Hahaha I just couldn t help myself In the end Jake and Brenna get back together But nothing is perfect because Jake decides he should leave Brenna and find a better job so he could buy her a better laptop Hahaha Just joking Well,he will leave because he feels he is not good enought for her eyeroll What a bunch of bull crap My GR palls did warn me about this book and I was really worried about reading it Since I didn t have Internet over the weekend I almost died of boredom I read 4 books and Junk Miles was one of them sigh I ll use one word to describe this book DRAMA I felt like I was in a Mexican soup opera Hopefully the third and final book will be better than this one was. EDITED dear brenna, brennabrennabrenna.what a fucking mess you created Your head girl is pretty fucked up You definitely annoyed me on this one Getting caught up between two boys and brothers for that is not a good idea, bet on that Brenna, you are the most confused and fucked up girl i met for quite awhile More fucked up than saxon which says a lot comparing u to saxon I hate what you did to jake poor boy screwed him up big time I can t forgive you for this one Please use your head in the next book use it big time Truly pissed off, sayOK NOW FOR THE REVIEW had to switch to my laptop hard to type from my iphone.I WAS TOTALLY PISSED AT BRENNA.DAMN Girl, make up your fucking convoluted mind Sheesh, you exhaust me with all your ramblings.ok i get it it s hard to be attracted to two hot guys but god might as well sleep with both of them and get it over it Sorry Ms Liz Reinhardt i adored your first book but i didnt like this one that much gotta be honest Brenna just made me dizzy and nauseous SO WHAT MADE ME READ THIS TILL THE END..JAKE and still SAXON though i have to say i loved Jake than Saxon on this one Jake just makes sense than Brenna and Saxon And Saxon don t worry i still adore you So will i read the third book.yep still would Sexy guys never fail to amaze me Hot sexy guys never fail to amaze me And Saxon nice tats And Brenna please pretty please don t annoy me that much on the third book alright