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Highly recommended listening I loved every minute of this audiobook James Corden narrates which makes it feel like he is telling you the story on a one to one basis which is amazing Before listening I had only seen James on his game show on Sky TV but since then I have watched every episode of Gavin Stacey and rate him even higher now.If you like James, you will love listening to this wonderful story of his life up until 2010 there is so muchto know now so hopefully there will be a follow up book coming soon I love James Corden but was disappointed by this book as it wasof his personal memoirs and hardly any comedy in it Also an extreme amount of name dropping Still an interesting read, just not laugh out loud funny as I was expecting hoping. DOWNLOAD EPUB ♖ May I Have Your Attention, Please? ☤ The Warm, Hilarious Story Of The Gavin And Stacey Cocreator And StarAs Far Back As He Can Remember James Corden Has Only Ever Wanted To Be In One Place In Front Of An Audience, Doing Something To Make Them Cry, Shout, Scream, Or Giggle Uncontrollably But It Wasn T That Easy Getting There Growing Up, His Dad Would Drive Him Up And Down To London For Auditions, Sometimes Three Or Four Times A Week, Only To Be Met With Constant Rejections Even The Teenage Distractions Of Girls, Forming His Own Pop Group, Attempted And Failed Shoplifting, Or The Endless Detentions He D Get From Exasperated Teachers Didn T Put Him Off He Knew Where He Wanted To Be And He D Keep On Trying Until He Got There, And Here Is The Story Of How He Did It From His Time As One Of The Founding Players Of His School S First Ever Rugby Team To Nationwide Fame As The Loveably Loud Smithy In The Award Winning Gavin And Stacey, This Is A Tenderly And Very Funnily Told Story Of What It S Like To Try, Try, And Try Again And Get There In The End Yes, James, you ve got our attention You ve released your autobiography and, as a huge Gavin and Stacey fan, I was so excited to read it Not only is he the man responsible for one of the if not the biggest British comedies in the last decade, he s also well known for his roles in ITV s Fat Friends and both the stage and movie productions of Alan Bennett s The History Boys.Basically, this book is a three hundred and odd page apology to everyone James Corden has ever pissed off And, let s face it, that s a lot of people Teachers, family, agents, crew, friends, journos and the public From being the fat loveable kid in Fat Friends , his ego got the better of him and he became tabloid fodder, believing his own hype Fair enough, the guy has been big enough to apologise for being a dick once his career took off but I wanted so muchfrom this book I wanted to hear loadsabout The History Boys and GS I wanted to hear about his relationship with Sheridan Smith Yes, I am nosy Can anyone who reads celebrity biographies autobiographies really claim to be anything else OK, he does mention Sheridan but doesn t go into detail perhaps I should give him a bitcredit for being respectful Perhaps it s just Corden s dramatic background but every woman he s ever had a relationship has been incredibly dramatic and important to him I fear that his use of superlatives only leaves the reader with no sense of who or what actually was truly important to him.In between the apologies, you do get a few tidbits to sustain you A few anecdotes about his time at school and college yes, he was that irritating kid at school who had no interest and therefore messed about Early in the book, Corden describes a typical day where he played truant from school then proceeded to ring into This Morning and pretend to have a problem just to speak to agony aunt Denise Robertson This story was funny It made me want to continue reading the book, expecting every other page to be littered with silly, naughty stories like Peter Kay s books I was well and truly disappointed.He does tell the reader about taking The History Boys on a worldwide stage tour and some things that happened during it but none of them were that great, to be honest Corden and Dominic Cooper end up sounding like arrogant pricks so the book did nothing to dispel earlier rumours.He tells you where the inspiration for Gavin and Stacey came from and how he and Ruth Jones had to make near impossible trips across land and sea to get scripts written but the magic I had expected just never appeared I wantedAlison Steadman,Larry Lamb et al I wanted stories from the shooting of the shows.Although Corden talks you through his career, the things he did and who he worked with, it all sounds so fake and sycophantic It is as if everyone he has ever worked with has been the best , an inspiration or a dream come true The fact that he uses it for legends like Ken Loach and Alan Bennett but then uses similar pronouncements for runners just removes any meaning from what s written.I was a fan of Corden before reading this but now I fear the release of the book is part of his rehabilitation into popular circles now he has realised his arrogance lost him a lot of respect both from the industry and the public I honestly could not take what he was saying seriously. I ve just finished this book and I have to say, I really quite enjoyed it It was an easy read that didn t take particularly long, but I didn t expect any different to be honest, it s an autobiography not a hard hitting novel I found it refreshing to read just how down to earth he is, unlike some of the people on here, I certainly didn t interpet it as a book full of apologies at all To me, it highlighted the extent of how hard he has worked to get to where he is today I think it s very easy for people to think that just because he works in comedy and as he readily admits hasn t always given off the vibe that he really cares, that he almost fell into the job That couldn t be further from the truth, he has got over some serious hurdles both before and during his career, all of which he has managed to come out the other side.I get the impression evenso than I already did, being a huge fan that he is an absolutely lovely person So, if you re looking for a light read, that will give you an insight into James Corden s life then I would definitely recommend it to you. I generally love James Corden and as such I had high hopes for this autobiography I have to admit, I was a little disappointed I selected this one because I was coming off of some heavier reads and wanted something a bit lighter and something funny While this was certainly jovial at times, I can t say that I ever really truly laughed the most I got was a grin at a piece of wry British humor my favorite kind normally It was interesting to hear Mr Corden s background I actually didn t know as much about him as I thought I did Perhaps that is one of the things that made this a bit of a miss for me Mr Corden is clearly very talented, and my main experience with him is his persona these days of a singing teddy bear with a slightly naughty streak This book peeled back a few layers I didn t know about, and while I think that he is probably a pretty decent bloke, there is a lot in his background that is a bit off putting, arrogant, and sleazy It was a little like finding out the book version of The Fox and the Hound does NOT match Disney s version of the animated movie doesn t make me dislike it, but it takes just a bit of the sheen off of the version I saw first And it makes him seem a little less earnest andshow biz than a previously thought A shame, really, as his earnestness was one of the reasons he seemed so charming I commend him for getting out of whatever funk he was in for a while turning his life around seems far too melodramatic to say, but he has seemingly curbed the partying and hubris that were so unappealing in the book It also seems like a good deal of the less satisfying behavior ultimately stemmed from self consciousness, so it was interesting to see the juxtaposition of the self effacing and arrogance.I also didn t realize that the memoir was written several years ago, which was before he came on my radar so the things I was hoping to hear him talk about hadn t even happened yet That s ok just wasn t aware of that when I started it I listened to the audio and he does give a great performance as the narrator not too surprising, given his talent Overall, this was enjoyable but a bit bland Recommended for big fans of Mr Corden s but I can t say this has enough in there for anyone. Despite his enormous successes in Britain, James Corden was virtually unknown in this country when he was tapped to replace Craig Ferguson as host of CBS s Late Late Show I only knew him from his taped performance in NTL s One Man Two Guvnors He fast became a favorite of ours as a late night host, and the unpredictable quality of his award winning show and its originality continues On picking up this autobiography, I was dismayed to find it was written on the eve of these events, but ended being delighted by his honest and generous sharing of his early life, warts and all, his family and their effect on his life they make frequent appearances on his show , and feel confident he will come out with another chapter in his life What this book does so well, and particularly when read in his familiar voice on the audible version, is show how he became the performer he is today The fact that he doesn t take any of this for granted is apparent in his on screen persona. A fun read for Corden fans I am one. I found it to be a bit of a snoozefest, I m sad to say I m sure others will enjoy though Lots of celebrity anecdotes and name dropping.I m glad Cordon changed himself in recent years but he was rather a dick for most of his life Didn t make me warm to him really I listened via audible and even his voice and his inflection at the end of sentences started to grate on me. A fun listen Made me laugh out loud a few times Although it s a bit odd bc I didn t even know who James Corden was till carpool karaoke, but this book is 5 years old, so there s no mention of the Late Late Show or any of that.But it was fun to hear his early career stories, although I had to do a lot of googling to see who these British actors and directors are , even if I did get some weird looks for laughing out loud while listening in Costco.