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prison breaks the best coz wentworth millers the best I absolutely love Prison break I love Micheal character and how smart and how he could make this plan work out so good I could feel the same feelings as the characters and I felt bad for Micheal when he found out about Sara Micheal is such a good engineer knowing what where everything goes is Lincolns is so lucky to have him as a brother Lincoln was in jail for something he was getting framed for Killing the president Unfortunately Lincoln, micheal, theodor bagwell, david Apolskis, John Abruzzi, haywire and mache sanchez are the US 8 most wanted and anyone who finds them will be granted with about 100,000 dollars Along with that only 5 outta 8 are alive. . ok fazla yeni bilgi i ermiyor lk iki sezonun hikayesini anlat yor.Ku e ka da bas l , koleksiyonluk, g zel bir kitap. this is my favorite. Nice Book. Not much of new if u have watched the series properly. But still good to read once, it will throw good flashback of the prison. .Free E-pub ♴ "Prison Break": The Classified FBI Files ⚒ The Official Companion To The Hit Drama Prison Break Explores Every Aspect Of The Show Whose Twisting, Labrynthine Plot And Left Field Unexpected Cliffhangers Ratcheted Up The Tension To Almost Unbearable Levels, Leaving Viewers Weekly On The Edge Of Their Seats can t stop watching this series.. IVE SEEN THE SERIES OMG IM CRYFIGN IM GONNA READ THIS ONE IM ECSTATIC.