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{Download Epub} ó Writing Fight Scenes ¿ This Book Will Help You To Write A Fight Scene Which Is Entertaining As Well As Realistic, And Leaves The Reader Breathless With ExcitementThe Book Suggests A Six Part Structure To Use As Blueprint For Your Scene, And Reveals Tricks How To Combine Fighting With Dialogue, Which Senses To Use When And How, And How To Stir The Reader S Emotions You Ll Decide How Much Violence Your Scene Needs, What S The Best Location, How Your Heroine Can Get Out Of Trouble With Self Defence And How To Adapt Your Writing Style To The Fast Pace Of The ActionThere Are Sections On Female Fighters, Male Fighters, Animals And Weres, Psychological Obstacles, Battles, Duels, Brawls, Riots And Final Showdowns For The Requirements Of Your Genre, There Is Even Advice On How To Build Erotic Tension In A Fight Scene, How Magicians Fight, How Pirates Capture Ships And Much You Will Learn About Different Types Of Weapons, How To Use Them In Fiction, And How To Avoid Embarrassing Blunders The Book Uses British Spellings As ever with Rayne Hall s guides, this book is packed with useful information Who knew there were so many variations I doubt I ll use most of it but it will be a useful reference book to refer back to. So for those of you that have been following along can attest, I really enjoyed reading this instructional book, to the point where I was actually disappointed to hear that there were classes associated with it, because I would have wanted to be a part of that As a long time fan of action, with a history in martial arts, a library of weapons books, and a collection of both modern classic fight movies, I can safely say that author Rayne Hall hit this one out of the park I mean, there was the Suspense at first, as I came upon the scene The book, with its sizeable rating and series affiliation, seemed to be quite the formidable adversary I d read some of the others in the collection and knew that this one would likely be no joke Not wanting to just wade in unprepared, I studied the book s master from afar Capable, affable, knowledgeable this Hall seemed to be the real thing But it couldn t be true, could it She was most often seen with a Sulu in her lap, purring away Surely her book could not be as thorough, coming from someone with such a peaceful countenance.I had to know Diving into the pages, I found myself unprepared for the sheer magnitude and variety of attacks presented This book had everything It seemed to know how to handle every weapon I could think of clubs, knives, axes, swords, spears, shields, even slings I had underestimated my opponent I started to improvise, changing my techniques, using whatever I could find, but no Hall had anticipated this, and the book knew what kind of man or woman could handle each weapon It began to toy with me, pulling secrets from my mind With every thought I had, the book seemed to present it before I could cry aha , and with examples too YouTube examples, the cruelest, clearest kind from professionals and weapons artisans I ll distract it with my dashing wit, I thought, but no, Hall had thought of that one too, and Errol Flynn d my ass back to school There had to be something I could do I wouldn t lose to book All seemed lost My hope fading But the book just told me that was the bleakest point, and that I had to rally, to remind my audience of why they should root for me the humble man of action.I gathered my bag of tricks, believing I had one weapon left to try I would seduce the book, tell it how pretty its pages were, if it would only end and leave me with a sliver of dignity But then the book told me this was an example of an erotic fight, and that I d have to try harder.Goddammit, I said, and promised that I could hack, slash and chop it bits in my review That s good, it replied, you re using Euphonics, just like in chapter 30 I buried my head and tried not to cry The book told me I could heave and sob as well, just y know, not while we were fighting.That s when it hit me I would use the power of music, much like Rocky used the Eye of the Tiger, to push me through to victory Then the book gave me a list of tracks depending on how I wanted to fight.A pox on your pithy pages I cried, knowing I had lost The book assured me my retort was good, but then showed me a pirate fight scene full of remarks as witty as they were razor sharp.Here, the book said, take a look at these It offered me a database or two, for me to get lost in its archives of weapons, both mundane and obscure Several hours later, my bruised ego has been nursed back to health I limp away, a little bit wiser, and a lot grateful.What about the aftermath The book encourages me to dissect the situation, to show the impact of the conflict this reading I ll just have to write a review, I say So my tale is told The battle I lost, but the knowledge I won. A complete encyclopedia on writing fight scenes.This book is an excellent resources for writers of every genre, from sweet and soft romance to horror Before reading this book, I had no idea of the difference between what Rayne calls an entertaining fight scene and a gritty one.Rayne not only goes into detail about the steps of a fight scene, but also the stylistic elements that would suit different genres For example, a scene in a romance would be shorter, maybe hysterical, with no splashing blood or gore, and injuries that allow the hero and heroine the opportunity to get closer, like bandaging up the wounds or tender looks.Meanwhile, thrillers and horror are the grittiest, involving drawn out suspense and maximum carnage.My current work in progress is a romance that doesn t involve any fight scenes, but I can see how this book would help with the future romantic suspenses and historicals I have in mind.The book is so rich and full of information that it is best used as a reference It goes into weapons, locations, types of fighters, the differences between men and women, level of training, military fighting, and even animals and paranormal creatures.Each chapter ends with a list of blunders to avoid Very useful to not look ridiculous For example sword maidens in belly baring come and gut me costumes.If you re writing any type of book with tension and conflict in the plot, then you owe it to yourself to download Writing Fight Scenes , both to brainstorm fight ideas and to check that you haven t made a laughable mistake.Now that I know how comprehensive and valuable Rayne Hall s writing books are, I m going to buy another one Rayne also holds online workshops for writers You can find out by going to Writing Workshops with Rayne Women shriek and get hysterical before fighting Men trade terse insults like Bastard Just one of many gems from this one Also, when opposite sex police officers fight together, the woman finishes off the fight, while the man is there to help her so others won t see her cry.