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|Read E-pub Ø Dear Hef ⚜ Jimmy Rausch Wants To Be Like Hef His Dream Inspires The Year Old Long Beach, California Man To Take A Wild, Sexy And Strange Internet Journey And Try To Transform Himself Into A Playboy Worthy Of His Iconic Hero Hugh Hefner Jimmy Even Shares His Hilarious Erotic Encounters Or What He Calls His Playboy Training With His Idol Hef Through Explicit E Mails What Jimmy Fails To Realize Is That His Naughty Adventures With Women He Meets Online Truly Border On The Ridiculous And The Absurd And Hardly Live Up To Playboy S Sexy Tradition, Which Only Adds To The Hilarity Will Jimmy Finish His Training To Become The Playboy Of His Dreams Will He Earn A Coveted Invitation To The Playboy Mansion From Hef Himself You Ll Have To Read Novel Dear Hef, The New E Book From The Author Of Erotica Novel Monogamy Sucks, To Find Out Dear Hef,Maybe once you were like me longing for sexual adventure and a wild bachelorlifestyle but with no idea how to obtain it Somehow I doubt it, but I find myself writing you anyway, Hef I ve always admired the classy and open way you have lived your life Not to mention the hot ladies you re always with, or I should say, are always with you.I m about to embark on a journey with an odd, but intriguing premise, and I had to write you about it.I m curious to find out through using the Internet if I can transform myself into a confident playboy who beds down sexy women regularly Could I somehow become a cyber playboy worthy of the ladies man tradition represented by you as the King of the Playboys Do you think it is possible Do you have any suggestions or a hint of a plan So begins the tale of Jimmy Rausch in an email to the King of Playboys, and Jimmy s idol, Huge Hefner And email is the vehicle chosen by George Pappas to tell his frequently hilarious, sometimes poignant, often very, very, incredibly sexy story Dear Hef George Pappas is writing within a well established genre that of the epistolary novel, where the plot of the novel unfolds through written letters between the main characters Mary Shelley employs the epistolary form in her 1818 novel, Frankenstein, using letters as one of a variety of framing devices, as the story is presented through the letters of a sea captain and scientific explorer Published in 1848, Anne Bront s novel, The Tennant of Wildfell Hall is framed as a retrospective letter from one of the main heroes to his friend and brother in law with the diary of the eponymous tenant inside it In the late 19th century, Bram Stoker released one of the most widely recognized and successful novels in the epistolary form to date, Dracula Printed in 1897, the novel is compiled entirely of letters, diary entries, newspaper clippings, telegrams, doctor s notes, ship s logs, and the like, which Stoker adroitly employs to balance believability and dramatic tension The French writer Pierre Cholderlos de Laclos published Les Liaison s Dangereuses in 1782 It is a story of decadence and intrigue told entirely in exchanges of letters But I think that George Pappas is the first writer, certainly the first writer I have read, to embrace the technologies of the 21st century and use email as a device to tell a story Other writers are delving into the cyber world, particularly the British French writer Joanne Harris, in her novel Blue Eyed Boy which is told entirely through blog posts Writers return to the same theme over and over again, and George Pappas returns to the notion that he presents with a visionary s zeal in Monogamy Sucks It s an angry but fair enough proposal All I ask for is no strings fucking Is that too much to ask for This is Jake Dalmus battle cry in Monogamy Sucks Jake is a mature man he argues his politics fluidly and fluently He is demanding an absolute change in the way society views relationships He abhors the status quo one man, one woman for life In other words marriage Ridiculous, Jake asserts Jimmy Rausch, in Dear Hef, is a decade younger than Jake and he too has an agenda And it is in the subtext of Jimmy s emails to Hef that George Pappas cleverly, with the sleight of hand of a street magician, shows Jimmy s immaturity Jimmy still has some hefty rites of passage to step through Though in his twenties, Jimmy still has the mindset of an adolescent Jimmy, is the centre of Jimmy s universe He is not interested in any wider implications for society as Jake is Jimmy, is just interested in Jimmy and how he can become a playboy in the style of his idol, Hugh Hefner It is Jimmy s dream Jimmy s deepest desire is to be invited to Hef s Mansion and have sex with lots of hot women in the Grotto I have a dream to have sex with hot women of all different colors and backgrounds I guess you could say I have a rainbow dick I fantasize about being in the middle of an interracial orgy in the grotto at the Mansion just lost in pleasure and desire All my fantasies always seem to start and end in the grotto for some reason While Jake Dalmas wields an axe, Jimmy Rausch wields his erection You get the impression that Jake Dalmas will take his philosophy all the way to the White House if he has to Jimmy Rausch is only interested in how he can make things work for Jimmy.And again immaturity shows in Jimmy s constant need for reassurance Hef is Jimmy s father figure Is there a playboy code of conduct Did I just violate it by not calling Darlene for a couple of weeks after she gave me her number Jimmy investigates the Lava web site He decides to write an Internet fuck ad Seeking passion and adventure I m a tall SWM 28 seeking open minded, sensual, non possessive and erotic women for intimate encounters I crave passion and adventure No drama, just mutual pleasure and fun I luv to please I m not a selfish lover Nothing intrigues me than a woman who enjoys expressing her erotic imagination and sexuality Let s go on an intriguing journey into wild desire and fantasy exploration I m for real U be too Jimmy s Ad is crystal clear He wants sex and fun He does not want a relationship and the tears and trauma that seem inevitably to go along with it He does not want that in his life And he gets a response, from Carolyn She says that she understands about casual sex and cannot get enough of Jimmy s cock That is all very well, but Carolyn is not a hot woman she s a long way from being a hot babe, like the women Jimmy sees on TV, always surrounding Hef But she s pussy and she s all Jimmy can get And Jimmy has a dilemma He hasn t mentioned this small, but outrageously important fact to Hef how does he find women who share his ethos of sex without love Hef has obviously achieved it and the women that Jimmy has sex with appear to share Jimmy s thought process but do they really A much later email speaks of Pia Jimmy tells Hef about her his email to Hef hints at the young man s desperation Dear Hef,These women are driving me crazy for all the wrong reasons My belief that many women don t understand casual sex was reconfirmed last night The latest example is Pia my big fat Greek slut She talked about wanting fun without strings and a boy toy, but it was all a lie We fucked most of the night and early morning until I left at 4am, but she had second thoughts later the next morning She sent me a Dear John fuck date email saying she wants than sex So typical And later, in the same email to Hef Not surprisingly, our liaison ended as it began through email Later on Sunday, she sent me an email writing that she wants than sex, but she blew it Pia is another woman that doesn t get casual sex and erotic fun So many women don t And it s true I think women may like the idea, the fantasy of casual sex and erotic fun, but in reality our emotions get tangled We re live it, we re play it over and over again, the fabulous night of mind blowing sex and we fall in love with it we don t mean to and Jimmy is wrong to say it s a lie it isn t, we mean it when we say it, but those emotions sneak in We want , and not just with any man with THAT man.Believe me, I know because it s happened, disastrously, to me and it wasn t pretty.And what of Carolyn, the not hot woman who says she wants just casual sex Jimmy s intuition was correct about her integrity His meetings with her are too much like a date They have dinner before they fuck At a Swingers group Jimmy and Carolyn are seen as a couple Are they dating A date means a relationship is he in a relationship with Carolyn Jimmy just wants to get down to the sex he wants to get laid and Carolyn seems to be steering their meetings to a place where Jimmy doesn t want to be Then in a complete about turn, Carolyn changes her mind She wants monogamy, but not with Jimmy Her email tells Jimmy that she is in a real relationship Jimmy forwards her email to Hef practically wailing his utter frustration with women I just don t get where she is coming from A month ago she was telling me bullshit about how she could never be in a monogamous relationship again and now she s telling me she doesn t want to fuck any I don t get it Was she playing some kind of role all the while Who knows what lurks in a woman s mind anyway Does a playboy even think about these things Hef Jimmy is a Disney puppy dog his eyes big and wide, begging Hef to approve of him Another email to Hef I ll let you know how the phone call goes with Darlene Keep your fingers crossed for me Or is that too uncool for a playboy to do I don t know This playboy code is so confusing Nothing is as easily confused as love and lust It s a fact that most of us do not realise until we are sexually mature Some of us never do really get it But Jimmy gets it He isn t confused, he is clear about his sexuality and what drives him He makes this fact abundantly clear it is the women whom Jimmy meets who are confused Women, Jimmy realises, cannot set aside their emotions when it comes to sex I used the word dilemma earlier to sum up where exactly Jimmy is at He has been emailing Hef for months and he has not made much headway Jimmy still has to negotiate the rocky road between sex and commitment Jimmy still has a dilemma on his hands.Jimmy and Darlene make contact Their exchanges of email are sensual, very arousing and highly erotic It s a long distance thing and Jimmy prepares to cross states to have sex with her Darlene makes Jimmy promise that sex is all it s going to be about Finally, a woman who gets it Promise we ll keep it fun Jimmy Burning with anticipation It s all going so well, then at their second liaison Darlene goes weird on Jimmy There are tears and Jimmy does not want to be around women who weep Tears imply that Darlene has a different agenda to Jimmy It s a surprising emotional outburst Emotions imply a relationship It s over.In his tweets about Dear Hef George Pappas asks Want to know what men really think about sex Well, having read the novel, cover to cover, now I know And I have to ask the question what do women really think about sex The messages are muddled If you look into Romance novels, we want to be seduced Look into Erotica and we want to be whipped, tied up, forced, humiliated or we want to be in charge, control our man and we too fantasise about multiple partners Cosmopolitan have featured endlessly about it The writers of the Sex and the City television show have demonstrated how Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte all have differing desires and needs And all of them at some point in the series have dabbled in what it is that turns the other on Men are confused about what women really want and women are too.Carolyn, Darlene, Dara, Melinda, Jin Jimmy writes a great poem to Jin, Coiled It s loaded with satire George Pappas wry, dry sense of humour infuses every email every chapter You ll catch yourself laughing out loud in some of the scenarios The ridiculous the absurd, the empathetic discomfort There s to entering Hugh Hefner s Mansion and the honour of sex in the Grotto, than Jimmy could ever realise.George Pappas has intellect and an intuitive instinct for the poetry in language and words The way he uses language has a rhythm and pace adding to the sense of Jimmy s immaturity Like an adolescent, Jimmy wants everything now He knows how to craft a character too Jimmy s Internet dates are not just ciphers as they would be in the hands, of a less intelligent, less experienced writer They are women with personalities as complex as any that you ll find in the real world Incredibly arousing, always entertaining This is Erotica at the highest level You won t see the twist of the ending coming in a million years.And I ve deliberately not mentioned Brenda, the sexy bad tempered married lady whose complicated life puts Jimmy in real danger I ve saved Brenda until last It s a testimony to the commanding power of George Pappas writing that I really did experience a thrilling, trembling fear for Jimmy My heart flipped in a nervous palpitation I tweeted my fearful anxiety to George Pappas I think he was astonished, astounded, but pleased Far, far away across an ocean and half a continent, carried in the wind, in the waves, in the storm clouds and in the rays of sunlight, I can feel the warmth of George Pappas smile Dear Hef, Maybe once you were like me longing for sexual adventure and a wild bachelor lifestyle but with no idea how to obtain it After having read Monogamy Sucks, I was eager to see just what George Pappas would do next and I wasn t disappointed Dear Hef, his newest romp, is a smokin hot read Definitely not for the faint of heart, it recounts the trials and tribulations of Jimmy, a self described playboy in training You ll want to read this one alone the entire book is written as a series of emails to Jimmy s idol Hugh Hefner, cataloguing his conquests, asking for advice and trying to figure out than once what went wrong in his efforts to be like his hero I felt almost like a voyeur, reading someone else s illicit emails and waiting to be busted any second Pappas has created characters that are both believable and touching, and his sense of humor is infused in each page I caught myself laughing out loud during some scenes and wincing in sympathetic discomfort in others as Jimmy discovers there s to the swinger s jungle than meets the eye Dear George, You have done it again WOW