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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☢ Nate The Great And The Fishy Prize (Nate The Great, paper) ♏ These Chapter Books Introduce Beginning Readers To The Detective Mystery Genre Perfect For The Common Core, Kids Can Problem Solve With Nate, Using Logical Thinking To Solve Mysteries Nate The Great Is About To Enter His Dog, Sludge, In The Smartest Pet Contest But When The Prize Disappears, It Looks As If The Contest Will FlopIt S A Tough Case For Nate And Sludge As They Search For Clues Leading To The Missing Prize In Ways Than One, It S A Very Fishy Business Can Nate And Sludge Find The Prize In Time Series 8 or 26 Nate the Great is about to enter his dog, Sludge, in the smartest pet contest But when the prize disappears, it looks as if the contest will flop.It s a tough case for Nate and Sludge as they search for clues leading to the missing prize Inways than one, it s a very fishy business Can Nate and Sludge find the prize in time Lexile 440 Nate goes to the grocery store to pick up dog shampoo and stuff to make pancakes He puts the bag on the back of his bike and rides home As he rides by Rosamond s house he hears a commotion but doesn t go in When he got home Rosamond called to say that she lost the prize for the Smartest pet contest The earlier commotion was caused by all the kids in the neighborhood coming to Rosamond s house with their pets to sign up for the contest The pets chased each other and at some point the can got knocked off the window sill where it were the paint was drying Nate looked inside and outside for the missing can He asks some of the kids in the room Finally he goes home and finds the can in his grocery bag Sludge had been sniffing the bag before Nate thought to look in it so Nate said Sludge solved the case first Sludge ends up winning the Smartest Pet contest.Extras Facts about Smart Animals including about crows in Japan who drop nuts in front of cars to crack the nuts and a parrot that know 800 words Facts about the smartest dogs Facts about Dog noses Smart Animal Quiz how smart is your dog tests animal riddles making a dog magnet from pipe cleaners and doughnut shaped magnets international animal sounds for instance that horses in Bengali say choo hu hu and in Russian say I go go As far as early chapter books are concerned this one is pretty good Despite being written for new readers it s pretty entertaining and the wording while simplistic is generally fun stylistically rather than lame.Nate the Great goes in search of Rosimund s lost first prize for the upcoming smartest pet competition Will he find the stinky gold painted tuna can in time The mystery book I have read is Nate the Great and the Fishy Prize This book is about Nate who is a detective that solve important cases In this particular case, Nate the Great is entering his dog Sludge in the Smartest Pet Contest Nate received a call from Rosamond because she was not able to find the prize she was making for the Smartest Pet Contest Nate is to find out what has happen to the empty tuna fish can which had the word Smartest in gold letters for the Smartest Pet Contest Nate goes to the scene of the incident and traced back the clues at the end of is search he was truly surprised This is a good book which tells the adventures and investigative skills of Nate the Great This book is best suited for ages 5 to 8 years old. 3.5 stars There are some interesting characters in these Nate the Great books, and the ending was cute Kids liked it, as they do all of the books from this series that we ve read, and it s not totally mind numbing to read out loud as a parent. Nate The Great books are great beginning reader chapter books This book was full of adventure and was easy to follow Nate and his dog Sludge are getting ready for a contest He signs up with Rosamond and she alerts him that her tuna fish can is missing This was her winning trophy Nate helps hunt down the tuna can with his super sleuth skills Sludge and Nate win the can because of their great detective skills The lesson that can be learned through this book is doing helpful things for others with no requirement for reward is honorable, and that sometimes we are rewarded for doing the right things even if we don t expect it. Nate the Great books aren t that great I hated them when I was a kid, yet I would always read them.The endings of the books were always the same, they figured out what or who did it And where are Nate s parents They just let their son walk around everywhere and question people That is very irresponsible of them Nate the Great books always made me fall asleep and always wasted my time I would not recommend this book to anyone, especially little kids If kids want real mystery, they should read Sherlock Homes. Our girls love the Nate the Great series, especially my youngest The stories aren t too long we can read the whole book at one time They are pretty silly, but fun and demonstrate common sense thinking We love the common themes throughout the series Nate s love for pancakes, his weird friends and their weird pets, and his great detective dog, Sludge. Nate the Great is on the case The competition for smartest pet is today, and Nate is entering Sludge But just an hour before the start, he receives a call from Rosamund The prize for first place, a tuna fish can with Smartest written in gold paint, has gone missing Nate doesn t even have time to unpack his grocery bag of dog shampoo and pancake ingredients What could have happened to the can How will Nate solve the mystery in only an hour Such a fun series to revisit, one of my favorites as a kid Lots of fun.