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I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway, but found it not exactly to my tastes Not bad, though. [Download] ☻ Please Dont Go Up North, Grandpa ♗ In This Heartfelt Account, Vinny Haddad Explores The Last Century Of Midwestern History Through The Eyes Of His Grandfather, Nicholas Casanova From Moonshine Runs For Al Capone To The Brink Of An Invasion Of Japan, From The Deep Iron Ore Mines Of Northern Wisconsin To The Sweltering Car Factories Of Detroit, Nicholas S Wonderful Life Offers Readers A Unique Perspective On Love, Family, And Country This Biography Is Beautifully Blended With Fond Recollections Of A Child And His Grandpa Taking A Motor Home Trip From Detroit Along The Coast Of The Great Lakes Please Don T Go Up North, Grandpa Begins With The Two Sitting Over A Steaming Plate Of Steak And Eggs, Each Experiencing The Past With A Few Tears And Many Laughs I liked this book because I do genealogy and I m into family roots and history A short book written by a grandson which also includes letters he had written to his grandfather Describes the times with him and the family and all the things his grandfatherhad taught him and the other grandchildren Also has some war time pages to. A pleasant read of a young man s tribute to his grandfather s life and impact on the lives of those he loved and who loved him The biggest thing I took away from this story is that we all have a story to tell, one that needs to be passed on to future generations Granted each of us may not have the same types of stories and not all may be big or adventurous, but each is important and need to be shared.This was a gift for it s review through Goodreads.com Buy this book, read this book, share this book This is a small book, but it makes you want to immediately go out and sit with your relatives, particularly older ones Ask questions of them, urge them to talk about their lives with you, and record what they say for future reference This book brought back memories of my parents and it will do the same for you Thank you Vinny for the gift of this book.