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It s near impossible to read a novel in one sitting these days Between twitter, Facebook, and real life, who has the time and focus it takes to do such a thing But a few days ago, I read Chibundu Onuzo s The Spider King s Daughter in one blow Not an extraordinary feat, though, since Spider King s Daughter is an irresistible page turner How often do you get to read a Shakespearean love story set in Lagos Yes, miracles do happen A street hawker and an aristocrat can find romance in a city designed to keep the rich and the poor as far apart as possible.Spider King s Daughter is about parallel worlds colliding Abike is headed for Yale University in the Fall Runner G is happy if he sells two thousand Naira worth of ice cream in one day Abike lives like royalty in a Lagos palace well manicured gardens adorned with bronze statues, pools, and fountains Runner G wades through garbage to get to his crumbling Mile 12 flat that he shares with a sister and a depressive mother Abike s house is an impenetrable fortress Runner G sleeps to the sound of gunshots coming from neighboring flats being raided by armed robbers But in a city with a population density of about 20, 000 people per square kilometer, it s very easy for incomparably different lives to crash into one another That s exactly what happens one hot summer day Bored to death during a chauffeured ride from school, Abike breaks her rules and rolls down the window of a her air conditioned car to buy ice cream from a boy she ll thereafter fondly refer to as my hawker There ll be ice creams bought and then a date, followed by a few dates But just when things seem so rosy, a dark and troubling past will come calling and put everything they ve ever held dear to the test.I love that the story starts out as your usual boy meets girl romance And because Onuzo is such a good writer, you re taken in by the chemistry between the two love birds I can t count how many times I cried out Awww this is soooooo cute But just when you re getting used to the warmth and fuzziness of a traditional love story, things begin to get dark and never stop until the shocker of an ending that sends you reeling with the heady pleasure that only a good story teller can make you feel As far as story goes, Spider King s Daughter is easily an unputdownable What I really love is the quirky details Onuzo uses to draw a compelling picture of life on the streets of Lagos I ve seen hawkers from the safe distance of a comfy car or through the broken window of a Danfo bus, but I d never have guessed what it was like to be one Thanks to Onuzo, I have a sense of the financial logic behind hawking, what the profit margins are, how the pecking order works, and what it feels like running after cars and putting up with abusive and impatient customers.It s refreshing when novelists play with form, no matter how subtle The story is set up in such a way that the reader gets a first person account of events from both Abike and Runner G It s fascinating to see how both characters narrate the same events differently, the kinds of details they choose to see or not see, include or keep out, perhaps, because while one is looking from above the other sees things from down below.The arrival of Spider King s Daughter did not catch me by surprise I ve been looking out for it ever since 19 year old Onuzo became the youngest female writer ever signed on by the prestigious British publishing house, Faber and Faber I love my Chimamanda Adichie, but it s also nice to see another young Nigerian female writer being given a chance to do her thing It s both a relief and a joy to see Onuzo write such a delectable debut novel and to know that there ll definitely be where this came from.ORIGINALLY POSTED ON 37THSTATEThe Spider King s DaughterChibundu Onuzo Chibundu s debut novel is a great start It will take you one sitting to go through and that s always a plus This is a story of two teenagers from very different backgrounds whose whose paths cross in a very common African setting yet their lives are intertwined than they know Basically the novel unravels their 2nd generation relationship and link it to the 1st generation connection Her narration style of using the two characters to each tell their own version of events regarding the same encounter is welcomed Chibundu reminds me why I love literature the cheap thrill I get when immersed in an easy to follow yet suspenseful plot My issue with such dramatic novels however, is that the buildup is worked on thoroughly and the unfolding at the end is almost a careless rush.Would recommend it as it is a definite page turner and such are never a waste of time Also, debuting this at 21years of age is very admirable a page turner This novel was or less a thriller Its heavily driven by suspense and was written concisely After the first 30 pages, you could clearly see that Abike is a controlling bitch, and I loove it The hawker s situation is rather unfortunate I sympathize with his predicament.but I did not agree with the way he strived to achieve justice for his family and his friends Chibundu Onuzo thought this storyline through thoroughly I m very impressed the intricacies of this novel go deep. I didn t love the ending but this book was a page turner I remember 4 stars Looking forward to the author s second book. The Spider King s Daughter novel starts off with a story as old as the earth a rich girl falls for a poor boy Abike Johnson is the beautiful 17 year old daughter of one of the most powerful and rich men in Lagos, if not in Nigeria as well She lives in an enormous mansion, has her own set of servants, spends a year s salary on a single party and employes a fleet of loyal or not so followers, admirers and pure suck ups Ever since her childhood, when her father makes the driver kill her dog in front of her eyes, Abike has engaged in a game of Frustration with him daughter and father are in a constant mental battle, attacking each other, challenging each other, torturing each other.Runner G is on the other side of the social spectrum Once a rich boy, after the death of his father he is forced to grow up too quickly At the age of 18 Runner G works as a hawker, earning just enough money to ensure the survival of his mother, who is slowly losing her mind to grief, and of his sister, who is struggling with puberty.The clash of two realities, over a simple ice cream, soon develops into a romantic relationship, which is threatened by their different worlds and by their clashing pasts Read This is a generous 4 due what I ve classified as a dissatisfying end.I really enjoyed this though, 1 Cause it s a Nigerian book and I don t read nearly enough.2 The characters are different from the stereotypes that I ve come to expect from books about POC It s not a coming of age story or a story of fighting adversity which aren t bad at all but I love just Reading a book about daily life you know 3 It s romance, I was gonna be a suckerhonestly the author s pacing is excellent and I sat in my train reading not realising we d stopped 10mins ago at the final destination. ReadWomenAroundTheWorldChallenge NigeriaThis book really is an efficient page turner I went through it so fast cause the story was very addictive and well rounded I m quite a novice regarding African literature but I do want to change that and I ve learned a lot with this book, especially about the Nigerian s hawkers, those people who sell food, mobile credit cards and other pieces of stuff on the sides of the roads I really loved the split narrative, it gave depth to the novel and allowed me to become attached to both Abike and her hawker I regret his name isn t mentioned at any time of the story but this choice the difference of social class between them, I guess The ending was a bit rushed and I d have liked to know a bit about what s happening afterward for our protagonists If there s a sequel one day or another, then I d definitely buy it The author was really young when she wrote this book and I can t really explain why but I kind of felt it in her way of writing but it was a good thing, it gave a touch of freshness to the novel and suited well with both of the heroes I m looking forward to reading Nigerian s novels and books from Chibundu Onuzo *EBOOK ↶ The Spider Kings Daughter ⇞ Seventeen Year Old Abike Johnson Is The Favourite Child Of Her Wealthy Father She Lives In A Sprawling Mansion In Lagos, Protected By Armed Guards And Ferried Everywhere In A Huge Black JeepA World Away From Abike S Mansion, In The City S Slums, Lives An Eighteen Year Old Hawker Struggling To Make Sense Of The World His Family Lost Everything After His Father S Death And Now He Sells Ice Cream At The Side Of The Road To Support His Mother And SisterWhen Abike Buys Ice Cream From The Hawker One Afternoon, They Strike Up A Tentative And Unlikely Romance But As They Grow Closer, Revelations From The Past Threaten Their Relationship And Both Abike And The Hawker Must Decide Where Their Loyalties Lie A sort of Romeo and Juliet tale set in Nigeria sees a beautiful young rich girl befriend a lowly street hawker This had some interesting characters and was very well written. What a page turner So much so, in fact, that I failed to make any notes, so this is a brief review based on what is left in my memory four years later, refreshed by reading a couple of proper Goodreads reviews The fact that I remember anything at all should give you a clue to just how strong the descriptions in this novel are.Set in Lagos in Nigeria, the two main characters are complete opposites Abike, the teenage daughter of a rich man, is taken by chauffeur to her private school and lives in a well guarded mansion She lives the life of a little princess, but as we find a little about her, we discover that her life is not perfect Her father may lavish as much money on her as she can spend, but there is an incident with her dog that leaves her and us in no doubt that her father is ruthless and cruel By chance, one day, feeling lonely and bored in the back of the car, she decides to buy ice cream from an attractive but poor teenage boy, Runner G, who is plying his wares next to the busy road Their lives could not be different, yet somehow they connect Now this is where my memory gets fuzzy, but I have a clear image of the initial meeting and of the penultimate encounter Abike has invited Runner G to her home where she is holding a party for her rich friends I remember the image of the marbled coolness, pillars and gardens at Abike s father s house In any case, something goes horribly wrong.This was Chibundu Onuzo s first novel and attracted quite some attention, published by Faber Faber, winning the Betty Trask Award for a first novel for non experimental romantic fiction by a Commonwealth author Other winners have included Sarah Waters for Tipping the Velvet, Zadie Smith for White Teeth, Alex Garland for The Beach and Madeleine Wickham i.e Sophie Kinsella for The Tennis Party Illustrious company indeed It was also shortlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize and the Commonwealth Book Prize and longlisted for the Desmond Elliot Prize and the Etisalat Prize for Literature now the 9mobile Prize for Literature The last one is an interesting one to watch for readers of world literature it is a pan African prize for promising new authors Chibundu Onuzo has also had a second novel published by Faber Faber, Welcome to Lagos, one I shall definitely add to my wishlist.