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4.5 starsFacts are Julie James publishes ONE book a yearJulie James is a great writerI love Julie James s books, butfor one book a year they re way too short.Basically, I LOVED this book, and everything about it, but I just wanted MORE More of the relationship development, Kyle, everything, KYLEThe humor in these books is amazingRae shifted her position to check out the object of their discussion If that s the new face of computer geek, sign me up He can push my keyboard buttons any day Rylann turned her head and stared at him Did you really just compare me to chicken wings You say that like it s a bad thing Chicken wings are the bomb Oh God, that hurts, she whimpered What hurts Kyle asked, sounding concerned The invisible man pounding spikes into my head That doesn t sound good Maybe you should take out an invisible Taser gun and zap the son of a bitch I adore Kyle, he s perfectKyle warily eyed the two FBI agents yes, now there were two apparently they multiplied like wet gremlins as they pushed open the red privacy curtain and entered the theater box The infamous Twitter terrorist is a hunk And a geek extraodinare After getting drunk because a girlfriend broke up with him via a public message, then put a video of how she cheated on him, Kyle decided crashing Twitter is an awesome idea Yeah, post prison, Kyle can say exactly what kind of an idea that was And it rhymes with numb So, now he s all for hookups But now he sees Rylann, whom he likes a lot, but she s a prosecutor But they really need to talk About that nightRylann thinks Kyle is off limits, but well, who could resist those dimples So, she gets involved, but the question is what now I liked Rylann and her plans She s great.Still, there were too many things going on in the book, there really had to be Kyle and Rylann The flirting and bantering is great, but a bigger conflict, and time and getting to know each other would be better There was real depth here, thoughHis chest pulled almost uncomfortably tight as he pulled her into his arms I love you, Rylann He cupped her face, peering down into her eyes And now I finally have a good answer to the one question everyone always asks me why I hacked into Twitter I didn t know it at the time but I did it to find you again She leaned into him, curling her fingers around his shirt That may be the best justification I ve ever heard for committing a crime She looked up at him, her eyes shining And I love you, too, you know Awwww Kyle sighs Oh, I also loved Rae and Rylann s friendshipActually, no The hell with that Rylann reached across the table and squeezed Rae s hand Just because we haven t met Mr Right doesn t mean we re doing anything wrong And by the way, you re brilliant and awesome, too If I were a lesbian, I d totally settle down with you and make lots of in vitro babies Hmm, okay And Nick is greatWonderful Now I ve got two of you all up in my business, Kyle said dryly.Nick slapped him across the shoulders, seeming to thoroughly enjoy this Get used to it, Sawyer That s what family is for All in all, not disappointed, exactly, since JJ can write a menu and I d read it with a smile which wouldn t leave my face the whole book , but I wanted length and story wise It s definitely sexy, funny and touching, though, soREAD IT There are some things a girl never forgets, Ry And one of those is a kiss from the right guy This was a fabulous read I m still excited a day after I finished it I read the audio My rating for the narrator is about a 3.5 4 stars My rating for the book, 4.5 stars.So the premise is really about two things 1 The night that Ryland and Kyle meet, kiss, and then separate for nine years2 How Kyle Rhodes became the Twitter Terrorist and an ex con I don t mind hot and spicy Actually find that appealing in a girl And chicken wings Rylann Pierce and Kyle Rhodes met at a bar, feel an instant connection, share some witty banter, and then share a romantic and hot kiss after Kyle walks Rylann home But then Rylann is left hanging the next day while waiting for Kyle to show up for their planned date She s a tiny bit brokenhearted because she could have sworn there was a deep connection between them, but life goes onRylann completes her college degree, becomes a US Attorney, and enjoys her relationship with her longtime boyfriend, fully expecting that her life is on a steady path toward fulfillment.Kyle helps to run his father s multimillion dollar computer security company, enjoying the freedoms that come with being rich and the women who flock to him But somewhere along the line, the empty relationships begin to feel hollow Sensing that he might need to settle down and create something lasting, Kyle latches on to his current fling, a gorgeous model type, and is then shocked and horrified when she breaks up with him months latervia Twitter.Mortified and angry, a humiliated Kyle utilizes his computer hacking skills to shut down the social media site for two daysuntil he realizes that he is in bigfreakingtrouble Kyle serves his time in jail but resents the prosecutor s office that labeled him the Twitter Terrorist It was just Twitter, for goodness sake And then at a hearing for an early release, who walks in the courtroom but his nine years gone dream woman, Rylann Pierce And the games begin MY THOUGHTS Just like Julie James other books, this is a funny and clever contemporary romance Not a lot of drama, just the story of how two people meant to be end up meshing their lives together when it seems that so many obstacles are in their way Their sexual tension is than palpable Her body trembled as she finally caved Touch me, Kyle Now, she begged.Thank fucking God The conflict is that Rylann is a US Attorney and Kyle is an ex con Not to mention, it was Rylann s office that prosecuted Kyle and gave him his infamous label Not to fearKyle gives Rylann her own label She s his Prosecutrix Pierce D D Cracked me up every time I love the time of life that these two are inboth grown up but searching for permanence And they just fit together so well, complimented each other when they were together Their relationship felt very natural Because nine years ago, I walked up to the most beautiful girl in the bar, and tonight she s still the only person I want to talk to. @READ E-PUB ë About That Night õ ASIN BGSZZU Updated Version Found HereHE S PLAYING GAMES Though Rylann Pierce Tried To Fight The Sparks She Felt For Billionaire Heir Kyle Rhodes The Night They Met, Their Sizzling Chemistry Was Undeniable But After Being Stood Up On Their First Date, Rylann Never Expected To See Him Again So When She Finds Herself Face To Face With Kyle In A Courthouse Nine Years Later, She S Stunned More Troubling To The Beautiful Assistant US Attorney Is That She S Still Wildly Attracted To Him BUT SHE S MAKING THE RULES Just Released From Prison, Kyle Rhodes Isn T Thrilled To Be The Star Witness In A High Profile Criminal Case But When Rylann Comes Knocking At His Door, He Finds She May Be The One Lawyer He Can T Say No To Still As Gorgeous And Sharp Tongued As Ever, She Lays Down The Law She Doesn T Mix Business With Pleasure But Kyle Won T Give Up On Something He Wants And What He Wants Is The One Woman He S Never Forgotten 5 stars Contemporary RomanceI m an avid Julie James fangirl and I love her snappy, clever, banterific dialogue and snarky humor Practice Makes Perfect, Something About You, and A Lot Like Love were some of my favorite reads of last year, and I ve been eagerly awaiting Kyle s story.Although I didn t enjoyAbout That Nightas much as the previous books in the FBI US Attorney series, it s still an entertaining, satisfying read The romance between sexy computer genius Kyle Rhodes, aka Smug Dimples, Twitter Terrorist , and Sawyer from Lost lookalike, and sassy law geek, counselor , Meth Lab Rylann, aka Prosecutrix Pierce and brunette bombshell , was highly amusing and steamy These two ignited some serious sparks I would have liked a bit to the ending and an epilogue, but overall I really enjoyed it 5 stars And who would have figured cyber geek Kyle for such a bedroom bad boy and smokin hot dirty talker Yowza This scene cracked me upI don t mind hot and spicy Actually find that appealing in a girl He cocked his head, thinking this over And chicken wings Rylann turned her head and stared at him Did you really just compare me to chicken wings You say that like it s a bad thing Chicken wings are the bomb Kyle Rylann 3.5 StarsWhen I think of a classy adult romance, Julie James always comes to mind I loved the first two of the FBI US Attorney series, and for the most part I enjoyed this one as well Rylann Pierce is a US Assistant Attorney just moved from San Francisco to Chicago back to her roots after a breakup One of her first cases is a time served early release case of Kyle Rhodes, the Twitter Terrorist This is a little awkward because it just so happens that nine years ago Rylann and Kyle shared a few passionate kisses in college, but lost track of each other after a family tragedy got in the way Neither one forgot the other, but they never thought they d cross paths again Fate had other plans Kyle Rhodes, a computer genius and billionaire, has just been released after an agreement orchestrated by his sister, Jordan, and her FBI boyfriend we had their story in the previous novel He drunkenly hacked into Twitter and shut the site down after a very public breakup Very stupid move over a girl he barely cared about, but he paid dearly Imagine his surprise when he lays eyes on a sassy brunette he let get away Now that Rylann is on his radar again he can t get her out of his mind A case brings them back together, but complications arise from their situation Kyle was convicted in a highly publicized trial by the very office Rylann now works for and a relationship could call question to her position I really enjoyed Kyle and Rylann s relationship It s grown up, without frustrating drama and incredibly sweet They shared sizzling scenes filled with chemistry and swoon As I said, I m a fan of Julie James and her classy romances, but this one seemed to lack the usual spark First of all, we only get Kyle and Rylann together for a snippet in the beginning and then for what felt like half of the story they re off living their own lives on different paths Also, in each of the two previous stories there was a danger and suspense element that lent excitement to the story About That Night did not have that There is no underlying threat or mystery to solve driving the plot I read the audio version of About That Night The narration took me a while to get into because of the narrator s style of delivery I m not sure how to describe it other than there was pausing throughout the delivery that I thought was a little much I did get used to it eventually, but I d listen to a sample of this story before I bought it just to see if it works for you Favorite quotesI don t mind hot and spicy Actually find that appealing in a girl And chicken wings Rylann turned her head and stared at him Did you really just compare me to chicken wings You say that like it s a bad thing Chicken wings are the bomb You came along and changed everything I don t want to be some guy you re fooling around with any, Rylann I want to be with you all the wayIt s hard to determine if it was actually half of the story because I was listening to the audio version.You can read this review and at The Readers Den. Posted on Under the CoversAn unforgettable kiss started it allNine years ago, Rylann Pierce, a sweet girl with big dreams met a billionaire heir named Kyle Rhodes They talked, sparks ignited Kyle walked her home like a perfect gentleman, leaving her breathless after one kiss and a promise to see her again the next day.But when Kyle is a no show the next day, Rylann decides that dating a billionaire heir isn t in her six year plan So she busies herself, working on her career until she becomes an Assistant US Attorney.Fast forward years later and Rylann gets the gig she s been dreaming of But her first case isn t ideal because she comes face to face with Kyle Rhodes once again, still fully equipped with those big blue eyes, cute dimples, snarky remarks and shampoo commercial hair To reiterate, she is screwed Because all those repressed feelings for Kyle return in a flood.ABOUT THAT NIGHT brings in the sizzling tension in truckloads I loved Kyle in A LOT LIKE LOVE But Julie James really does deliver a stellar book for our favourite Twitter Terrorist Readers can expect of what they loved in the previous books of this series great characters, impeccable knowledge of courtroom antics, and the perfect blend of sweet, sexy and funny.However, I have to say that Kyle seems to bring a little sexiness to this book Perhaps out of all of James books so far, ABOUT THAT NIGHT is the steamiest Kyle likes to talk some filth So prepare for some swooning.Rylann was a perfect match for him, meeting him head to head with her witty comebacks It was a pleasure to read a strong heroine who knew what she wanted in life, even if she wasn t sure how she was going to reach it While it takes her awhile for her to decide that what she really needs in a blue eyed looker don t we all , Rylann does come to terms with her feelings for Kyle eventually.There was a good amount of angst in this one, though it wasn t bitter and that was very important for me I felt like if Rylann stayed bitter about being left high and dry the entire time, this would have been disastrous Instead, it shined because bitterness and humor don t always mix so well.Followers of this series will be thrilled to note that there are many familiar faces in this book Cameron Lynde, the heroine from SOMETHING ABOUT YOU, makes an early appearance as Rylann s boss The hero and heroine of A LOT LIKE LOVE, Jordan, Kyle s sister and Nick McCall also have considerable airtime Of course, we can t forget Wilkins, Jack s partner who plays a huge role in this book and Jack Pallas is there as well.I wonder who will get a book next ARC provided by publisher 4 Hacker Stars Rylann and Kyle spent a very special night in college but when they want to be together again, live throws them a curveball and sets them apart for the next nine years Now they meet again, where Kyle is a witness to one of Rylann s cases Problem Rylann is a US assistant attorney and Kyle is a ex con who just spent a few months in prison for a hacking attack Neither of them forgot what happened between them nine years ago and although this feels like a second change could this change be with wrong timing again Rating 4 Stars Storyline This was a sweet, steamy and heartwarming romance It has a nice plot with some refreshing elements and if you re in need of a pick me up book this is perfect Character Development I loved Kyle First I loved that we has a sexy geek they re not very common in books and I love them , second I love how despite everything he was honest and a great guy Not to mention sweet and sexy as hell Rylann was also sweet and very easy to like, despite some small annoyances It was nice to see of the previous characters Steam Some hot scenes HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler A fun series of standalone books This featured Kyle, the brother of Jordan from book 2 and Ryland, a new character to the series.Kyle is fresh out of prison for hacking twitter and shutting it down for 24 hours The previous DA pushed for maximum sentence due to his father s billionaire status In book 2, he was released early after his sister made a deal with the new DA if she helped the FBI get into an exclusive wine party to plant bugs in the owners office.Kyle and Ryland met for only one night, 9 years ago when they were still in college They were supposed to go on a date the next night but Kyle found out his mother was in an accident and he had to go home The attraction they felt is still there after 9 years but now Ryland is an ADA in the office where Kyle was convicted I liked Ryland but she was a bit too by the book at times Kyle was ok for me I think I just couldn t get past the younger brother version of him we saw in Jordan s book I still very, much enjoyed the writing and was entertained by this audiobook I borrowed this on the Audio Romance Package and love the narrator She does a fantastic job. Julie James makes me want to throw my psychology degree out the window and try out for law school instead If all this sass and bad assery is what they teach in law, sign me up After having read all of JJ s published novels so far, there are several things I ve come to expect from her 1 Confident, bold, and yummy heroes whose jobs or pasts involve the law in some way 2 Sarcastic, spirited, and driven heroines who re usually attorneys 3 Great sexual chemistry between the Hh which never leads to an anticlimactic resolution 4 A fabulous cast of supporting characters who add life to the novel than anything else.5 No drawn out, prolonged drama whatsoever These stories are fast paced, realistic, natural, and long enough to be neither tedious nor abrupt, but just right.James delivers on all five accounts again, and then some About That Night has everything I ve come to expect from her romances, which basically comes down to me smiling throughout the entire novel Seriously, my cheeks hurt from all the grinning After being humiliated on and dumped through Twitter, computer whiz Kyle shuts down the site for two days As expected, he gets caught and sent to prison, thereafter becoming globally infamous as the Twitter Terrorist After four months in jail, his sister, Jordan, works out a deal with the FBI to reduce his sentence to time served Ambitious Rylann comes to Chicago as an Assistant U.S Attorney and her first case involves Kyle To say sparks fly when the two meet again after their brief meeting nine years ago would be a huge understatement The dynamic relationship between Kyle and Rylann starts as soon as they set eyes on each other and it only gets progressively hotter and steamier As an added bonus, there are plenty of scenes with Jack, Cameron, Jordan, and Nick that clearly show how their respective relationships have developed during the intermissions view spoiler I hope we can get to see at least one of their weddings in the upcoming books I d love reading the details of that Especially since none of the books in this series have an epilogue hide spoiler Bana ikinci kez benden etkilendi ini s yledin Dokuz y l nce doktora s nav na girdi imi s yledi imde de ayn tepkiyi vermi tin Demek art k beni pohpohluyorsun Onca y l sonra s ylediklerimi hala hat rl yor musun O geceye dair hemen her eyi hat rl yorum Unutmas zor bir hafta sonu Benim yan mda olmak sana tuhaf geliyor mu Yani sana o hafta sonu ya anan k t olaylar hat rlat yor muyum Hay r Senin yan nda olmak, o hafta sonu ba ma gelen tek g zel eyi hat rlat yor Kyle Ne tarafa eriyoruz Bay l yorum bu seriye Hikaye, karakterler hepsi ok e lenceli Hi bir karaktere k zmadan, sinir krizi ge irmeden, ok keyifli diyaloglarla kendini k sa s rede okutuyor Bu kitaba da bay ld m Rylann ve Kyle n at malar s rekli s r tmama sebep oldu Hele Kyle n i ledi i su ok orjinaldi Jordan n kitab nda Kyle n hikayesini ok merak etmi tim Tam bir serseri kt , romantik, a k ve serseri E lencenin yan nda iki karakterin 9 y l nceki ge mi i biraz romantizm, biraz burukluk katm t hikayeye Macera k sm ilk 2 kitaptan daha azd , ama ben yine de sevdimAram zdaki fark u, say n avukat Benim zamana ihtiyac m yok Neler hissetti imi biliyorum ine a k olman anl yorum En hayran oldu um zelliklerinden biri de zaten bu Ama bunca y l , ger ek sevgiyi bulduktan sonra kalbinde ancak ikinci s rada yer alabilmek i in beklemedim Daha fazlas n istiyorum Okumalara doyam yorum bu yazar