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Beautifully written Eye opening and not at all airy fairy. DOWNLOAD ⚑ Legacy of the Gods ⚖ NOTE This Title Is Now Replaced By The Author S Version, The Divine Blueprint Temples, Power Places, And The Global Plan To Shape The Human SoulCan A Temple Transform A Person Into An Extraordinary Being In This Ground Breaking Book, Researcher And Best Selling Author Freddy Silva Explores The Origin Of Sacred Sites And Discovers That Behind Ancient Temples Lies A Secret, Spiritual Technology Whose Roots Lie With A Race That Survived A Global Flood In BCAccording To Surviving Texts, Groups Of Sages Set Out To Rebuild The Former Mansions Of The Gods By Creating A Vast, Interconnected Network Of Power Places On The Earth S Hotspots Of Energy Temples That Would Serve As Self Help Centers For Future GenerationsBased On Solid Evidence, This Original Work Reveals How A Measurable Energy In These Sacred Sites Is Capable Of Inducing Altered States, Essentially Validating Ancient Accounts Which Describe Such Portals As Living Intermediaries Between Matter And Spirit That Serve To Transform Men Into Gods And What S , These Portals Are Still WorkingFrom Stonehenge And The Sacred Places Of Egypt, To India, The Americas, Pacific Islands And The Far East, It Is A , Year Journey Of Levitating Stones, Underwater Cities Of Knowledge, Foot Tall Gods, And The Secret Esoteric Groups Who Ve Kept Their Single Minded Vision Alive Throughout Recent History The Aim The Spiritual Transformation Of Every Person On Earth If like me you ve enjoyed books by the late John Michell, I would strongly recommend this It s the first book I ve come across that comprehensively explains the HOW of sacred sites and temples Really excellent I m about to re read it Excellent detective work, great book with great insights Mr Silva goes into great depth describing sacred sites around the world and the underlying geometric patterns present These places of power utilize the Earth s natural magnetics and can alter a person s consciousness It s really fascinating and has made my travel bucket list grow longer. To me this is THE book on sacred sites Freddy Silva examines many of the sacred sites around the world, from India, China and Egypt to North and South America and discusses the various elements that make up a sacred site, including underground water, electromagnetics, sacred measure, the use of stone, sacred geometry, orientation and even the intent of people entering the sites There is a discussion of the role played by mystery schools and secret societies such as the Knights Templars and Cathars, in the preservation of ancient knowledge, as well as the links between crop circles a subject on which he has written and ancient temples The book is full of photographs, illustrations and diagrams that explain many ideas and concepts raised and the book is fully referenced.If I had to sum the book up in one phrase, it would be sacred sites are good for you , because by the end of the book, you get a very strong sense that being inside or in the presence of these ancient temples and places of power will have incredible impact on your spiritual and even physical wellbeing For me Freddy s book goes a long way to answering that question Why did the ancients build these pyramids and megalithic sites There are also some suggestions as to HOW they may have constructed them.