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My favorite author ever She died just a couple years ago I m heartbroken because i wanted to meet her, shake her hand, tell her how much I identify with her work, how much she infuses me with a desire to write i want to recollect all of her work and read it sequencially, I keep loaning it out i didn t realize when I read it, that i was reading about polyamory i didn t know the word yet she writes about xenophobia and alternative morals amoung other things, the bleak future, warnign us to change it, inherit goodness and evil of humanity, and the power of single people to unite small groups to create great change, evolution, hope. Wild Seed, the first book in the Patternist series, was a phenomenal book that made me infatuated with Octavia Butler s ability to tell a story Mind of My Mind, the second book in the series, made me realize that she is probably going to be one of my favorite authors ever Mind of My Mind picks up about a hundred or so years after the end of Wild Seed Over the years Doro has created quite the extensive network of telepaths, many of them living in or around Forsyth, California This story centers on one in particular named Mary, who after going through her transition, turns out to have a wholly unique ability never before seen in the history of Doro s breeding program This new ability attracts several other telepaths that come from around the country to Forsyth without knowing why Soon a new society of telepaths is being created, and no one, even Doro, is sure what to make of it Doro s plans have gone almost too well, and now the question facing him is, What do I do with this race of special abilities that I have spent thousands of years creating Mary s ability is a game changer in terms of the series It raises all new philosophical and ethical questions that play out through the story Butler continues her mastery of the morally ambiguous tale, forcing her characters to make tough decisions, and other times forcing them to accept deplorable circumstances At every turn, someone is giving up freedom for power, and it s fascinating to watch this paradox play out The society created by these telepaths also creates new bonds between them, and identities of sexuality and authority are constantly in flux As usual, Butler never settles for the easy answer, but thankfully she does go for the most interesting route One of the most interesting aspects of Doro s character from Wild Seed is the way everyone loves him His sons submit to him, and his daughters fall in love with him and have children by him He has an infinite capacity for cruelty in order to accomplish his plans, yet people still fall over themselves to gain his acceptance This aspect of Doro also is dealt with superbly in this book Can t wait to read the next in the series The ending of this book changes the series in a big way, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the next installment. Free Ebook ♥ Mind of My Mind ☧ For , Years, An Immortal Has Spread The Seeds Of A Master Race, Using The Downtrodden As His Private Breeding Stock But Now A Young Ghetto Telepath Has Found A Way To Awaken And Rule Her Superhuman Kind, Igniting A Psychic Battle As She Challenges Her Creator For Her Right To Free Her People I think I became too invested in the characters of Anyanwu Emma and Doro in Wild Seed to fully appreciate this book Perhaps if I had read this first, in its order of publication, I would have enjoyed the book As it was, I found the constantly rotating narratives from such a wide variety of people who weren t terribly distinct, all being Patternists distracting and not at all sympathetic Which is strange If anything, I should sympathize with Mary, but I had come to know Doro so well I stuck with the book just to see what happens to Emma and Doro, and while I m slightly curious to see the direction the rest of the series takes, I suspect I might not ever be too eager to read through them all.Did Butler intend for this reaction She wrote the complicated relationship between Anyanwu and Doro so well in Wild Seed, but nearly all the Patternist characters including Mary felt so flat Nothing about their telepathy intrigued me, but I awed at Emma s and Doro s ability I am so very confused Mind of My Mind is set roughly in the present that is, the present of 1977 when it was first published and is the story of Mary, the greatest success of Doro s program of breeding humans with psionic abilities Through Mary, some of Doro s people gain unprecedented power.What prevented me from finding Mind of My Mind actually fun the coldly unsympathetic nature of all of its characters is also something that makes it excellent speculative fiction Mind of My Mind is told entirely from the perspective of Mary, some other psychic people who are close to her, and Doro None of the characters are people without psionic ability Doro whom I described in my review of Wild Seed is an immortal mass murderer with no conscience The other viewpoint characters are all psychic they can read other people s minds, project their thoughts, and manipulate other people with their psychic power All of them have grown up using those powers to get what they want and need Some are nicer than others, but all of them are manipulative and have preyed on people who are defenseless against them.Butler designed these people the Patternists, as they come to call themselves so that it would be almost impossible for them to exist without abusing ordinary humans In particular, most Patternists find it intolerable to be around children Patternists don t gain control over their powers until adolescence or adulthood So as the Patternists organize themselves, in order to protect their children and their own sanity, they foster the children with non psychic families And to make sure the children are raised lovingly, they brainwash the foster parents At least in Mind of My Mind, the Patternists don t believe that it s possible for them to survive without doing such things, but they also go beyond the necessary, programming the minds of people who will pass laws they want, give them money and property, and even work as loyal servants in the Patternists houses A few characters protest, saying that they don t want to enslave people, but yield when told that enslaving mutes the Patternists name for humans without psychic powers is the only alternative to the miserable lives that most psychic people had endured before the Pattern.For the most part this is revealed in a very matter of fact way, because it s very easy for the Patternists to think of themselves as better It s so easy for them to use and manipulate mutes that most of them stopped questioning the ethics of it long ago The only moral imperative for them is now that the Pattern allows them control over themselves to treat the mutes kindly when using them.Anyanwu the other immortal protagonist of Wild Seed, whose psi abilities are for healing and have nothing to do with the mind is still around in Mind of My Mind, and she thinks that what Doro and the Patternists are doing is terrible, but she has absolutely no power to stop them And for the most part she s described from Mary s perspective Even though Anyanwu took care of Mary when she was a child, Mary comes to utterly dismiss her view spoiler Anyanwu dies at the very end of the novel Mary s comment It was just as well hide spoiler Speculative fiction concerning an alien s breeding program for telepathy in humans Some of the same characters as A great cerebral thriller in ways than one, Octavia Butler adds a solid entry to the Patternist series with Mind of My Mind While this volume occurs sequentially after Wild Seed, yet was published several years earlier, I struggled with how to go about reading them On the one hand, the writing for Wild Seed is objectively better Butler only improved with time so this earlier entry felt underdeveloped in comparison However, by reading them in order of the Patternist timeline, I felt Mind of My Mind s ending was shocking and satisfying rarely am I surprised by anything but Butler always keeps me on my toes This is probably how I will continue to read the series, but I digress Breed didn t sound like the kind of word that should be applied to people The minute he said it, though, I realized it was the right word for what he was doing This novel opens with the 4,000 year old Doro continuing to build his empire, one experimental child at a time At the novel s start we are introduced to Doro s daughter Mary, a young biracial woman and potentially powerful telepath She does not seem altogether different from Doro s earlier telepaths, though everything changes when she transitions from her latent to active state Cue further explorations of the push and pull between free will and shifting mental power dynamics with the birth of the pattern.All in all, I should mention that this is a flawed novel, especially given how Emma aka Anyanwu is sidelined and how prominent a role the uncomfortable Karl plays as events unfold That said, I see this book as one of Butler s earliest explorations of telepathic interconnected themes she would later explore, albeit in refined manner, with her Xenogensis series aka Lilith s Brood and Fledgling So, a great deal of my enjoyment for this book came from experiencing Butler s thought process, than anything else.Overall, I really enjoyed this novel and am excited to continue on with the Patternist series. 4.5 StarsAs always Octavia Butler is phenomenal This book was interesting and makes sense now that I know that the internal chronological order that I am reading these in, are not the published order , because Doro is not the most powerful thing in the universe any This strangely saddened me Even though he is a inhuman body stealing monster, you spend several books wondering what his end game is and kind of hoping that he ll achieve it because then you ll KNOW During the final battle between Mary and Doro, I found myself torn over who to root for Doro is not at all a good guy, Mary s not either, but definitely seems to be the lesser of two evils But anyone can see that she has the Potential to become a thousand times powerful than Doro ever was, and therefore a thousand times dangerous.Plus, I kept remembering the scene in Wild Seed where Isaac tells Anywanyu that she could help Doro regain his humanity Honestly, I think she succeeds in this, and that is why Mary ultimately wins And I can t help thinking that in the long run Mary will be much harmful to humanity. In spite of myself, I ve ended up discussing and recommending this book to a few people There are really fascinating ideas here Octavia Butler is a champ at slightly extrapolating and skewering present reality and transforming it into a plausible, not so removed future Here she invents a world of intuits, psychics, telekenetics She attributes much of the chaos and violence in the world to the inability of some psychics to hone their latent abilities Sometimes this means these psychics have unmediated raw connections to the pain and suffering of the world around them a painful maddening static in their heads Sometimes, unaware of their gifts , they experience only misunderstanding and alienation from others which in turn, breeds violence, especially towards those they are most like As in Parable of the Sower, Butler has a young girl emerge to lead a new hopeful world This girl, like Olamina, moves with the certainty, selflessness, and faith of someone who well must save the world Butler s young women aren t so heavily burdened by their capabilities and responsibilities at least, this kind of comic book hero drama is seriously downplayed The main drama seems to be how these women do their work in the world They take the cards they are dealt in life and move I love that these books are about the work they ve been charged to do as opposed to the messianic agonizing that usually takes up these kind of stories The work itself is the difficult part The internal battle to start it, belongs to another, self indulgent, egotistical, pampered type of hero One who usually have the luxury of time and excessive self reflection Those who are usually wealthy young white men But temporality is the stength and the weakness of the book The book moves swiftly, skipping years at one point, and glossing over essential developments in the numerous characters Sometimes it seems like an extended metaphor a good idea that was too quickly spun into a book There are many hazy underdeveloped aspects that beg for pages The protagonist is somewhat detached from her reality Early on, she kills or severly debilitates a drunk, who has barged into her home, looking for her mother, who then tries to rape her The drama and significance are subdued This seems partially intentional a way of demonstrating the premature strength and self assurance of a young girl who is accostomed to and unmoved by violence It also seems like a minor device to move the story and larger drama along You get a bare sense of her in the episode and its aftermath The book moves with an impatient speed that forces the reader, like the main character, to learn quickly and move on Not much later in the book, in an act of consolation, she ends up making love with her body shifting, all powerful, imortal father Power lines are drawn, redrawn, and questioned Sometimes I kept pace Sometimes I felt rushed I was also wary of how this book made the female hero the instinctively nurturing, loving, proactive, motherly figure who draws her strength from developing others This in contrast to her egotistical, self serving, singular, and short sighted male villain father figure I like female heroes but get bored when it is their natural female life procuring qualities that save the day This is V for Vendetta nonsense, Saul Williams, Vandana Shiva, etc etc pro feminist sexism These gender conventions are tired I would gladly read Octavia Butler s scribbled notes on cocktail napkins I m an eager forgiving fan I m glad she put the work out there she has She is one of my models for exploring race, gender, class, ability, and power effectively, in accessible, transportable ways than most people who attempt it That said this book seemed to be a testing grounds for Octavia Butler to develop some concepts I didn t love this book but am happy to have read it. Mind of My Mind The rise of the first PattermasterOriginally published at Fantasy LiteratureMind of My Mind 1977 was written second in Octavia Butler s 4 book PATTERNIST series, and comes second in chronology However, I think it is less polished than Wild Seed 1980 , which comes earlier in chronology but was written later after she had fully developed her ideas about psionic powers, power control, and telepaths vs mutes It s tough to decide whether readers should approach this series in the order it was written, in order to see Butler s development as a writer, or by internal chronology, to follow the PATTERNIST story at the expense of uneven writing style quality.Mind of My Mind takes place about a century after the events of Wild Seed Doro, the immortal being from the first book, has continued to cultivate a huge number of active telepaths throughout the US Anyanwu, the centuries old shape shifting healer, now goes by Emma and occupies a much smaller role in this book Instead, the story is centered on a young teenaged girl named Mary Doro recognizes great potential in her, and though she has a troubled upbringing like many other latent telepaths, he brings her through the difficult transition to active psionic abilities At this point Doro and Mary realize that she has a unique ability to link together other telepaths under her control in a Pattern of psychic bonds The story follows a number of psychics who find themselves drawn to Forsyth, California, not understanding why When they are gathered under one roof with Mary, it is revealed that Doro wants them to submit to Mary s control in the hopes of forming a telepathic bond among them They are extremely resistant to this proposal, and consider trying to kill Mary to avoid this outcome However, Doro is an ever present threat, and they are afraid to cross him However, when they do link their minds, it is Doro who questions whether this outcome is truly the goal of his psychic breeding program over millennia, or whether Mary and the others in her Pattern represent a greater threat to him than anyone before.All the books in the PATTERNIST series are short and told in a concise, somewhat clinical tone that is at odds with the themes of emotional bonds, struggles for control, manipulation, and internal conflict The development of latents into actives is always a painful process, one that frequently results in death or injury, and does not always make that person happier Unlike other writers, Butler does not assume that psychic powers gives a person a free ticket to do as they wish, controlling normals and bending them to their will Instead, we see latents constantly battling internally with their powers, most often because they do not realize what the problem is, and frequently lashing out violently at the people around them, including family members In fact, this struggle is posited as the reason behind a lot of mental illness cases, frequently in poverty stricken or troubled homes In fact, most of the latents that Mary eventually identifies and brings into the Pattern are suffering beforehand, so allowing them to joint a psychic family provides much needed support and understanding This eventually leads to a climactic confrontation between Doro and Mary, which will have lasting repercussions for centuries afterward.In the end, it would be hard to say that Mind of My Mind is an easy or enjoyable read Butler excels at depicting mental and physical hardship and torment The characters are almost universally unhappy for much of the time, often because of their powers, and it is only the Pattern that eases this somewhat Though there are many secondary characters in the story, they are not particularly memorable, so the focus is on Doro and Mary Doro we know well from Wild Seed, and while he is a complex and powerful being, he is not likeable Mary is of a compassionate figure than Doro, but she is not averse to the power gained from controlling other psychics, similar to Doro, except she does not need to kill and feed on people to survive The book does not make either character appealing we are left to choose whom to sympathize with It s fairly clear that Butler was still perfecting her craft and ideas about psychic powers, so Mind of My Mind feels rushed and less polished than Wild Seed At the same time, knowing that the next books Clay s Ark and Patternmaster move further into the future, it makes sense to follow the internal chronology rather than the publication order But I can t help thinking that Butler would have wanted to brush up this book, and that s probably why later books like Parable of the Sower have garnered acclaim than her earlier works Still, as a fascinating and unsettling look at what the development of a telepathic group mind might actually feel like, Mind of My Mind is a very worthy effort.Mind of My Mind is narrated by Christie Clarke, and she does a solid job I imagine a woman narrator was chosen because Mary is the main character of the story, though it s debatable whether the narrator and main character need to be matched gender wise Wild Seed was narrated by Dion Graham and Kindred was narrated by Kim Staunton, and I feel like they were powerful voice actors they certainly have impressive credentials , but I always hesitate to pass final judgment on a narrator because the book itself has such a huge role in forming our impressions, and I thought those books were superior to Mind of My Mind.