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[[ Download Kindle ]] × Devilfish í From Prison Cell To Las Vegas Penthouse, Devilfish The Life Times Of A Poker Legend Is The No Holds Barred Life Story Of The UK S Best Poker Player And All Time Legend, Dave Devilfish UlliottEver Wanted A Seat At The Table With The Devilfish Well, Now S Your ChanceDave Devilfish Ulliott Is The The Most Successful Poker Player In British History, With Tournament Winnings Of Million But He Started Life With An Unlucky Hand On A Council Estate In Hull, Boredom Staved Off By A Spot Of Safe Cracking He Finally Found His True Vocation At The Card TableFrom Prison To A Penthouse In Las Vegas From Gang Fights To Parties At The Playboy Mansion From Losing , In A Day To Winning A World Series Of Poker Bracelet From Being Public Enemy No To The Big Draw On Channel Four S Late Night Poker, Devilfish Knows What It Means To Lose And Win Big And Still Come Out Cracking Jokes This Is A Full Life Story From The Fish S Own Mouth His Jokes, His Sauce, And Detailed Revelations From His Criminal Past Broad, Funny, Northern And Poetic A Master Storyteller Guardian Cancel Your Plans For The Weekend And Do Yourself A Big Favour Read This Devilfish Is Funny As F K, Ballsy, Brave As A Lion, Mad As A Bag Of Monkeys, And Absolutely Captivating As A Storyteller Roger Cook, Daily Star Fast, Funny, Scary, Smart, Cocky And Colourful Victoria Coren,Observer A Poker ClassicDaily Star Good for poker fans the parts about his life were interesting the endless details of how he played specific poker hands not so interesting to me Steve LOVED this book love it This book is a fast paced and humorous if you like Hull humour insight into the murky life of a habitual criminal gambler who hit the glitzy heights of high stakes poker at just the right time and reformed himself by becoming a professional gambler When TV poker became an overnight sensation Dave Ulliott was a ready made star who just happened to be rather good at poker He had the look, the patter, the attitude, and the nickname A nerveless and ultra aggressive style brought success at the table but not always off it which led to a hall of fame induction and becoming one of the most successful British poker players.Ulliott regales the reader with tale after dodgy tale, all told with the same cocky but somehow endearing style He s been in the right place at the wrong time, the wrong place at the right time, and the wrong place at the wrong time But when Late Night Poker first aired Devilfish was definitely in the right place at the right time and this was the catalyst for stardom.Anybody interested in poker, in particular the late history of the modern tv and internet age, should read this book Anybody not interested in poker should still read this book as it is an eye opening biography into the much misunderstood world of professional poker. Open the book and you take off faster than a rocket up an astronaut s arse to quote the Devilfish Always amusing and profane, a book I can relate to, and did If you love poker hands, bad jokes, poker anecdotes, bad puns, rude comedy this is one for you.