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~READ BOOK ⚖ Deathgame (Hardy Boys: Casefiles, #7) ☪ Survival Is Never Child S PlayWhere Is Biff Hooper The Hardy S Friend Secretly Went Off To A Survival Game Camp In Georgia And Never Came Back But Before Leaving He Did Tell Joe So When Orville Brand, The Camp Director, Claims Biff Was Never There, The Hardy Boys Suspect Foul PlayUnder Cover Of Darkness Frank And Joe Break Into The Camp Grounds To Their Amazement They Find The Ultimo Survival Camp Is Actually A Training Site For An Elite Corps Of Attack Troops, Led By A Shadowy Strongman Named Hammerlock Suddenly The Brothers Are Trapped In A Real Life Struggle For Survival Against The Toughest Enemy They Ve Ever Had To Face I loved this book I picked it up at a second hand book store and read it very quickly This book is super exciting and suspenseful one hell of an epic thriller far far better than Nancy Drew loving these books so much. When I first read Hardy Boys, I think I was in class 5, I had such a crush on Frank Hardy I liked the brainy one over the brawny one and that sums up my first impression of Hardy Boys In their late teens, Frank and Joe Hardy take after their detective father Fenton Hardy Frank is the older of the two and has breakthroughs in the cases because he is the brainy one Joe is the younger brother who often than not is useful when things get hot and they need to fight their way out.Like Nancy Drew, the books in the The Hardy Boys series re written by ghostwriters under the collective pseudonym Franklin W Dixon And yes, the earlier books were better than the latter ones. Ohhh, I really loved this Hardy Boys book I don t know any other way to express it Even though there were some parts that were quite slow and boring, what I enjoyed most about this Hardy Boys book was the brotherly love between our favorite brothers, Frank and Joe God, it was so amazing, it made me smile I also enjoyed the humor added between them view spoiler He was still brooding about Frank If Joe survived this thing and Frank didn t, how would he explain it to their parents He imagined his mother fighting back tears Joe s own eyes began to sting and fill He quickly blinked back the tears before the others could see them hide spoiler After their friend Biff goes missing while attending survival camp, Frank and Joe decide to find him, only to learn that there is peril to this camp than meets the eye Dixon will have readers glued to the pages with this entry Dixon, Franklin W. Its The Most Dangerous Game before I knew that existed Without a doubt its derivative but it was still a very competent thriller and actually gave some good information on survival tactics should you ever find yourself hunted by a mildly psychotic, heavily armed mercenary. a harmless war fought with paint pellet guns.