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The book that I am reviewing is the Hoopster, by Alan Lawrence Sitomer The book is about a group of boys that start off playing basketball, until it starts getting deeper into their lives Like when they talked about where they worked and what they did at that job They also explained about their personal lives like what they do in their free time Or even what they like and dislike But during the book my favourite part was the part when they first step on the court and it s almost like your there watching the game pg1 A very interesting part of the book was when the boy started to do his comedy act he was really funny at the start But then he kept going on and on about the same topic and it was very racist To that extent there was one black guy in the whole crowd, the comic s cousin He was laughing at the beginning but thehis cousin talked theracist he thought it was This must not have made him too happy because after the show they got into a full out brawl throwing punches left and right It took about six people to break them up I would recommend this book to sports lovers because it explains what s happening in the games Also I think that it has a very interesting plot to the story Also the scenes keep on changing and it gets very suspenseful to see what s going to happen next This is also a great book choice because it will appeal to just about every sports fan and even maybe non sports fans Also this book isn t all about basketball itsthan that it s giving a small glimpse into their lives outside and inside of basketball This was a very good book and I think that you should read it In my opinion I would give this book a 4 star rating because the book is always changing scenes Also you want to knowandabout what will happen next. I chose this book beacuse to tell you the truth i seen a basketball on the front cover and though it was going to be about basketball The book started out in a neighborhood where lots of teens where out playing All the kids out where playing a game of basketball Also all the kids where also hanging on the court side litening to music.Andre Anderson is the main characters name in the story He plays basketball with his freinds most the time Andre also has a job i would say making magazines at a place called Affair s Magazine.The thing in the story is that Andre wants to really get a job as a magazine writter He wants to become a writter because he has lots of ideas and a great though for new magazines.Andre has a big problem in the story as he gose on writting his first magazine for his boss Mr Jarvin The problem that he has is that he wrote somethings on his frist paper that people had tooken in a wrong way Then one day after he was getting of work Andre had gotten jumped and his had crushed inbetween a van sliding door.Andre s problem was never solved The thing is though he really didn t have a problem with it You might be asking why he didn t care, but the truth is that the people that had jumped them had boken his wrong arm.My opinon was that Andre should have never been writting things about black folks in the first place so he wouldnt of got his butt jumped. The Hoopster by Alan Lawrence Sitomer is a very emotional book with one of the best characters that I have ever read about This book is about an African American basketball playing youngster, Andre, who enjoys writing He works at a writing company, so when his boss gave him a front page writing assignment, he worked at it for weeks His final draft was about racism which turned out to be very popular the next day He received a great amount of letters and attention One night, when Andre was walking to his car at night, a group of people broke his right hand They told him that if he kept writing about racism, the same thing would happen to his legs Andre made a tough decision that I would not spoil I loved the plot because it was very unexpected the way the story turned out It had many places where I would stop and reflect on what I just read I would recommend this book to all of the readers of my age The reason for that is because it teaches a great lesson about when the time is right to back down from a situation and when it is time to step up. 3 1 2 stars, really This is one of those books that kids would probably beforgiving of than adults, and kids are the target audience, SO, from a YA perspective, a 4 and an attaboy for Call Me Al What I like best is the humor and the banter between the friends Andre young black protagonist and Shawn young black protagonist s young white friend Cedric, Andre s cousin, is an interesting kid because he s the clown in the book and creates tension by using black humor at a night club comedy contest Andre doesn t find it funny at all.Where the book suffers is in its TV predictability Andre is an intern who has never written anything for the magazine where he works as a gopher The editor suddenly asks him to write a feature on racism never happen Andre not only does it, the final product wins an international award veteran journalists are lucky to garner these Violence results from the article and Andre gets the chance to overcome adversity to the sound of violins swelling and they live happily ever after but not until he gives a speech before 500 people oh boy, only in Hollywood.It s not strictly a jock book because the racial dynamic is as great or greater than the basketball one Andre dates a Latina girl and gets to know his dad, who shares heretofore secret stories of racism from HIS past Fast reading, and not bad at all for Sitomer s freshman effort Some mature dialogue, for grades 8 or 9 and up depending on your bravery, should you stock a classroom library like me. this book was a kinda controversial, it involved a young african american male that is training to be a journalist and ends up getting beaten up by some racists he ends up ok though i enjoyed reading this book. This book is about a basketball player named Andre who is also writer for a magazine When his boss gives him a chance at the front cover article he writes about racism The next day two guys find him as he is walking to his car and beak his hand and they tell him to stop writing Great book and I would recommend reading it The narrator was too didactic, too all knowing, and a bit condescending. The Hoopster Book Review By Angel ZapataBy Alan Lawrence Sitomer Spoiler Alert During his I Have A Dream speech, Martin Luther King Jr believed that one day, his children and other people in the future will not be judged by their race or the color of their skin, but by the actions and characteristics that define them This book that I have read recently is an urban fiction story called The Hoopster By Alan Lawrence Sitomer This story is about an African American teenager who is threatened and assaulted by a group of men after they read an article about racism that he has written This story starts off positive, but then gets darker and tension rises as the story progresses In the expedition of this story, you are introduced to the protagonist, Andre Anderson, an African American teenager who currently works at a magazine company, who is with his best friend, Shawn, his cousin, Cedric, and other people his age playing a game of basketball at a public basketball court in an urban area The next day, while at work at a magazine publication called Affairs magazine, his boss, Mr Jarvin, promotes Andre from an assistant to a professional writer by giving Andre his first writing assignment on racism However, in his spare time, Andre is introduced to a teenage girl named Gwen by Shawn, and invites her to a magic show after being gifted with two free tickets from his boss After the show, Gwen and Andre fall in love with each other, but then, Gwen leaves Andre after Andre becomes furious at his sister, who smokes while her parents are gone A few days later, Andre finishes his writing assignment, which then gets approved by Mr Jarvin and his work is published in the most recent issue of the Affairs magazine After Andre gets home, all his family members and coworkers surprise Andre with a party in order to celebrate the success of his first magazine article The next day, Andre gets a call from Gwen at work who says she would like to talk privately with Andre at a coffee shop after Andre gets out of work However, after work, when Andre enters the Affairs magazine parking lot, he suddenly gets attacked by a group of men from a van who threaten Andre to stop writing about racism and break his right arm Andre stays in the hospital for days, unable to move or get up from a bed at the hospital A few days later, although Andre got out of the hospital, he feels depressed But after Andre leaves the house and visits a basketball court to think about his problems, Shawn meets up with Andre and gives him an artificial hand so that Andre can play basketball again A few days later at a banquet hall, Andre expresses to a crowd of people that although he felt very angry and vengeful at the gang who injured him, he believed that peace is the way to handle things, with words and not with violence because he believed that violence would only make him feel worse The story then ends a couple of days later, with Andre enjoying another game of basketball with his friends I believe that the theme of this story is to solve problems through peace and fight back with words instead of solving them with violence and fighting back with our fists because when Andre was injured in the hospital and Shawn and Cedric begin to think about starting a riot against the gangsters who broke Andre s arm, Andre s father explains that the point of Andre s written article was to explain to people to solve things through peace instead of violence, which motivated Shawn and Cedric to cancel their riot plan I also believe that the third person omniscient point of view affects the story because this point of view helps the reader understand all of the characters personalities and their opinions on the other characters, like how Andre s parents felt when Andre was injured A major event that changed Andre was when he was physically attacked by a group of gangsters, who threatened him not to write about racism again because this caused Andre to think about why the gangsters decided to attack him instead of talking to him and how to stop them from hurting anyone else This caused Andre to question himself on what he should do next The author also builds suspense when Andre is attacked by the group of gangsters because this leaves the reader wondering what will happen next and wonder if Andre will survive after being constantly hurt by the group of gangsters I was very surprised when I read the part when Andre was physically attacked by a group of gangsters because before this event occurred, many positive things were happening to Andre, such as having his first article being published on the Affairs magazine and getting a girlfriend who really understands him, which made me think that nothing really bad might ever happen to Andre, until this event occurred I also really liked how after Andre got injured, Andre s father explained to Shawn and Cedric not to start a riot because he said that in the article that Andre wrote, he explained that people should solve problems through peace and kindness and not violence and vengeance I was also very satisfied with the falling action of the story, when Andre makes a speech in a banquet hall, explaining that even though he felt very depressed and furious after he was attacked by gangsters, he believed that revenge doesn t exist and seeking revenge against the gangsters who attacked him would never make him feel better and peace was the answer to the situation he has been through I thought the ending of this book was very inspirational when Andre was having a game of basketball with his friends because this conclusion to the story shows that even after all the pain he s been through when being attacked by the group of gangsters, that didn t stop Andre from doing the one thing he loves most After reading this urban fiction novel, I would highly recommend this book to anyone at the age of twelve or higher because this novel does have some lines of dialogue that contains language that might be inappropriate and offensive to anyone who is younger than twelve years old I would also give this book 4 out of 5 stars because although I really liked how the author set up his story and the way the story was told, I wish there wastension and suspense at the expedition or rising action of this story in order to contribute to the scene where Andre is physically attacked Overall, I thought this story was inspirational, satisfying, and leaves an important message to anyone else who reads this book. {FREE E-PUB} ñ The Hoopster ê Andre Anderson Is An African American Teenager With A Bright Future He Loves To Play Basketball He Loves To Hang Out With His Friends He Loves To Laugh Andre Has Skills, Brains, And Heart He Also Has A Dream Then He Is Viciously Attacked Now Everything He Ever Believed About The World Has Been Called Into Question Even His Deadly Jump Shot How Can A Man Get Up When He Has Been Unjustly Beaten Down Andre Is About To Find Out Andre Is The Hoopster Alan Sitomer s book The Hoopster is a realistic fiction book It describes the life as an African American boy who has a background in the sport of basketball Andre Anderson has a normal life as a teenager He loves basketball and brings basketball into real life situations and a way of living He has a pretty normal family that loves him very much and hopes for him to succeed in life Andre Anderson had a dream of becoming a journalist He loves to hang out with his friends and loves to have fun and laugh He s just a regular teenager with big dreams In the meantime, he spent his time during the summer working at a magazine Andre s white friend named Shawn, said that he wanted to have Andre stop focusing on mostly work and focus a little biton his social life So then Shawn introduces him to a latina girl named Gwen Andre s boss wanted him to write an article on racism and ever since he worked on the article, he was violently attacked by a gang of racists After the incident, he was sent to the hospital The author has a history of writing books where it is manly about teenagers There is a lot of african american culture involved in his history of books I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that likes sports and action because i feel like that this book has a lot of those two things I think this book can relate to real life because these kind of things can happen to people I personally really like this book because of the fact that i like basketball and this book was really interesting and intriguing.