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C S Lewis wove doctrines and lessons regarding the Christian faith throughout his other works, notably the Chronicles of Narnia Ergo, I was surprised when reading this novel that to learn that he used to be an atheist A religious book, written by an ex atheistI was alight with curiosity What caused the switch By studying the faith as an effort to become better at atheism he found religion A strange, roundabout way to go by things but nonetheless thoroughly interesting.Lewis slowly, but surely explains the hows and whys he found himself converted He starts with a long and slightly difficult to follow discussion regarding the reasoning behind there being a God opposed to many or none From there he narrows slightly, circling closer and closer until he reaches Christian doctrine i.e the holy trinity However, he never pinpoints on the differences between Catholics or Lutherans etc He does not preach only one denomination rather he expounds on core truths and beliefs of Christianity as a whole His explanations put to rest several questions I had and answered ones that I hadn t known to ask Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea until he has something to forgive. When you argue against Him you are arguing against the very power that makes you able to argue at all it is like cutting off the branch you are sitting on. As admirable as this novel is, he does preach a few beliefs and interpretations were common back then but are not shared with as many nowadays For example, there are a few anti gay statements and a few about women belonging in their places A clear example of that, is when he touches on the subject of men being the heads of households why the man Well, firstly, is there any very serious wish that it should be the woman There must be something unnatural about the rule of wives over husbands, because the wives themselves are half ashamed of it and despise the husbands whom they ruleSo, taken with a grain of salt this book does provide an fascinating look into the core beliefs of the Christian religion.Blog Instagram Twitter It is no wonder that Christians should revere a miracle working carpenter I think one must be the son of a god to build an attic before the rest of the house.There is no fundamental basis for Lewis arguments I was hoping to find something thought provoking and convincing, but it just felt like the same old ideas Aquinas and Descartes bandied around These are no longer sufficient in a world of thermodynamics and evolution.Lewis has some skill and intellect, but the way he meanders about duality, truth, social darwinism, pathetic fallacy, comparative anthropology, and scientific process tends towards self justification than any profundity.Lewis clearly wants to believe, and wants to bolster and justify those beliefs, but he never overcomes a reasonable burden of proof He puts together the best indications he can find, but they don t add up to much.Every time Lewis embarked on a thought, it would grow and blossom in intriguing ways until he would simply bunch together the whole bundle, tie it with a bow, label it god s handiwork with a reverent nod, and move on, never reaching an insight It made me think the allegory in Onan has been widely misread.The righteousness of his belief contrasts hypocritically with the way he blithely writes off any other belief To portray everyone else as faulty but still think yourself infallible is not only insulting, but a black mark on any otherwise reasonable mind.I like Lewis, both his tone and his mind I wanted to find something compelling in him I wanted to find something that tied his observations together I sense Lewis also wanted to find something he could attach himself to After being alone and afraid in a grand world ripped by World Wars, who wouldn t feel a desperate need for meaning And he found one He found a meaning he could cling to, but only with a tentative grasp Since it is not a meaning he can communicate, it is not one I can share He does not find tenacity in reason, but in romanticism, in idealism, in fear, and in a blindness to his own faults, even as he seeks out those of others. Read it, even for the last chapter alone Most people have no idea about what Christianity is That is the reason that CS Lewis book exists If you are looking for a book that will convince you to take the leap of faith and become a Christian like so many 1 star reviewers who said they were unconvinced then don t waste your time No book will convince you However, if you are looking for the facts about real Christianity not as a religion, but as a relationship then you can t do much better than Lewis Although his voice is rather formal read evidently British , seekers will give him some latitude on this If you want the egg, get past the shell As an aside, I personally did not become a Christian because of the scientific facts, although I did assure myself that I wasn t committing intellectual suicide by doing so I used to be very fond of evolution If you want this same validation, you can either talk to a Christian who knows the facts as I did , or read something like what Lewis has presented Simple If everybody read this book, I can imagine at least a few of the following would happen 1 Most people in Western culture would stop calling themselves Christians, and would either become one or become a real athiest They would at least be standing for something instead of falling for anything 2 Other cultures would stop saying ignorant things like America or wherever is a Christian nation The facts in Lewis work speak against this They would stop saying that they have a holy war against these so called Christians who are in fact not Christians at all 3 Heaven forbid, some people might realize the inheritance and gift they could receive and actually choose to find out about God by taking an Alpha course or reading that Bible thing If you like reading novels, you ll probably find the book dry until the last chapter But don t miss this book on that account Even if you read only the last chapter about the next evolution of humanity , you ll have captured a significant and inspiring picture of real er, Mere Christianity When you do, you might just be tempted to go back and read the book and see what all the fuss is about and how he could possibly make such an outrageous statement Well , that was long and rant ish But I love you all and I hope you read this book Look at my Listmania for some ideas about other crucial books like Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas Feel free to contact me Cheers, Danny Lewis is brilliant Here s a quote from the book that s never left my head I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him I m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don t accept His claim to be God That is the one thing we must not say A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher He would either be a lunatic on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg or else he would be the Devil of Hell You must make your choice Either this man was, and is, the Son of God or else a madman or something worse You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God But let us not come with any patronising nonsense about His being a great human teacher He has not left that open to us He did not intend to C.S Lewis, Mere Christianity, The MacMillan Company, 1960, pp 40 41. I ve been into spirituality and meditation for a long time now I ve been practicing a meditation technique called Deep Meditation daily for a year and a half now but recently a good friend of mine my best friend , who is one of the strongest believers I know, has introduced me to Christianity as a faith and the teachings of Jesus, the Word, the Bible, and church At first I was very confused about some things, there was a clash in my beliefs what is sin, confusion surrounding sex, and what God exactly is I really wanted to delve into Christianity, but I didn t want to identify myself with a religion I didn t want the baggage and the conditioning that could come with Christianity Mere Christianity has helped me in so many ways CS Lewis is very logical, and he was once an atheist, so it s easier to listen to his arguments He talks about a moral standard that we all feel inside, and how Christianity is about living an ideal without taking personal pride in our performance I m half way through the book, but so far I m further convinced that Jesus is my savior and that Christianity is right for me I feel God s presence in my life I feel that my future on this path is fulfilling, and I hope that anybody who is confused about their spiritual beliefs, or anyone who wants to take a peak at Christianity and see if it is right for them, should check this book out. I read this for the first time a long while ago, and then again in December of 2007 Each time I read it I find something new It s fairly amazing to be able to point to a page and say, That was me a year ago, a month ago, a day ago This is not a new set of instructions on how to be a Christian it s a very straightforward explanation of the roots of the Christian faith, a naked package of easy to understand information which builds logically from the very beginning It starts off with an appeal to every man s human nature, then goes about covering every base as to why man s nature is the way it is Lewis is careful to present each alternative path of question and then refute it using logic and reason which should appease the skeptic and the doubtful.The book is full of good humor and amiable narrative, but Lewis doesn t compromise or sugar coat the cornerstones of the Christian faith It is what it is, and by the time one is through with the book, whether he decides it is something he wants to make the central part of his life or not, there is no question as to what is actually is The lines of choice are quite cleanly cut, and there s no room left to meander in the middle without a good deal of trying to convince oneself that he she didn t just read what he thinks he did.It s a fairly short and easy read, considering the subject matter, though not for those who are looking for an easy way out I d recommend it to anyone, really Christianity is so often misunderstood, mostly due to media coverage and misconceptions about the people in the Church themselves I think that a lot of people, Christian and non Christian, have the idea that when someone becomes a follower of Christ the whole of their behavior and attitude changes overnight then when they foul up, it seems like everyone enjoys talking about it and seeing it This book talks about matters of the heart like this business of being happy to find others in the wrong, or becoming proud with one s own successes in Christianity Lewis talks about Christianity being a process of producing a particular kind of new man, instead of a group of people who follow a set of rules Interestingly enough, it is also these actions created in us by God s Spirit, saying yes to His prompting and the way He wants us to live, which miraculously turn us into these new sons and daughters of God Lewis also talks about how this process is worked through us, so that we have no room to be proud or think that it s of our own doing His illustrations are useful and easy to understand, but he warns us not to substitute them for the Real Thing Likewise, his book is not the Bible itself it is merely here to help and to give a defense of what he calls Mere Christianity , the beliefs which are common to all Christians, the things on which we do not differ Where one is confused about what it means to be a Christian, how one is saved and changed, and what it demands of the individual, Lewis explains what it means to become a son or daughter of God.I think that this book is useful for anyone who is a Christian, who is deliberating on whether or not to become one, or who has a Christian friend Or, if one is interested in studying Christianity for personal enrichment, he s most likely to gain understanding from this book than any humanities or civilization textbook It s one of my favorites, because the misrepresentation of Christianity in the media and by people who hardly understand it has been a source of frustration for me throughout the majority of my life. People either love this book or hate it Without passing judgment I don t see how people can actually hate it Seriously C.S Lewis simply breaks down the fundamental truths of Christianity Personally I love how he goes beyond all the denominations, beyond who s right, beyond who s wrong and finds that common thread they all seem to follow From there it s a real eye opener.However, I do have to say the book is so rich with philosophy I found myself reading sentences several times over His examples also became somewhat tedious because he d give one example, then he d give another one just incase you didn t get the first one , then he d give yet another one By the third one sometimes I found myself somewhat confused and had to read them all over again, and again, and again.Some of my favorite chapters were Christian Marriage , where he describes what true love really is and Is Christianity Hard or Easy , where he puts laziness in a whole new perspective By the end of the book I caught myself viewing things from a completely different angle. What an astounding, impressive, fulfilling read I am not normally a non fiction reader unless it is a good historical piece or biography those I will lap up But a book on religion As a pretty dedicated church goer myself, I must candidly say that unless the book is actual scripture itself, it might as well be one of those desperately snobbish self help books full of zippy motivation quotes and the same principles you find in all other books of the same genre, just worded slightly differently Yet in Mere Christianity, I found none of the superficiality I ve previously experienced with other books that delve into philosophic explorations of religion This is a real study, a deep probe There is nothing artificial about it Thank goodness my wife is a huge C.S Lewis fan or I might not have picked it up at all But she recommended it to me, and I had it on a trip, and for hours and hours I read, mesmerized in a way that few thrillers can even achieve What did I find I found that in this work C.S Lewis single handedly legitimizes religion as a belief, lifestyle, and philosophy And what makes Lewis most credible is that Mere Christianity is not designed to make any reader comfortable, from agnostic to new age believer to hard core Christian His ideas and reasoning are solid and unavoidable His ability to address concerns is acute and thorough He is not pompous, but he is confident Where he is unsure of something, he admits it, though I d be careful to deviate from such a sound philosopher Probably his greatest talent is his use of applicable examples and parallel images Where a concept is vague, he has the ability to nail it down, to apply it to the known C.S Lewis rings of truth throughout And probably the most important thing in his book, or in any book for that matter, is that when I put it down, I was determined to be a better person, to fix up deficiencies in my life Mere Christianity is not merely another book on religion or Sunday School manual it is a call to arms for every person who picks it up, regardless of their faith Go to it with an open mind, and be prepared to act afterwards. I finished listening to this book early this morning, a little before seven I could not sleep, and as I lay in the darkness in need of some comfort and company, I thought that I should go ahead and finish it I am glad I did I am perhaps a bit biased I have always liked Lewis, ever since I read The Chronicles of Narnia in high school My liking deepened for him when I saw the movie Shadowlands Something about his life called to me I have since done research on him and his journey from atheism to fervent Christian belief I cannot deny how inspiring I find his life.I started this book years ago, and put it down, not out of disinterest, but because of other priorities at the time As far as I got, which was not far, I appreciated his methodical, clear approach I always intended to finish it I actually own two copies, one on my Kindle, and one paperback copy When I saw this at the library on audiobook, I decided to listen to it That was a good decision.Mere Christianity is a book on the fundamentals of Christian belief Its audience is not just Christians, but also non believers, folks who would like to investigate the faith of Christianity, what it entails, and what it doesn t Although the Bible is the foundation of our beliefs, I think this book does an exceptional job of condensing, or explaining, if you will what Christians espouse I respect Mr Lewis that he does not pretend to have all the answers That he does not deny that there are some things he had not figured out Nor does he deny that he struggled with some aspects of being a Christian at times That is a strong testament to the life of a Christian We admit that we are flawed folks in need of saving We admit that we strive to know God and to have God work in us to make us like him That takes a fundamental humility, one that is rewarded time and time again By breaking down and admitting our brokenness, we become whole by our acceptance of him who made all things There were parts of this book that spoke so intimately to my spirit, that I lifted my hand to praise God For Mr Lewis had indeed through the power of the Holy Spirit, put on paper that feeling that I believe all people who are born again in Christ feel and experience For that alone, I could easily give this book five stars However, it has yet to offer.I appreciate just as much, how logical Mr Lewis is in his discussion of Christianity While many feel that Christians are fools who believe in fairy tales, he shows just how much sense Christianity makes to those who choose to follow it While atheism might have appeal for some, there is appeal to those who choose to follow Christ than deciding to reject God in any form He takes it a bit further to explain why some point in between atheism and Christianity including other belief systems won t work for those who choose to follow Christ We freely admit we have nothing to lose, looking at the facts, and yes, there are inescapable facts about Jesus Christ, not just found in the Bible, in human history recorded by those who have absolutely no stake in affirming or confirming that miracle of God begotten man who came and died and rose again for the sins of humanity He also speaks into the facts about the nature of humanity and what makes us uniquely created to love and to interact with a Creator who became man so that we could have an intimate and real relationship with him If we are fools to seek Christ, then why do the laws of human morality and that essential need inside ourselves point to the need for a savior, for fellowship with God I won t say I didn t struggle with some aspects And Lewis does not in any way excuse the fact that he is saying things that are hard to face I like that brutal honesty Brutal honesty is as much a part of the Christian faith as the comfort is in knowing that while the walk in following Christ is a tough road, we do it not alone, but through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, who lives in us and empowers us to follow him.This book comes highly recommended by this reader It s not overly long, certainly not bogged down in theological doctrines that won t make any sense to a person who does not belong to a specific Christian denomination or who isn t even a Christian In fact, Mr Lewis works very hard to use concrete examples that illustrate his points His analytical approach makes this profound spiritual message that much powerful, because he does not seek to play on the reader s emotional heartstrings or sentimentalities As a lover of Christ, he does not seek to turn his message into another one of manipulation as many view Christianity and the followers of this faith , for it s far too important for that I know that I will read this book again, probably than once I would like to come back to it and explore some of the thoughts here They speak to me, and perhaps will speak to others, regardless of how they currently feel about Christianity. `DOWNLOAD PDF ↿ Mere Christianity ☟ In The Classic Mere Christianity, CS Lewis, The Most Important Writer Of The Th Century, Explores The Common Ground Upon Which All Of Those Of Christian Faith Stand Together Bringing Together Lewis Legendary Broadcast Talks During World War Two From His Three Previous Books The Case For Christianity, Christian Behavior, And Beyond Personality, Mere Christianity Provides An Unequaled Opportunity For Believers And Nonbelievers Alike To Hear This Powerful Apologetic For The Christian Faith