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!Download ⚐ Jesus Among Other Gods The Absolute Claims Of The Christian Message ⚆ In His Most Important Work To Date, Apologetics Scholar And Popular Speaker Ravi Zacharias Shows How The Blueprint For Life And Death Itself Is Found In A True Understanding Of Jesus With A Simple Yet Penetrating Style, Zacharias Uses Rich Illustrations To Celebrate The Power Of Jesus Christ To Transform Lives Jesus Among Other Gods Contrasts The Truth Of Jesus With Founders Of Islam, Hinduism, And Buddhism, Strengthening Believers And Compelling Them To Share Their Faith With Our Post Modern World Jesus Among Other Gods is a book about an author s intellectual journey to get the last word in every conversation.Philosophically, this book is a joke If you want to read a conversation between a philosopher from the Dark Ages who encounters religions from other countries, then read this book.I won t ever spend this much time on a Zacharias book again. He talks about so many different things, that his thoughts can feel scattered But he s a smart man with valuable things to say, so it s still worth reading I think I enjoy listening to Zacharias s speeches, than I enjoy reading him Just don t go into this expecting a thorough treatment of one idea, or some sort of cohesive doctrine.When in the mood for RZ, someday I want to pickup Can Man Live Without God.Quotes The purpose of this book is to lay out for you, the reader, why I firmly believe Jesus Christ to be who he claimed to be the Son of the living God, the One who came to seek and to save a lost humanity At a time in our cultural history when the West is looking like the East and the East is covertly trying to emulate the West, this is much needed Religions are making a revival, but often as a hybrid of western marketing technology and eastern technology a devastating combination of seduction through media and mysticism The first casualty in such a mix is truth, and, consequently, the person of God Jesus reversed the process He told us that he only way we could understand who we are is to cast our gaze not on the equation that binds it all together, but on the relationship toward which we move in the sum total of our being It is the assemblage of an object that gives it its purpose, not the reduction of it. I ve been a fan of Ravi Zacharias for years He might be the most eloquent speaker I ve ever heard I didn t enjoy this book The problem was, it reads exactly like Zacharias speaks The very things that make him a compelling speaker make him a frustrating author Every chapter I became impatient for him to make his point His arguments get lost in his stories and anecdotes such that its hard to say exactly why he commends Jesus over against the other gods I feel he s relying on the ring of truth in the Gospel That s okay I just wish he d put a little finer edge This book would be better read as a devotional than as an apologetic for comparative religion We live in a time in which tolerance is counted the highest virtue one is free to believe and practice any philosophy or religion he chooses, so long as he does not claim that it is right or true or better than any other Popular sentiment would have us accept all belief systems as equally valid The problem, of course, is that this premise cannot be upheld logically If the tenets of one religion stand in direct opposition to the tenets of another, as they so often do, they obviously are not equally correct.World renowned apologist and author Ravi Zacharias examines this problem and addresses the question, How does one communicate the message of Jesus Christ, in which truth and absoluteness are not only assumed, but also sustained Moreover, he does so with honor and respect toward all people, even while clearly contrasting the power of Jesus words with the claims of other traditions.Zacharias does a masterful job of expounding upon Christ s answers to man s basic questions, showing how they supersede the explanations offered by other faiths A vital facet of this work is a depth of understanding of just what those other faiths do, in fact, teach I took away from the book a challenge to become better informed as well as a commission to speak the absolute truth of Jesus in clear expression of His love. 5 StarsRavi has such a way or conveying his ideas to you and this helps in a theology book I agreed with his points, but than that, he makes this book easy and even fun to read with his insight and poignant stories I could read this over and over. A fantastic and refreshing read, that was as delightful as it was informative, Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias is a boldly apologetic work that is an excellent resource for the seeker and the Christian alike.With that being said, the cover and title is a bit misleading for instance, one might expect to find a compare and contrast between world religions, or a systematic study of Jesus in light of other gods, etc The reality is actually not so, as Ravi states, however, unequivocally his intent with the book in the preface, the misleading title and cover notwithstanding.The book itself is totally apologetic, and is not systematic, or theological at all This makes for Ravi s voice to truly shine If anyone has ever heard Ravi speak, either in person or online, they know his style of oratory and delivery, and the tone of this book is written in true Zacharias diction Included in his famous rhetoric are numerous references to delightful philosophers, theologians, and authors, such as Dostoevsky, Plantiga, Flew, Wesley, Hume, and Ravi is extremely well read, and his intellect truly shines through his numerous pointed references, to capture the reader s emotion at just the right time.The book itself is styled into seven different sections, the first one being Ravi s testimony The latter three dealing with the problem of pain and suffering Ravi deals with Jesus Christ, and the questions that revolve around Him namely, who is He where is He from and Although the book certainly seemed a bit scattered and could have been cohesive in theme, Ravi does a good job at threading his numerous thoughts together with a friendly pathos tone.In short, this was a great book that I would certainly recommend to seekers and Christians, who want to get a feel for who Jesus is in light of our culture today.Brent McCulley I hate this word, but it s perfect for how I felt about this book Meh Zacharias promises lofty theses he never delivers on in this book I expected a comprehensive book that would take the time to examine the major religions point by point compared to Christianity, as Zacharias says he ll do in the first chapter He never delivers Instead, he seems to go off track a lot, and his arguments are pretty weak and appeal to emotion rather than logic Zacharias is better than this He also has a lot of purple prose throughout the book Zacharias is an excellent public speaker, but he seems to like to use flowery prose and bizarre word choice in his writing He does shine when expressing the uniqueness of Christ s claims, and for that I gave the book 3 stars I would have liked him to go much in depth with the details of each major religion I think the book is a good starting point, and Zacharias quotes many authors and theologians that I ll now seek out. This is a difficult book to summarize Well known Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias ostensibly wrote this book to distinguish the claims of Christianity from those of other major world religions At least, that s what you would expect based on the title But the title isn t really accurate Other religions are mentioned, albeit in passing, but Zacharias treatment of other religions is cursory and selective at best, and his normally incisive reasoning seems muddy I ve enjoyed hearing Zacharias speak, and have great respect for his intellect and his logical abilities Unfortunately, for whatever reason, those abilities do not seem to be on display here Zacharias seems to flit about up in the air without ever landing on any solid conclusions, and the conclusions he does reach don t seem to follow logically from the statements and arguments and observations that precede them even the statements I agree with seem to hang out there unsupported Indeed, if I didn t already agree with him, I doubt I would be persuaded I often found myself suspecting that he had perfectly sound reasons for particular conclusions, but that he wasn t, well, showing his work for lack of a better phrase Maybe I m not clever enough to follow his argument, but I suspect I am not the only one, and I think the book could have been much better if he d spelled things out clearly.I suppose this could be the result of differences between Eastern and Western thought processes and argument styles I do find C.S Lewis down to earth clarity much persuasive than Zacharias untethered mental wandering but the book seems to be written explicitly for Western readers, and I ve never had any trouble following his reasoning in radio talks and lectures.Ultimately, I have no idea what this book is about other than Christianity or what point Zacharias is ultimately trying to make This is my first exposure to him as a writer as opposed to a speaker , so I remain hopeful that this lackluster work is an aberration. Have you ever heard it said that all religions are the same Ravi Zacharias takes on that lie on and disproves it in this amazing book Raised in India among Hindus, Zacharias has a unique perspective on the other gods, which he pits against Jesus, the only Savior You might not walk away from this book a Christian though it s likely you might , but you ll definitely walk away knowing Jesus is unique among all the other gods.