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Heartfelt book written by Lynn s mother Any mother can relate to this book watching your child suffer is utterly heartbreaking This story is very moving and emotional, I read it in 2 sittings It tells the true story of a mothers deep love for her daughter, of how she has watched her suffer with a terrible disease forthan half her life, the treatment they had with various health authorises and the most difficult decision she ever has to make I can t believe how some doctors treated this family at times and the level of care that was sometimes given I found this to be a very emotional story and despite having a severely mental and physically disabled daughter who in some ways suffers from similar symptons I am left feeling very blessed and thankful. #Read Kindle ⛏ One Last Goodbye ð Watching Her Child Die Is The Hardest Thing A Mother Can Ever Do But For Kay Gilderdale, Saying A Final Goodbye To Her Only Daughter Lynn Was Exceptionally Painful She D Played A Part In Her DeathLynn Was JustWhen She Was Struck Down By The Crippling Disease ME, Leaving Her Paralysed And In Constant Agony Over The NextYears, She Became Desperate To Escape Her Miserable Existence, Even Begging Her Mum To Help Her Die So, One Night, When Kay Found Lynn Attempting Suicide, She Was Forced To Make An Impossible Decision Continue Watching Her Child Suffer Or Help Her End The Pain Eventually, Fighting Her Every Instinct, Kay Helped Her Precious Daughter Take A Fatal Overdose But While Lynn Was Finally Free, Her Mother Faced A Fresh Agony A Possible Lifetime Behind Bars The Highly Controversial Trial That Followed Opened A Fierce Public Debate On Assisted Suicide Is It Murder Or Mercy Here, In Her Heartbreaking Story, Kay Reveals The Harrowing Truth Behind The Headlines And The Desperate Lengths A Mother Will Go To For The Love Of A Child This is a truly moving story about a young lady s struggle with the devastating illness called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis As a severe ME sufferer myself, I saw so much of myself in her story It was also good to hear the story told from the carer s perspective This book is well written It will make you laugh, cry, get angry, and smile In fact, it was difficult to put down I commend Lynn s mom for her courage in caring for her daughter and doing what was best for her right up to the very end, and for continuing to spread awareness of this terrible disease If you re on the fence about whether or not to read this book, do it It is a story you ll carry with you for the rest of your life. This book is one of the most touching books I have ever read I suffer with the same condition as Lynn Gilderdale and too see what she had to go through really does rip at your heart It brought home to me exactly what my illness can do Highly recommend this book to anyone even if you do not have the illness, warning though you may want some tissues nearby Amazing story of courage from the mother and daughter, as I myself have experienced similar treatment from health professionals of making out you are mad and theres nothing wrong, when all along you are harbouring a terrible illness I have much admiration for the mothers spirit, 17 years of hell This lady helped her daughter to die, which was heart breaking, but also very debateable on the morals though I am personally with the mother Read and make your mind up So very tragic, yet the bravery is immense very sad story of a young girl struggleing with very bad health and also how it affected the family I throught most of the Drs she saw were not very helpful and felt so sorry for her and the family I dont know if I could of done what the mum did but we dont know till we have lived though it. This book made me laugh and cry all at the same time If you have or have a friend with ME Chronic Fatigue this is a must read. If you don t know what living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ME is about, I highly recommend reading this book As someone who does have this illness, I found the treatment of Lynn and her family by the medical profession in the UK absolutley unbelievable and autrocious How a doctor can CHOOSE to not believe a patient is having neurological seizures and is paralyzed is just beyond me To then squeeze the Lynn s foot with every ounce of strength he had to prove she was faking with not response from her, and then to continue thinking she was faking is absolutely disgusting Doctors who do this, should in my opnion, be terminated and never allowed to work in this profession ever again.If a patient is unable to be honest with thier doctors technical people nurses specialists, etc., and to know that they have their best interest at heart, then a patient has nothing They are futher traumatized by the very professionals who should be looking for the pathologies and helping the patients manage a very complex and difficult illness.As Dr Byond Hyde has said, Psychologists need to get out of the diagnosis arena They have no experiencing in pathology diagnosis and psychology is not a fact science based medicine Patients and their families need to continue to be a loud voice against the unimaginable abuse, mistreatment, dismissal, and discounting that is being done through many in the medical arena and governmental arena Also, lastly, doctors and researchers like Dr Cheney, Dr Bell, and Dr Hyde need to also continue to speak out and stand up for ME patients all over the world. This is in no way an enjoyable read, so I m not rating it for that reason The story of Lynn Gilderdale was one that united the M.E community, and she became an inspiration to many After her mother Kay came in to the public eye after the attempted murder charge against her caused outrage, the story became one that dominated the media I m glad she has chosen to share Lynn s story, something which would have been immensly tough to recount This is a difficult read, as Lynn suffered so terribly, but I hope that those who read it have their eyes opened to the horror that is severe M.E A well written, beautiful account of a girl who suffered to far too much and wanted to escape, emotional reading.