@Download Book ⚣ Official Negligence : How Rodney King and the Riots Changed Los Angeles and the LAPD ⚫ eBook or E-pub free

Finally finished Very long and dense with info, but an excellent narrative around Rodney King, the riots, and other incidents that got way less press but are just as important. @Download Book ¿ Official Negligence : How Rodney King and the Riots Changed Los Angeles and the LAPD ⚡ In The Spring Of Five Days Of Rioting Laid Waste To South Central Los Angeles, Took Scores Of Lives, Cost The City Than Million In Property Damages And Captured The Attention Of Horrified People Worldwide Lou Cannon, Veteran Journalist, Combines Extensive Research With Interviews From Hundreds Of Survivors, Offering The Only Definitive Story Behind What Happened And Why Official Negligence Takes A Hard Look At The Circumstances Leading Up To The Riots Cannon Reveals How The Videotape Of The Brutal Beating Of Rodney King Had Been Sensationally Edited By A Local TV Station, How Political Leaders Required LAPD Officers To Carry Metal Batons Despite Evidence Linking Them To The Rising Toll Of Serious Injury In The Community, And How Poorly Prepared The City Was For The Violence That Erupted I loved this book Cannon does an outstanding job juggling lots of storylines and turning a mountain of detailed reporting into something readable and thought provoking. Considering the national obsession with this 5 minute incident of alleged police brutality and the riots that followed the acquittal of the officers involved in it, there is surprisingly little serious writing about it Lou Cannon s Official Negligence fills the void than adequately, by making the effort to dig beneath the mountains of bullshit put forth by not only the usual political suspects on both sides of the fence, but by the media as well, and try to get at the truth What Cannon, a writer for the Washington Post, discovered in his research is that the video that was drilled into the collective consciousness of the American public was a distortion, due to its missing some key footage and that what went on on the night of March 3, 1991 was a display of gross incompetence than racist brutality Essential reading for anyone who is seeking to understand this particular historical event, or the political climate of the 90 s in general. I think about this book nearly everyday.