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Reading this was like riding the razors edge an opportunity at every moment for absolute delight with the way it s going, to turn to disgust Nope Never happened Long live Kael and his Angel Six months after Angel and the Assassin Angel and Kael are getting to know each other better and Kael is learning to trust and as a consequence benefit , his heart is opening up at least a crack as he finds out when he s on an assignnment and finds a very young girl who was kidnapped and has been shuffled around as part of human trafficking Angel is still only 18 and has returned to school and at times, acts like one, but he loves and respects his Daddy and Kael in his turn, has given up his lucrative job as assassin to be a language teacher at headquarters Which really isn t a good fit for him which led to several amusing scenes It doesn t take long before Kael returns to the job he s excelled at.Hot dungeon scenes and Kael finds his satisfaction with Angel, forsaking all others, view spoiler even when he treats Conran to sessions in the dungeon, he is faithful to Angel hide spoiler @Download Book ó Be Brave × MI Assassin Kael Saunders Was Supposed To Kill Angel Button After He Witnessed A Kill Not Only Did Kael Refuse To Hurt Angel, But He Took Him Home And Fell In Love With Him Living Together Now In A Loving D S Relationship, Angel Wants To Follow In His Daddy S Footsteps While Kael Is Determined To Keep His Boy Out Of The Dangerous World Of International AssassinsDuring An Assignment Kael Finds A Little Girl Who Is Caught Up In Human Trafficking And Determines To Rescue Her When He Is Taken Prisoner Angel Sets Out To Find His Beloved Daddy And Bring Him Home Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Strong BDSM Theme And Content, Male Male Sexual Practices, Violence I didn t think it was possible for Be Brave to be even better than Angel and the Assassin It has a much faster pace, plenty of super hot assassin action and some real blurry eyed, lovable moments Little by little Kael is becoming human For the first time he has friends in his life now and his relationship with Angel is something really special I also enjoy the bond respect he now has with Conran, it s good he has someone at work who is willing to look out for him Can t wait to start on Sins of the Father. I fell in love with Kael a little in BE BRAVE I confess to a desire in having a Daddy It s not as if I was abused or neglected like Angel or need a father figure The only similarity I have with Angel is I d like to have a strict Daddy laying down the rules and teaching me survival skills In BE BRAVE, Kael teaches Angel killer survival skills Angel is one of those blessed people who have an amazing memory in addition to super keen eyesight If only I would be blessed in this manner, too.In BE BRAVE, we are treated to heated dungeon scenes with Daddy Kael and Angel Kael seems to be on edge in this book He s gone from protective to almost overbearingly protective of Angel The standards for Angel to uphold are almost impossible I wonder at how Angel can meet such exacting demands I m a bit intimidated It appears as though Angel is also frightened of Kael at times Just when we think Kael is superman and nothing can happen to him, Fyn Alexander throws us a curve ballI like this I like when my main characters are not perfect Kael is not perfect He s tough, exacting and very skilled He does make mistakes It s actually rather sad that his mistake is when he stops behaving like a machine and starts showing human qualities What is the author trying to say here Is it better to be human or machine Based on the torturous captivity Kael goes through, I m thinking I want to be a perfect machine.I enjoyed this book as we see greater complexity to Angel and Kael We also see another side of Conran that explains so much His conflicted relationship with Kael is not a surprise, but to finally have it out in the open, it heals both of them I also liked Angel in this book He s growing up He is still young in age, 19, yet he is going on 30 with his responsibilities and maturity Yes, at times he s still a little boy, but that s the fun part of a BDSM Daddy boy relationship I confess I m jealous of Angel Kael s attention is one hundred percent on him Kael praises Angel, which makes my heart melt Too bad Kael doesn t want a little girl, too.One thing that really moves me in this book is the contrast between Angel and Kael s mothers Both women were in situations where they were single moms It s interesting to see how differently they chose to raise their sons Kael is self confident because his mother made sure he felt loved and wanted Angel, on the other hand, was left very insecure and unwanted It s sad It also makes me wonder if this lack of love as a child is what causes a person with BDSM desires lean towards the submissive side Regardless of Angel s formative years, his past few months with Kael has been life changing and I d go so far as to say, life saving.I am now emotionally vested in both Angel and Kael I d even admit to affection for Conran The blurring of lines between right and wrong, good and bad in a story makes it enjoyable for me Fyn Alexander does an excellent job in showing many shades of grey I recommend this book to BDSM lovers who want to read about a good D s relationship. Daddy Kink Galore So if that s your thing, then this series and this book is right up your alley I enjoyed the first book, but this one was a bit up and down for me resulting in a fat old MEH I just got a bit tired of hearing Daddy all the time.There were a couple scenes that were simply delicious, bdsm style I had to look up a new instrument, the Humbler, and all I can say is ouch Look it up and see if you don t agree with me This one deals with human trafficking I know it s Real, I know it s a huge issue and steps must be taken to eradicate it The thing is, I don t want it in my romance novels So this, combined with the excessive Daddy turned me off These were the downs for me.So what were the ups I liked how Kael seems human, and how Angel appears to be less of a victim I especially liked the training scene at the beginning of the book and would have enjoyed like that I also chuckled at the thought of Kael teaching language classes If only we could throw things at students and slap them here Will I read the next one Yes, I bought the series bundle I m curious to see what becomes of Angel and his ever increasing assassin like skill set The sex is damned hot, too Be Brave, book 2 of the Angel and the Assassin series.Angel and the Assassin is like crack for Kindle, I swear I fought myself from clicking the buy button and lost Angel still annoys me although much less so in this book , but I can t get Kael out of my head.The dynamic between Dominant Kael and his submissive boss Stephen Conran continues in this book, although even a little bit better because Kael is beginning to feel affectionate toward the other man In fact, my favorite quote of Be Brave is when Kael says to Angel, in reference to Conran, I feel a bit sorry for him sometimes His job s not easy Would you like to have to try to control a man like me It perfectly sums up the characterization of each man s position.The dungeon scenes are hot And Kael finally gets around to teaching Angel some orgasm control, which let me tell you has been way overdue I m awfully tired of Angel s, I came without permission again, I m so sorry, Daddy in every sex scene.So all in all there is a sense in Be Brave that some progress is being made toward Kael s goal of making a man out of Angel.Be Brave did not have the constant daddy daddy daddy thing from Angel that annoyed me to no end in book 1, but don t think you can skip the first one and jump right into this one Be Brave would NOT be effective as a stand alone, so if you re going to come on this journey, you have to read Angel and the Assassin first or you ll be leaping into the dungeon fully clothed, and you ll miss the full impact of the thing Trust me, the gentle flogging of book 1 is a required precursor to book 2.I wonder how many days I can hold out before buying book 3 This series just does it for me I never thought I would be into the Daddy kink, but it just works with Angel and Kael They have great chemistry and although Kael is definitely not warm, his feelings for Angel shine through I even liked Conran in this one Loved seeing Angel s development as well as his continued devotion to Kael shown through his obedience, attentiveness, and respect Can t wait to read book 3 Let me get one thing out of the way I realize the Daddy kink might be off putting for some, it wasn t an issue for me I liked it here just as much as in the Pt 1, maybe even Kael really grew on me in this story He s a borderline sociopath, with just about zero people skills, very strict and set in his ways who just happens to be terrified of women who come on to him and children Amazingly enough he is still able to love those few he truly cares about, although there are plenty he would also love to kill Angel is as adorable as ever, blossoming under his Daddy s care and picking up some pretty amazing skills along the way I really enjoyed their dynamics, I liked that Angel was just as strong and supportive for Kael in his own way when Kael needed his boy to be and how their love and dedication for each other comes through A couple of quotes that stuck out although there were plenty1 Getting ready for Kael s surprise b day party Did you want to do the whole jumping out and shouting surprise thing Adam asked.My Daddy shoots people who surprise him That s probably not a good idea 2 Kael on things he cares about I care a lot about some things, Kael said It s important that my hits are neat and tidy Arterial spray can be a bitch He laughed Do you know how good I feel when I get my target in the exact right spot in the center of the forehead or the brain stem Especially if it s a sniper hit And there s something disturbingly satisfying about sticking a scalpel in the jugular at the precise angle to avoid making a mess DLoved the sequel, I hope there s is of their story to come. Fyn Alexander is clearly a fat ist Out of three fat characters that appeared in the novel, two of them were beaten up This proves her anti obesity tendencies.Joking aside, again, another one that I liked than I should My bones to pick this one 1 Everybody wants to have sex with Kael I ve compiled a list Mrs Chalmer Angel s mom Random ladies His students His boss Mattis ThorntonI feel so sorry for Angel Nobody wants to have sex with him except Kael, and maybe Jack He s so obviously unattractive.2.I want to smack the author for the amount of time I had to read the word smack in the book It s like she doesn t actually know another verb for hitting, punching, or even beating up someone It sounds juvenile It sounds ridiculous Here we have a seriously pissed off, badass, ruthless M16 assassin, and what does he want to do He wants to smack someone.You know what I associate smacking with I associate it with kids and kindergarten It s just wrong, how many times I had to read about someone usually Kael wanting to smack someone.3 Kael needs to ask for his money back He sent Angel to college and he doesn t know who Oliver Twist is If the author is trying to discourage education tourism to England It s working 4 Conran, in his monologue, sounded like he d only lost Misha in the past few years Espionage should be risky than that 5 Fyn Alexander needs to learn the value of subtleties and the non value of coincidences HTF did Denbigh JUST end up there I mean, gee, is that like the biggest coincidence in this world or what Someone Kael pissed off just had to end up showing up on the other team Subtle.6 Angel s split personality disorder has toned down from the first book, where he alternated between crying, tantrums, and psychoanalysing Kael But the crackshot, Infrared vision thing still doesn t work 7 MI6 must be broke Mattie couldn t even spare a gun for Angel when sending him in for a high stress situation She gives him a scalpel and that s it Come on, woman, we know you have than one gun so why don t you hand it over That s all my bones with this one Ultimately, if you liked the first, you ll like this Gay James Bond and BDSM, that describes it perfectly.