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!Read Pdf ò Daddys Little Girl ⚣ Hannah Had Never Known Her Father, But When She Went Off To College, Economic Circumstances Required She Stay With Him She Was Surprised At How Handsome He Was, How Dignified, How Strong And Disciplined A Man Her Father Was Before Very Long She Was Falling In Love With Him, Despite His Stern Manner Yet She Was Falling In Love As A Woman, Rather Than A Daughter, And The Thrill Of Her First Real Affair Made Her Easy Prey To The Hot, Steamy Heat He Raised In Her Young Body Soon She Was Being Spanked For Poor Marks, And Her Wrists Began To Bear The Marks Of Rope And Chain Spanking Gave Way To Floggings And Severe Punishments, And Her Father Began To Loan Her Body To Other Men Then His New Girlfriend Nicole Moved In, And Nicole Had A Much Sterner Discipline In Mind For Daddy S Little Girl The author maintains that his books are consensual BDSM Errrm.No The very basic constellation already defines this as non con sadomasochism and not BDSM There is no way that a father can have consensual sex with his actual daughter This would mean it is neither safe , nor sane Never mind the fecking lack of consensuality when a father forces himself onto a child Even a barely legal one What I think about his girlfriend foisting herself into the fray needs not even be detailed.This is not BDSM This is not even consensual incest This is an eroticisation romanticisation of the kind of abusive torture recently making the headlines as sexual slavery within a family.And it s not even written in any erotic manner. SPOILERS AHEAD though for your sake I d still recommend reading the review This book was so weird I liked the first half, absolutely hated the second I ve read erotica before I like exploring, I guess you could say, because I m a very curious person, so I ve read everything from vanilla to light BDSM to intense BDSM to captive rape stories This is my first book about a daughter father relationship though, having been curious about trying it after reading Under Mr Nolan s Bed I ve been dying to find books about DDlg relationships, but unfortunately there aren t many so I decided to give this a try First of all this is not a DDlg relationship This is actual incest This is about the relationship between a girl and her actual biological father If it sickens you to read these kinds of things though it should be obvious by the title then I suggest you don t bother I m not really sure what to think about this book It started off okay, the sex scenes were good if you can ignore that it s her dad, which I tried to and I thought I might actually like the book Then Nicole came I was already irritated by the fact that her father took her to a place with the intent to loan her out actually, he received money for it So basically he prostituted her without giving her prior warning That is not okay Then I was even pissed off at the fact that he ignored her even when she kept saying no But when Nicole appeared, I about fucking lost it God, I hated her I have never disliked a character so much in my life I kept praying that Hannah would fucking smack her and tell her dad to go to hell for taking her side Neither of them respected her boundaries or limits at all, and I had to basically force myself to keep reading and not throw my computer at the wall I m all for submission and obeying and all of that jazz, don t get me wrong, but there were no safewords in this book, no respect for Hannah whatsoever, no caring, nothing I can t count how many times Hannah said no because she was scared out of her mind and really did not want to do something and was ignored and gagged or punished or tied down or something I didn t feel like I was reading a book about BDSM I felt like I was reading about her dad slowly showing what a monster he truly is It would have been one thing if they had discussed beforehand their arrangement If Hannah wanted a TPE with no safewords and no ability to make a decision and they had talked about this with respect for each other s wishes and desires, but they didn t, her dad just did whatever the fuck he wanted without any regard to her or her safety He even left her with strange men that even HE didn t know while he went somewhere else While she was tied down, unable to escape or defend herself should something happen Are you kidding me And then during the end of the book Nicole decides that Hannah shouldn t be in school any so without even talking to her about it they pull her out of college and give her a cage to sleep in Are you shitting me At the beginning of the book, her dad was all for school, even spanking her if she didn t study properly Then suddenly he s agreeing that she should be pulled out What the hell I was just really pissed off during the second half of the book, and I really wish Nicole would have died or something I really, really despised her The ending was fucking weird too All in all, no I would not reread this No, I probably wouldn t recommend it No, I was not envious of Hannah s life Though maybe I could have been if Nicole wasn t in the picture and I wasn t related to the guy. This is not an age play one at all This is definitely incest, no getting around it Mr Argus creates another rather taboo story filled with corruption of an innocent little girl turned into a cum slut The story is hot with gang banging, fisting, anal, public display, humiliation, forced f f and of course, daddy daughter sex Is this story for everyone Probably not Would I like this in real life No As a fantasy to read about, very tasty I d like to be Nicole in the story A hot read for those who like humiliation and deviance Not for those into romance or HEA There is no HEA here.