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#READ PDF ⚡ Hints to Lady Travellers à Combines Archive Material From A Book Of The Same Name First Published In With Anecdotes From Well Known Modern Female Travelers To Offer A Fascinating Insight Into The Way That Travel Has Changed For Women Over The Last Century From Reminders To Take Your Own Bath With You To Tips On How To Hail A Cab, Today S Intrepid Female Explorer Has Much To Learn From Her Th Century Forebears Brimming With Practical Advice And Period Detail, This Travel Compendium Also Includes Material From Famous Explorers Such As Gertrude Bell, An Archaeologist And Mountaineer Who Drew The Boundaries Of The Country That Became Iraq, And Isabella Bird Bishop, The First Woman To Be Inducted Into The Royal Geographical Society Quirky, Engaging, And Informative, It Will Appeal Both To Travelers Themselves And To Anyone Interested In The History Of Travel And Exploration An amazingly insightful, crazily in depth guide for travelling women of the Victorian era Includes such advice as how to pick a portable bath tub and tips for tricycling tours My favourite, though, is the eye stone the bone of a fish used to clean your eyeballs during the summer months The eye stone is slightly moistened, the lower eyelid drawn a little down, and it is inserted within Almost immediately it begins to work its way slowly around the eyeball and then apparently falls out of your eyeball with all that summer dust and gunk still attached to it Um, no thanks Plus you gotta have your trunks, petticoats, foot warmers, hot water bags, medicine chests, etc And I thought I was a heavy packer. The older style of writing late 1800s takes a little getting used to and you ll find some of the advice to be laughable these days Frustratingly, you ll often find at one point that the author tells you to pack light e.g for walking tours, or where you pay for luggage by weight , and then in the next breath, they are advising you take your own etna for heating water, your own deckchair, every possible toiletry, etc And as for the notion of tossing used clothing overboard on sailing trips This little book gives you glimpse into ladies of a certain social class s life during the 19th century The burgeoning freedom of unsupervised public movement necessitated the writing of this travel guide.