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As much as I like to eat good food, I ve always hated cooking Who has the patience to stand there and chop vegetables or stir things or watch pots when one can be reading a book or writing a letter or doing something else Then I ran into a friend who was hobbling home from the hospital after foot surgery She lived on an upper floor of a walk up tenement building, meaning that she was effectively homebound during her entire two month recovery While perusing her overflowing shelves, I came across this cookbook and she told me to borrow it she couldn t stand over the stove anyway for the next couple of months In return, I promised to bring her fresh cooked vegetable dishes from the book.And wowthe dishes in this book are fantastic True, I do have to stand there and pull kale leaves off the stalks or cut onions, but otherwise these dishes are easy to make And once everything is in the pot or pan, I can kick back with my book and wait the 20 minutes or so until it s time to eat There are not 101 different ingredients that you have to buy only to use a pinch or a teaspoon, so a kitchen novice like me can actually make half the recipes in the book without having to fill my shelves with barely touched spices and herbs. `Free Ebook ⇰ A Vegan Taste of East Africa (Vegan Cookbooks) ⇨ A Vast Region Of Climactic And Geographic Extremes, East Africa Is Often Characterized As A Wasteland Of The Tastebuds, Where Harsh Conditions Lead To Basic, Flavorless Food This Vegan Cookbook Dispells That Myth, Showcasing East Africa S Hearty, Healthy, And Delectable Ingredients From Sweet Potatoes And Cassava To Sorghum, Spices, And Savory Curries Italian, Indian, And Portuguese Influences Combine With Native African Traditions And Tastes To Create A Truly Unique Regional Flavor The Cookbook S Adventurous Recipes Sample The Best Animal Free Ingredients Of The Region To Create Easy To Make And Easy To Enjoy Vegan Meals