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Alyssa PetersMulticultural This book is set in the south in New Orleans The story is told from the main character Louise s point of view Louise is a thirteen year old girl who lives with her mother and their housekeeper A man named Morgan comes to stay with them Louise s mother works at a beauty shop When she is not home, Louise just thinks she is at work This is not the case all the time Louise s mom is a cheerleader The cheerleaders are woman who are protesting at the school that Louise attends They are protesting that the school let a six year old African American girl in She is the first African American in the school Many events happen in the story Louise finds out that her mother is not actually her mother, she is her Aunt Her mother was a druggie and a whore and is actually dead There is a lot going on in the story I liked that it is different than what I would normally read It does contain some southern dialect and some foul language I would honestly recommend reading something else if you would like to read a multicultural book It was different, but not my style. I loved this book because its theme is you just might have to accept your reality even though it might be tough, and you might have to learn to deal with it It s during the civil rights time period where Louise the protagonist develops her character to someone she learns how to be, being inspired by Morgan Miller that books in her moms hotel in New Orleans To her he is attractive even though he is thirty years old and she s just twelve. #Epub ì My Mother the Cheerleader ò Louise Collins Was Pretty Certain That Nothing All That Exciting Would Happen In The Ninth Ward Of New Orleans, Where She Lived With Her Mother In Their Boarding House, Rooms On Desire Every Day Was Almost The Same Serve Cranky Mr Landroux His Meals In Bed, Visit Antoine S Pick A Chick With Charlotte, And Wear Out The Pages Of Her Favorite Novels By Reading Them Over And Over But When Desegregation Begins, Louise Is Pulled Out Of School And Her Mother Joins The Cheerleaders, A Group Of Local Women Who Gather Every Morning To Heckle Six Year Old Ruby Bridges, William Frantz Elementary S First African American Student Then One Day A Chevy Bel Air With A New York License Plate Pulls Up To The House And Out Steps Morgan Miller, A Man With A Mysterious Past For The First Time, Louise Feels As If Someone Cares About What She Thinks But When The Reason For Morgan S Visit Comes To Light, Everything Louise Thinks She Knows About Her Mother, Her World, And Herself Changes, Abruptly And Irrevocably Okay, never was their adeceptive title for a book I think whoever came up with it really should find a new line of work This is not a story about a girl whose mother was a peppy little cheerleader in high school and tries to live out her dreams in her daughter s life, or something like that Um, no Instead, this historical fiction depicts the events of 1960 New Orleans when the 9th Ward elementary school was first integrated Not exactly what you were envisioning when you read that title, was it The Cheerleaders, as they were called, were a group of women who gathered at the elementary school each morning and afternoon to yell and scream horrible things to little 1st grader Ruby Bridges the first black student to be integrated into the school Thirteen year old Louise is the narrator of the story, and her mother was, in fact, one of these so called Cheerleaders The story was incredibly interesting and pretty well written, but it does include a rather violent scene when Louise s mother is raped by some good old boys, and a few other implied acts of violence, so I was surprised to see this book marketed to readers as young as middle school Maybe I m just naive in thinking middle schoolers are still naive Overall, though, it was thought provoking to get this story from a very different perspective. If you are looking for a slightly different view of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960 s, check out MY MOTHER THE CHEERLEADER by Robert Sharenow.Louise lives with her mother in a New Orleans boarding house Louise s mother owns the boarding house and usually rents the few rooms to truckers passing through on their runs Her mother can usually be found entertaining these men or else spending the long, hot southern afternoons drinking pitchers of lime juleps in the backyard.Recently, school desegregation has been the topic A young Negro girl enrolled in Louise s school Louise s mother is against desegregation and joined a group of mothers who protest every day at the school The women yell vicious taunts at the little girl, and they ve become known as the Cheerleaders They have received media attention which has encouraged Louise s mother evenas she participates in the protests All Louise knows is, like most of the other parents, her mother has pulled her out of school, and now she is spending her time doing most of the work around the boarding house.When a handsome stranger from New York arrives and rents a room for several nights, Louise and her mother both fixate on this mysterious man He says he has come to reunite with a brother he hasn t seen for many years When he visits the site of the protests, he becomes the victim of taunts and threats from the crowd who see his New York license plates and assume he is Jewish there to support desegregation Louise is frightened by the threats of violence toward the man she has taken a liking to, and her mother is also surprised by the crowd s reaction Robert Sharenow presents a unique view of the segregation desegregation issue Louise is a curious and likeable main character, and readers will definitely connect with her as she critically observes the adults around her and tries to make sense of a very confusing social issue. I really liked this one It s a quick readI finished it in a couple of hours, but it has a powerful message and is filled with nuanced characters. Sharenow s debut novel is tough to categorize in terms of intended audience The book deals with some very mature themes rape, domestic violence, racially motivated violence, child abandonment but the protagonist, Louise Collins, is still quite young when the book takes place in 1960 Since the book is told in the present tense, it s awkward on page 55 when Louise describes her mother has having basked in the attention like she was strutting down the red carpet at the Academy Awards as there is no reference to television within the work and it s unlikely that someone in their neighborhood would have owned one These quibbles are minor, because the characters in Cheerleader are so nuanced and real, and New Orleans Ninth Ward so vividly described, that the reader will likely be too absorbed to notice Louise is bored in the winter of 1960, as the vast majority of white citizens pulled their children from the schools when the government mandated the integration of schools As a result, she s home all day, helping around the boarding house in which she lives with her mother She s developed highly attuned spy skills as a result, and yielding keen observation skills applied to the daily weekday scene at William J Franz elementary school each day The reader can actually feel all eyes on six year old Ruby Bridges as she steps out of the car escorted by four bodyguards to get to her first grade class, and the effect that those thrown tomatoes and racial epithets would have had on a small child The book delivers an unexpected yet appropriate ending, but did leave a few lingering questions, but that doesn t detract from very engaging historical fiction about the timeless competition between mother and daughter. This is not the book it could be It is Young Adult but the mother, along with being an anti integration cheerleader in the 9th ward nola, is a floozy alcoholic who owns a boarding house One of the locals, an angry man, visits to manhandle and have sex with her regularly enough that the 13 yr old knows all about it He appears at the 13 yr olds bedroom door undressed and threatens to join her in bed He returns at a pivotal moment in the book with a drunk friend to beat and gang rape the mother, which the 13 yr old hears and observes These types of seedy instances hijack the story away from portraying who these cheerleader moms were The social issues of the time are brushed over and yet there is a reflection by the 13 yr old about menstruation that includes her friend talking about a penis and vagina If the local poorly educated people are saying dat, dem, and where yat, I doubt a 13 yr old would use the words penis and vagina If something doesn t flow in the voice of the story I want it to have significant meaning it didn t This was a disappointing treatment of an interesting topic and premise the anti integration movement from the perspective of one of the students pulled out of school in the boycotts. This is a young adult novel set in the 9th ward of New Orleans during the time of Ruby Bridges The story is told by a young girl, Louise Collins, who is trying to make sense of why she can t go to school any and why people, especially her mom, are part of the protest It is a very insightful story of the people and the mindset of the times As Lynne Rae Perkins says, It s so easy to look back at another time and place and say to each other, what on earth were those people thinking but what if someone told us what those people were thinking, and showed us the personal earthquakes taht had to occur before they could think something else Maybe we would realize that we are all human beings That s one of the things that happen when you read this important book. My Mother the CheerleaderBy Robert SharenowThis book is fantastic One of my all time favorite books is The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd and I couldn t help but find similarities in this book I especially loves the themes of belonging, love, family, forgiveness, and honesty Louise s relationship with her mother is heartbreaking and beautiful My favortie part of the book was when she took her daughter s hand as they walked away from the school So good This book has wonderful messages without ever being pushy When is the movie coming out Violence Lots and lotsSex Yes, including a rape sceneDrugs Alcohol LotsLanguage Lots Very cruel