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Another great Sylph book I ll admit that I never much liked Devon He wasn t the sort of hero we ve all come to love in the Sylph books, and in fact was a bit of a dweeb Compared to the other guys But LJ worked her magic in Sylph Hunter and Devon s story is just a part of our trip out of the Valley I loved this book It s a great adventure, lots of ups and downs, and a continuing examination of the alien mindset of the sylphs I do wish she s stop making me cry, though It seems in every book there s always some part where I m peeling onions in a smokey room Especially in the previous one where that poor sylph and ended up Well Nevermind Let s not dwell.In this book it was some totally innocuous phrase like I know And there came the onions Great book, great series, a unique blend of fantasy and romance 100% Planetary Romance even I d say any fan of Zimmer Bradley s Darkover, or of Kresley Cole, Larissa Ione, or Ilona Andrews would like these books Even some fans of Heinlein, Vance and Asimov Alternate worlds, love, lust, politics, power, war, battles and aliens Brilliant Read it in one day Please please self publish the last2 books In the series These books are so amazing n enthralling I have no idea why your publishers don t think so A few times I broke out in curses because the characters were being so inept n I yelled out in joy when someone got slapped n told to stop being dumb It ends wonderfully,but i know there are 2 books n I WANT TO READ THEM Devon and ZaliaThis is an incredible world build It is inventive and imaginative, a world that is different than any other Ms McDonald had my attention from the first book through this one I hope there are. The Best Sylph Book of Them All What a fantastic finale to a highly imaginative and utterly unforgettable fantasy series My only complaint is there don t appear to be any sylph tales forthcoming. I didn t enjoy this as much as the first 3 I don t know if it was the wait between reading the last book Queen of the Sylphs and this one Maybe it was the characters Devon, Zalia, and One Eleven just weren t favorites for me I had some trouble getting started, but this did get better the further I got into it. Mi piaciuto, online ho visto diverse recensioni un poco critiche, ma a me piaciuto Avendo gi conosciuto Devon nei libri precedenti non mi aspettavo di pi da lui, anzi di meno semmai, perci il fatto che qui, pur rimanendo coerente a se stesso riesca a salvare il regno, nonostante le sue paure, fantastico. I ve waited for years for the next Sylph installment McDonald doesn t disappoint with building additional depth to her series My four star has to do with always having a rather lukewarm impression of Devon and disappointment that Eapha turned out as such an ineffective Queen That being said, it s a well written, exciting installment in the Sylph series 3.75 stars These just didn t feel like the same characters we met when we were originally introduced to them in THE SHATTERED SYLPH Instead of being invested in the main characters, I found that I was interested in the few scenes focusing on battle sylph Haru and his devotion to his lady. (FREE EPUB) í The Sylph Hunter ⚤ The Fourth Novel Set In L J McDonald S Richly Imagined World Of The Elemental Sylphs Returns Readers To The Kingdom Of Meridal, Where An Invisible, Deadly Force Has Descended Former Concubine Eapha Now Sits On The Throne As The Carefree If Negligent Queen Of A Corrupt Desert Empire As The Ambassador From Sylph Valley, Devon Chole Travels To Meridal, Aided By An Air Sylph Named Airi And Saddled With A Crippling Fear Of Battle Sylphs Upon His Arrival, Devon Quickly Falls For Zalia, A Young Virgin Waitress Who Has Recently Become The Object Of A Supremely Handsome Battle Sylph S Unyielding Lust But There Are Worse Dangers Than Battle Sylphs Unseen And Insatiable, It Threatens To Consume All Life In Its Path And Should It Reach The Heart Of Meridal, Even An Army Of Battle Sylphs Will Be Helpless In The Face Of A Creature Known Only As The Hunter I really love the Battle sylph books Even though not this one as much, but still the writing was good as always I just prefer Solie and Heyou much Hope the next book is about them The first and third book is my absolute favourite