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I m not usually a great reader of horror but this was a good anthology peppered with a bit of sci fi, not everything was too my liking but there were enough good stories to outweigh the ones I didn t get on with so well. #READ KINDLE å The Seventh Pan Book of Horror Stories ⚡ CONTENTSTHE MAN WHO HATED FLIES BY CHARLES JNFLEETTHE THING BY RETWYND HAYESTHE RETURN BY GSKINTHE BATS BY DAVID GRANTTHE FUR BROOCH BY DULCIE GRAYDREAM HOUSE BY DULCIE GRAYTHE STREETS OF ASHKELON BY HARRY HARRISONTHE SNAIL WATCHER BY PATRICIA HIGHSMITHTHE MONKEY S PAW BY WWJACOBSTHE LAST EXPERIMENT BY JOHN DEFAUVERMARETA BY JOHN DEFAUVERI LL NEVER LEAVE YOU EVER BY RENE MORRISA SMELL OF FEAR BY WILLIAM SANSOMTHE LITTLE ROOM BY WILLIAM SANSOMSTREET OF THE BLIND DONKEY BY ROSEMARY TIMPERLEY,CANNIBALS BY MARTIN WADDELLTHE OLD ADAM BY MARTIN WADDELLTHE ISLAND OF REGRETS BY ELIZABETH WALTERNEVER TALK TO STRANGERS BY ALEX WHITE I read this book when I was a kid back in the 70s I found some second hand copies and I am rereading as many of this series as I can They were one of my sources of inspiration to write horror stories.My favorites are Harry Harrison, The Streets of Ashkelon WW Jacobs, The Monkey s Paw Rene Morris, I ll Never Leave You Ever Rosemary Timperley, Street of the Blind Donkey I m always drawn to these kinds of collections, though they re usually completely rubbish There were a few decent ones in here, alongside the duds. Contains one of PB s All Time Greats The Monkey s Paw by WW Jacobs 1902 The ending is so poignant, not a quality often found in a horror story The monkey s paw grants wishes The old woman makes the old man use it and wish for their son back alive after he was mangled in a gruesome industrial accident And thennothing And then a loud knock on the cottage door What are you holding me for Let go I must open the door For God s sake, don t let it in cried the old man, trembing You re afraid of your own son she cried, struggling Let me go I m coming, Herbert, I m coming More knocks on the door a fusillade of them The old woman gets to the door and climbs on a chair to unbolt it She draws the bolt and the old man frantically scrabbling around in the bedroom finally finds the monkey s paw again He breathed his third and last wish The knocking ceased suddenly, although echoes of it were still in the house He heard the chair drawn back and the loud wail of disappointment and misery from his wife gave him courage to run down to her side, and then to the gate beyond The street lamp flickering opposite shone on a quiet and deserted road There, I spoiled it now, but you should have read it already I bet Stephen King stole this idea and used it somewhere. The seventh of this endless anthology series This one s noticeably weaker than the first instalments of the Pan Books of Horror, but there are still plenty of interesting stories to attract the attention just that they re padded with average fare Contents are as follows THE MAN WHO HATED FLIES, by Charles J Benfleet A man asks his friend to prove to him the existence of reincarnation, with unexpected results A very slight and comic story, but written in a style that s designed to entertain 3 5THE THING, by R Chetwynd Hayes A man enters a pub with the Grim Reaper behind him, much to the consternation of the patrons Not a bad idea behind this one, but there s too much waffle and the humour is decidedly iffy 2 5THE RETURN, by G M Glaskin A 17 year old girl, dozing in the grass, is assailed by a horrible sight Verbose, purple prose thought a chore to read 1 5THE BATS, by David Grant A young boy breeds some unusual pets in the garden shed There s a bleak, E.C Comics style atmosphere to this one, but Grant shies away from the expected grue 3 5THE FUR BROOCH, by Dulcie Gray A young woman is desperate to get rid of her slimeball suitor, but he has other ideas Written in a very genteel and decidedly old fashioned style, but this somehow works a gore story written by a prim and proper old lady at least that s what it feels like 3 5DREAM HOUSE, by Dulcie Gray A married couple rent their dream home, but their relationship is troubled A mundane feeling tale, without much to recommend it, aside from the very funny letter at the end 3 5THE STREETS OF ASHKELON, by Harry Harrison A man s existence on a remote alien planet is disturbed by Christian missionaries The first great story in the book I m not a huge sci fi fan, but this one hits the nail right on the head and is a delight to read 5 5THE SNAIL WATCHER, by Patricia Highsmith A man s obsession with collecting snails has a dark outcome An early companion piece to Hutson s SLUGS, and as slimy, ghoulish and nasty as you d expect 5 5THE MONKEY S PAW, by W W Jacobs No need to go over this much anthologised classic again, only to say it s a classic for a reason it s brilliant 5 5THE LAST EXPERIEMENT, by John D Keefauver A man is locked in a room without sensory input as part of an experiment A study of psychological terror, and entertaining with it 3 5MARETA, by John D Keefauver A man uncovers his wife s dark past The story of a femme fatale with a strong psychological angle, topped off by a climax straight out of Hammer Horror 4 5I LL NEVER LEAVE YOU EVER, by Rene Morris A woman s terminally ill husband refuses to die, getting in the way of her life with her new lover The most unpleasant story in the book and the first sign of the way these anthologies would go cold, hard and merciless gore 2 5A SMELL OF FEAR, by William Sansom A woman is followed through the streets of London by a limping stranger A great study of psychological horror, with some great frights the fleas in the bath scene is my favourite 4 5THE LITTLE ROOM, by William Sansom A nun is walled up alive in a room and begins to suffer the effects of suffocation Unsurprisingly, this is an utterfly depressing effort, and the nastiest yet from this author 3 5STREET OF THE BLIND DONKEY, by Rosemary Timperley A woman escapes her unhappy marriage and ends up in Bruges, but has her husband followed her No ghostly stuff here, just psychology gone wrong, with hallucinations and abuse A great setting, and a disturbing story 3 5CANNIBALS, by Martin Waddell A young, put upon man decides to get revenge on everybody in his life A grand and gory offering that ll have you reaching for the sick bag 3 5THE OLD ADAM, by Martin Waddell In a futuristic world, an entity called Adam exists inside a bottle The author s best effort yet a sci fi romance with an unexpectedly macabre climax Very weird, but it works somehow 4 5THE ISLAND OF REGRETS, by Elizabeth Walter A newly engaged couple s holiday to Brittany turns sour Tons of atmosphere and suspense in this old fashioned ghost story which is up there with the best of M R James It sits out of place in this anthology, almost as if it s too good for it 5 5NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS, by Alex White In which a woman finds herself assailed by a hulking man at a train station Viciously nasty serial killer thrills on offer here It s a story that benefits from heightened realism, if you can handle it 3 5