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Mediocre, with a few moments of cuteness. As with the other anthologies, there is some quality disparities between the various strips, but I think the overall quality is higher There s a lot of great material here, alternating between one page strips and mutli page strips. Some of these were very sweet and others pretty silly Decided that after reading most of Alison Bechdel I should diversify a bit and read some gay comics Overall I enjoyed it as a quick cute read Not a lot of depth, but even if you are dealing with the same sort of story they are so personal that each person s story has its own little twist Some of the artwork was easier on the eyes than others, but since the overall vibe was underground alternative they all fit together pretty well. This is my book so I gotta give it the LOVE Seriously, it s good stuff Recommended to gay boys who call themselves alternative you know who you are Look for Volume 2 in Fall 2008, all new and all color this time ooh, neat. My friend Rebecca gave me this book, and it was fun to flip through because it s so different from what I usually read All the comics were edgy and interesting I also appreciate it for its cultural and historical value. Collection of comics from various artists Mixed bag, some quite entertaining, a few rather banal I m glad I read it. Cute and funny but the stories are really, really short and I d like development rather than 20 second clips of what could be a really good story. (FREE DOWNLOAD) ó The Book of Boy Trouble: Gay Boy Comics with a New Attitude Ø From Its First Photocopied Edition In , Boy Trouble Gay Boy Comics With A New Attitude Emphasized Personal Stories And Viewpoints Outside The Mainstream, With Subject Matter That Ranged From Sex, Love, And Longing To Porn, Drugs, And Punk Rock The Book Of Boy Trouble Compiles The Greatest Hits From The Zine S First Ten Years, Including Favorites Like Michael Fahy S Valentine S Day Love Poem, Andy Hartzell S Dinner At Achmed S, And Anonymous Boy S The Non Adventures Of Wayne, Plus Pages Of Spanking New Work From Both Regular Contributors And Up And Coming Talents Some of the comics were good and thought provoking However, there were enough of them that were poorly drawn and were uninteresting that I started to skim even the better strips.