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For those you love history, this book is a catch Exploring the ancient history makes the book very interesting And to think that the writer has the skills to keep the reader s interest up, till the end is a plus Really, how often does a history book read like accomplished storytelling As someone who eagerly devours history tomes and biographies with fervor, I can honestly say that doesn t happen nearly as often as I d prefer Often, the information received is the reward, not necessarily the journey of its deliverance With Exodus Lost , however, readers will find themselves engrossed in a highly readable book that breaks the rules of the history book rut and launches readers on a path that takes them far beyond the status quo of accepted history Author S.C Compton refers to the book as an inquiry into the genesis of civilization , a description that accurately illustrates the depth and true comprehensiveness of the information given.No matter their passions, history buffs are sure to discover new insights on studied topics From an exploration of Quetzacoatl and the Olmecs to the Aztec Mayan calendars and clues hidden in the glacial ice caps of the Peruvian Andes, the thread of civilization weaves through a wide scope of subjects with surprising backstory connections In the style of an accomplished storyteller, Compton offers readers a page turning account of the events surrounding the origins, key events, and fascinating entanglement of Egyptian, Mexican, and Western civilization The information is delivered as mysteries in real time discovery readers will discover the twisting evolution and juxtaposition of the written alphabet and the class conscious use of heiroglyphs over the alphabet in such a way that they will feel proud somehow as if they had trekked with Compton through the journey as if they had uncovered those patterns themselves It s a strange, exhilirating feeling.With an engaging style and an authoritative voice,the amount of information presented in Exodus Lost is nearly encyclopedic despite its readability an offbeat handbook that fully belongs on the ready reference shelf Highly readable, and highly recommended Fascinating and the author certainly creates a convincing case regarding the origins of the Mesoamerican civilizations It s an easy read even if anthropology and archaeology are not your usual literary cup of tea like me. First I have to start by saying that this book has so many gorgeous illustrations, pictures and maps, that you just may want to actually have a paperback copy if you plan on buying it History has always been one of my favorite topics in school, and we even enjoy the History channel, as a family, so this was definitely a very interesting book I am just fascinated with this author and how he took so much time and effort to make this book happen 14 years of researching and studying, and the final project, truly shows all of his hard work This is a stunning book, with so many footnotes, maps and gorgeous color pictures, several illustrations, and tons of research, evidence, and ideas and suggestions that are not the norm It does bring this whole part of history, into a new light and definitely makes you think Growing up I always was thrilled to learn about this time when we would start this chapter or section in our school history books, but I never read a book that was so intriguing and that taught me so much about this time I believe the biggest difference is that this book is nowhere near a bore, and you are reading it, and learning at the same time, without even knowing Even our 8 year old sat in front of the computer learning about the alphabet, and checking out the illustrations and asking all sorts of questions I feel privileged being able to read a book that somebody worked so hard on, to gather the facts and new discoveries I don t think we ever were told in school anything about 2 different civilizations having so much in common, I don t think anybody asked nor was it ever even discussed.You will be shocked over and over again with this book, very fast paced and the author just jumps right in, I love it You probably will not be putting this book down for a while, not that you would want too Every page you turn, you think, He can t possibly beat that , but he does, and the interesting and weirder it gets with each page.If you enjoy history, ancient civilizations, Biblical times, and an intense read, this is certainly the perfect choice SC Compton, is an excellent writer, he will keep you on your toes, very engaging and never boring I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review ( Download Book ) ♼ Exodus Lost ♐ Exodus Lost Reopens Cold Cases From Antiquity And Applies Cutting Edge Science, Classical Scholarship, And Tenacity To Solve Them The Adventure Begins With Aztec And Mayan Chronicles Of An Epic Voyage Across The Atlantic Ocean By Mapping The Details Within These Texts, The Author Tracks Down Their Lost Homeland And Corroborates The Local Traditions Of An Ocean Crossing Long Before Columbus This Discovery Leads To New Insights Into The Origins Of Mexican And Western Civilizations, The Bible Including New Archaeological Evidence For Two Major Biblical Events , The Alphabet, And Much Enter A World Of Exploration And Discovery, Mystery And Revelation Whether Your Passion Is Archaeology Or Religion, History Or Simply A Great Adventure, Exodus Lost DeliversBeautifully Illustrated With Photos, Maps, And Engravings This book is an exploration of whether there might be a connection between the ancient Egyptian and Central American cultures, based not only on the fact that both constructed pyramids, but on a number of other parallels argued convincingly by the author My apologies in advance if in this review I miss some of the finer points of geography or historical timelines these are not my strong points, and any errors fall to me, and not the authorIt s an exciting, impassioned, and inquisitive romp through ancient history, ranging across disciplines from linguistics to anthropology to art, Biblical studies, and cross cultural explorations, all told in a style that is engaging and informative I really loved this cross disciplinary approach, and although I am a subject expert in none of these areas, by the time I finished reading I was overwhelmed by the number and varieties of correlations between these two cultures that the author draws out Some were convincing or perhaps understandable to me than others, but by the end the sheer number of them was another persuasive point in the author s favor The book is well documented with an impressive number of footnotes and source references, and is also beautifully illustrated with black and white photographs, maps, and etchings, which add both to the reading experience and the strength of the thesis Additionally, the author quotes liberally from a number of sources, ranging from classic literature to popular films, adding to the intellectual zest and excitement that he clearly feels about his subject Great stuff, and highly recommended I don t think that I can say anything in my review that hasn t already been said, and much eloquently by other reviewers, but I feel like I must make an attempt I have to preface this by saying, I have an undergraduate degree in History, so I always approach history books with some trepidation, hoping that they will be accurate.I was absolutely thrilled with this book, and in no way shape or form disappointed This work by Mr Compton is in a word, Amazing Not just the enormous amount of research and time that was obviously poured into this work, but it that aside, it is just so well written Really, how often does a book written on history, read like a fiction novel written by an accomplished storyteller As someone who has read literally hundreds, if not , books written on history, I can say unequivocally, it does not happen very often I only wish my own thesis would have read this well This book absolutely turns everything you believe you know about history books upside down It reads like fiction, but you re actually learning As I said, I have a degree in history, and I learned so much from this book I m considering ways of incorporating parts of it into my classroom teaching, it s THAT good.The depth and breadth of the information presented within this book is absolutely mind boggling The writing is stellar, and Mr Compton succeeds in making something that might not be very exciting to most people read like a best seller I just can not recommend this book highly enough. I must begin with an admission This is not the type of book I usually read as I usually focus my attention on fiction rather than history Surprisingly I really enjoyed this, I found myself picking it up and putting it back down again and again to look things up to see if the author had been accurate with the facts he used, and I was shocked to find that everything was indeed factual, the sheer volume of research that went into this book is absolutely astounding Even shocking for me was the writing style of this book generally when I do happen to pick up a history book, I find myself getting incredibly bored very quickly however, Compton wrote so fluidly that I found myself getting wrapped up in the story and I got to a certain point in the book somewhere around 60% I gave up researching his facts and just let myself be caught up in the authors indepth justification of each point he made.Admittedly, as a person who isnota history buff, I found the maps and photographs very helpful in grasping certain parts of what was going on, and I found that it helped create a picture in my mind.I will definitely reread the book than once because if I m completely honest, there was no way I could absorb all of it in one read through Don t ask me how but S.C Compton makes learning genuinely interesting If you haven t read it, I d definitely recommend you pick up a copy. Exodus Lost is a truly remarkable work that encompasses an impressive body of research into Mesoamerican history S C Compton demonstrates the mastery of his subject with incredible attention to detail What makes this book unprecedented is Compton s ability to embed such rich history within the framework of an engaging narrative Far from dry, it is an interdisciplinary magnum opus that transgresses genre boundaries and captivates the reader, luring them into a world of ancient civilizations that grows interesting with each page The book is lavishly illustrated, and this sets it apart as a definitive compendium of comprehensive knowledge The abundance of visual data lends greater authority to the text, and enlivens the subject matter such that the reader is able to thoroughly grasp the content Considering the vast range of topics covered, from volcanology to philology, religion, and virtually everything in between, this book is one to which I shall return countless times, as one reading is not enough to truly appreciate the body of research As a linguistics enthusiast, I particularly loved the detailed analyses of ancient writing systems.S.C Compton has clearly translated a passion for Mesoamerican history into a thoroughly researched and referenced book that combines the authority of an academic text with an accessible writing style I highly recommend Exodus Lost and eagerly anticipate future books by this polished and sophisticated author. An interesting book, but I definitely think he has a tendency to force the evidence to support his views at times, or to see a stronger connexion than is necessarily warranted from the available archaeological evidence Mesoamerican archaeology isn t my fort , I admit, and I wouldn t be surprised at some contact with the Near East However, some of his connexions seem reminiscent of attempts to show an absolute parallel between Catholicism and Egyptian religion Some parts of the book are stronger than others As long as he is just talking about Egypt, or just talking about the Hyksos, or just talking about Mesoamerican culture, he does fairly well, though sometimes seems to contradict his own theories a little There are a few times where he has a theory and then presents evidence, instead of first looking at the evidence, it seems The latter chapters are worse about this than the earlier ones.