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~READ KINDLE ♴ Escape from Slavery: Five Journeys to Freedom ♩ Freedom Eliza And Her Baby, Running Across The Ice Selena And Cornelia Jackson, Masquerading As Boys Henry Box Brown, Shipping Himself North In A Wooden Crate Jane Johnson, Risking Everything To Testify Against Her Former Owner In Court Ellen Craft, Posing As Her Husband S OwnerEscaping From Slavery Against Overwhelming Odds, These People Were Helped By Courage, Ingenuity, And The Informal Network Known As The Underground Railroad Here Are Their Gripping Stories, Told By Doreen Rappaport, Illustrated By Charles Lilly, And Accompanied By Information About Slave Laws Of The Era, Key Underground Railroad Leaders, And A Bibliography Real stories of slaves who escaped to the North before the Civil War The stories were about men, women, and children The book is meant for children so the stories are told simply The stories demonstrate how much creativity, ingenuity, and bravery some people had Sadly, it also shows how cruel people could be Being a book meant for children this part is not dwelt on, and an adult reader may be bothered by how casual the cruelties are glossed over Following each story is a little one paragraph epilogue about what happened to the person now that they were free The end of the book also gives a little paragraph outlining where each story came from usually from newspaper accounts, or the individuals themselves who went on speaking tours, or wrote their story after escaping to freedom. I dont know if you people like it but I DID NOT LIKE THIS BOOK i thought it was so boring but somehow i managed to read the whole thing if you like history you should read this book but personally I would not recommend this book. This book has five stories of how slaves escaped the south The are informative and good reading having suspense and tension. Good set of short stories about escaping slavery, but the stories were SO short that I felt l neededfrom each one I would have liked a page or twofor each one, but this is definitely something I d like my students to read Does use the N word a lot if you re intending to read aloud or have in your classroom. Informational5th 6th grade reading levelI liked this book because it far a broad range of situations of what it would have looked like to be a slave It also gave some awesome stories on how slaves escaped that I thought kept the reader on their toes at all time I didn t want to put this book down I liked that the book included pictures to help visualize the story . Included are five short stories, each recounting the harrowing tale of individuals escaping the bonds of slavery in the south to freedom in the north I think the structure of five unconnected stories is a good choice Each one is a little different, showing the experiences of slaves and the various ways they were able to gain freedom for themselves It s well written, and is a good choice for young readers who aren t drawn to non fiction as the accounts are personal and should be emotionally engaging, and the five short stories shouldn t be overwhelming in length TpT Store Pinterest I knew these stories, still a good read. The book is mostly about is a girl that escape slavery and go to the U.S.A I was happy that she escape from slavery before she got killed She was only 14 when this was going on.She had baby at the time.I m so happy that her and the baby didn t died.