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I read the last page of Farmer s Infections and Inequalities , and immediately picked this one up Farmer sets out to describe Haitian history and to answer the questions of why a country that s so fertile and is a republic almost as old as the United States can nonetheless be the poorest in the western hemisphere His descriptions remind me a lot of Adam Hothchild s King Leopold s Ghost , which does a thorough job of explaining how such a thing could also happen to the DRC, and how a country as tiny as Belgium could rule a land mass in interior Africa that is almost twice the size of Alaska This is worth reading, especially if you don t mind going through some of the repetition involved in reading a lot of Farmer s works I have an image of Aristide as a corrupt dictator who was overthrown in part by the U.S government I was also 12 when it happened Farmer argues vociferously that the little priest was in fact Haiti s best hope, the victim of a smear campaign involving a rumor that he was seeing a psychiatrist for mental problems later proven untrue but nonetheless the rumor endured. Great book While the uses analysis is still relevant, much of the events of this book happened 20 years ago and only covers part of the Aristide story Also, Farmer seems to revisit the same anecdotes in Pathologies of Power. [Download Epub] ♄ The Uses of Haiti ⚆ The Uses Of Haiti Tells The Truth About Uncomfortable Matters Uncomfortable, That Is, For The Structures Of Power And The Doctrinal Framework That Protects Them From Scrutiny It Tells The Truth About What Has Been Happening In Haiti, And The US Role In Its Bitter Fate Noam Chomsky, From The IntroductionIn This Third Edition Of The Classic The Uses Of Haiti, Paul Farmer Looks At What Has Happened To The Health Of The Poor In Haiti Since The CoupWinner Of A McArthur Genius Award, Paul Farmer Is A Physician And Anthropologist Who Has Worked For Years In Haiti, Where He Serves As Medical Director Of A Hospital Serving The Rural Poor He Is The Subject Of The Tracy Kidder Biography, Mountains Beyond Mountains Dr.Paul Farmer writes with a so much passion and precision of the deleterious effects of American policy on the lives of ordinary Haitians The Uses of Haiti was the first book of Dr Paul Farmer that I read and he definitely knows how to engage his readers with insights, some of Haiti s history and works regarding its heavy plight I admit that this book had sad effects of poverty, lack of resources injustice of Haiti This non fiction is truly an exceptional book And I am glad that I ve read it I give it two thumbs up. The next time someone talks about what a horrible place Haiti is, direct them to this book The USA has lots of blood on her hands, but it it especially true about Haiti. Excellent documentation of Haiti s history and the both overt and covert involvement of the West in particular the US Though written about Haiti it is a good read for anyone interested in the US involvement in Haiti and throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Absolutely essential profile of an often overlooked Latin American state My readings and classes largely left Haiti overlooked, but it is the purest example of on going American neo colonialism. The U.S bombing of Haitian civilians during our twenty year military occupation of that country is only a sliver of the big story And it s not just ancient U.S history the undermining continued even through the 1990s and 2000s.The best books end up revealing much than their stated subject matter Paul Farmer s The Uses of Haiti at first appears to be just a powerful intro to two hundred years of how empires have devastated Haiti, but it also turns out to be a model of how U.S foreign policy has worked in many other poor countries in the region Even interesting, the book s picture of Haiti unintentionally provides a living, recent parallel of so many of the characters, forces, and issues of first century Palestine Reading Farmer on Haiti brings up clear echoes of Richard Horsley on NT political context So much of the NT is written to a political world we can t fathom, but books revealing the dynamics of rich and poor help make it clearer Just like the first century, Haiti s history involves a crushing empire, traitorous elites, radical reformers, a compromised church, paganism, and many simple and trampled Christians Bit from Farmer Many American resist the idea that U.S administrations have hastened the decline of this beleaguered little nation This resistance is due to many factors, not the least of which is the discomfort born of facing ugly realities about the role of our government in the Third World It is far comforting to attribute the ongoing violence in Haiti or Guatemala or El Salvador to factors native to that setting This book is a crucial and well written intro to the basics of Haitian history, with easily verifiable sources He steers away from conspiracy theories and just goes with the established At first I thought Noam Chomsky s introduction alone would be worth it, but the rest of the book even superseded that.Since the recent earthquake, the price for the latest edition of this book has skyrocketed above 100 used I found this 1994 version in a local university library Apparently, the latest edition updates the U.S backed coup against Aristide Never have Psalms 37 and 94 made so much sense How long will the wicked triumph They utter speech, and speak insolent things All the workers of iniquity boast in themselves They break in pieces Your people, O LORD, And afflict Your heritage They slay the widow and the stranger, And murder the fatherless Ps 94 3 6 Dr Farmer here documents how the interests of the rich and powerful, including the U.S Government, have maneuvered to keep Haiti s people weak and destitute throughout the history of the small nation It s very difficult to read these things I feel inside me this vast upwelling of rage at the injustice Dr Paul, to his credit, simply reports the situation, tells the tale, without any overt anger or outrage, just as an anthropologist reports his or her findings Like all his books I ve read so far, it s a very unsentimental account, rendering the plain facts to us in a simple and straightforward manner Father Aristide strikes me as a person very much in the mold of Gandhi or MLK, one whose absolute courage and determination in the face of injustice is beyond human, is divine in nature The thugs and bullies, they can kill, maim, torture, but they can t change the immutable truth Father Aristide is one of those who simply, quietly, keeps pointing out the injustice, keeps calling for things to be made right, in the face of death, over and over, with godlike calm, with the implacability of the universe going about its age old multibillion year business Does it make it easier or harder to help once we learn our representatives, supporting our interests, have been complicit in exacerbating the problems we want to alleviate Does it make it fraught with dangers, of doing harm than good, of continuing to perpetrate the same injustice in the name of its opposite Or is it even compelling, the need for us to repudiate the past and make up for wrongs done All I know is that the truth matters, reality matters, and information is ever accessible in the modern technological world, so that the powerful can no longer play the game of stalling, manipulating, blustering, obfuscating while they transfer ever wealth from poor to rich The truth will out. I read Mountains Beyond Mountains which is a biography of Paul Farmer , and thought that Paul Farmer is to Haiti as Greg Mortenson is to Pakistan and Afghanistan Wow, wrong Not to dis Mortenson he does great humanitarian work, and he seems to do it in a way that s respectful of the local communities he works with this is rare, IMHO But Farmer is something else entirely.The thing with Mountains Beyond Mountains is that you can get through the whole book without getting a sense of how radical read awesome Farmer s politics are At least, I did From Mountains Beyond Mountains I got a clear sense of Farmer the Doctor, Farmer the humanitarian, Farmer the founder of Partners in Health From Farmer s own writing, I understand that he is effective in and dedicated to the work he does because he sees Haiti s history for what it is a history of a people who ve struggled against slavery, racism, and neo Colonialism for hundreds of years while resisting injustice from the US every step of the way He is extremely critical of past and present US involvement in Haiti This is the kind of book I dream about writing someday smart, impassioned, angry, unafraid A demonstration that writing can be a powerful act of solidarity.I should have known, really After the earthquake in Haiti, I kept getting emails from PiH about solidarity with Haiti Apolitical do gooder charities don t generally talk about solidarity.