Book ♶ Dare to Stand Alone ☩

Book ♁ Dare to Stand Alone ☪ Dare To Stand Alone Abhorred As An Atheist, Reviled As A Republican, And Loathed As An Advocate Of Birth Control, Charles Bradlaugh Was One Of The Most Detested Men In Mid Victorian England He Was Elected To Parliament In As One Of The Members For Northampton This Book Deals With The Constitutional And Legal Struggles That Dominated Bradlaugh S Life Full Description Reviewed by This is an A list biography Charles Bradlaugh born in middling poverty was one of the most important Victorians The world s greatest orator, social reformer and responsible for very important legislative changes This book I can recommend. This is a very nice biography of a man who fought for secularism and the rights of non theists in 19th century Great Britain The chapters are short and each one brings to light a part of his struggle.