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Excellent reflection of how dogs Grace our lifeThis book echoes my own experiences with my soul dog s and the radical growth I ve experienced because of that four legged being.Well written and the kind of book you do not want to put down. Actually, I wrote this book so I m just a bit prejudiced [Free Ebook] ☸ MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life:A Story of Love ☮ The Connection Between Maggie And Dawn Was PowerfulMaggie S Genuine And Beautiful Essence Opened Dawn S Heart And She Became Real Through Their Relationship Dawn Learned That Dogs Are Intelligent And Emotional Beings That Can Sense Human Thoughts From Housebreaking To Adolescent Escapades And On Through Old Age, Maggie S Radiant Spirit Became Interwoven With The Fabric Of Dawn S Life The Depth Of Their Bond Opens A Surprising Door To Intuition And Dream Communication About Maggie S Fate Through Their Journey, Dawn Experiences The Joys Of Sharing Life With A Dog That So Touched People As Well As The Profound Grief That Comes With The Loss Of Her Beloved Maggie Awesome This was a well written book I also feel that animals are put on this earth for a reason Dogs are so forgiving and loving They are used for so many helpful things They give love unconditionally and never reveal your secrets I recommend this book to dog lovers and anyone interested in the inside scoop of the bonds between dogs and humans. This wasn t really a story about a dog, it was a self serving, boastful and whining, melodramatic vanity publish Ugh Why do I feel like I need to take a shower after reading this book She writes about how hot her husband is and how sexist her stepson are She boasts about being above motherhood in wanting to help the masses through volunteerism, and then whines about waiting until it was too late to have children and wanting sympathy Her ideas about what motherhood is are both laughable and angering I really hate it when people without children define what parenthood is Getting three grown stepsons who don t really live with you does not give you expertise on being a mom Also, you can, only have intimate conversations with girlfriends She thinks men aren t capable of such things.The writing was amateur at best Scattered thoughts tossed on a page. Brought back happy and sad memories of my beloved dogs This is by far one of my favorite books I loved this book because it was about a human and dog relationship and I got interested by that This is emotional and its about a love connection which I really like Maggie The dog who changed my life is good because it is detailed in her story with maggie and I like that I recommend anyone to read this that likes animals, because its about the love for a animal This is a book about the journey through their lives and how it changed them I like this book because it can relate to people and I think thats interesting. Good but sadIsn t it crazy how you can love a book though it makes you weep I suppose it was all the other emotions that the book e Isn t it crazy that you love a book though it makes you weep I suppose it is all the other emotions that it bring out that endeared it to me The author projected her emotions about Maggie to me on every page of this book I loved this dog and hurt when she died If you are an animal lover and can tolerate the weeping, I highly recommend MAGGIE the dog who changed my life By the way, it does have a joyous ending. I could have easily done without reading this story of a loving dog, and so can you Maggie had a good life with the people who adopted her, until she developed cancer The cancer was cured, and her owners then went on a binge of trying to give her a better life New, organic food was now her diet, along with acupuncture appointments In spite of this, Maggie again developed cancer A lot of the book is about her owner whining about her own life, and if she had only paid attention to her dreams she would have realized Maggie was sick Instead, she listened to what a holistic vet told her and denied her own feelings that something was wrong, until it was too late The last fourth of the book is something you can certainly skip without missing anything. Well written and excellent storyI am a pet owner,who is feeling that somehow Miss Kairns has put into words exactly how I feel I know the day will come when I have to make the difficult decision for my beloved pet.This book was beautifully written,and there were times I had a hard time reading it through my tears For every pet owner out there, please, please read this book It is so heart wrenching and warm, you have to read it.