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This is by far the funniest book I ve read ever Laughed from start to finish and I highly recommend For those who are familiar with Joe s parking ticket story from 8 out of ten cats does count down, it s in this book along with mischievous tales Oh man This book absolutely rocks I either chuckled, burst out laughing, smiled widely or shook my head at this guy s genius throughout the whole book Every page is brilliant I wish Joe would write a book for every week of the year It is intensely silly, shrewd, intelligent, witty, preposterous, surreal, on the mark and illustrates really well how fooking irritating and ludicrous modern life, modern communication, jobsworths, bureaucracy, power loving twats , stupid people, systems and unpleasant stuff is It s very tongue in cheek but so well thought out with a totally creative and uniquely comedic twist It s very naughty , articulate, clever and he is full of bad ass mischief that dismantles every day logic with a parallel logic of absurdity It s often unclear which is absurd the reality which he exposes in its insanity, or his masterful creations of nonsense It is fooking hilarious to discover how the I think inferior brains of the people he communicates with struggle with his take on things He crumbles the foundation of their thinking world and I want to hug him every time What a gift.I struggle to think who could win an argument with this guy His comebacks are beyond cutting but without malice There is no need for nastiness in this world when there is Joe Lycett fighting battles of logic, or words, or parking fines.I would love to hang out with this guy so badly I love his fox stuff I love his drawings I love his mind Buy this book and enjoy every second as I did As we say in Ireland he is a messer but he knows how to spin a funny twist Very original, never read anyone like this before but I guess it s a bit like Big Train or maybe some of South Park in its humour style Pure childlike slash irreverent adult humour colliding It is a journey to madness and I want to live in Joe s head He gently, quietly beats down the humdrum with comedic intelligence superior and off the wall arguments which normally make little sense But are superior in every arguable way It might not be everyone s cup of tea but I reckon if you like immaturity because maturity is a load of crap and you have a bit of a dirty mind this book is for you.Someone once told me you can t argue with stupid, there is no point , but Joe is armed with a superior form of nonsense which CAN fight stupid and lightens how dull life can be and how nasty many people can be A real break from normality, reality and seriousness A really light twist on life More comedians like this please So much fun. I bought this book and was looking to have a bit of a laugh, however about 3 pages in I discovered this book is aimed at anyone under 16 The author comes across as a complete knob, set out just to piss people off Lucky I only paid 99p for it, but still feel as if I have just been robbed.I have no idea why this book has been recommended, I have noticed that s recommendations are really a hit or miss.Save yourself the trouble and avoid this book, even if you are given it free, but if you are under 16 then go ahead you might learn how to be a knob. I find this guy hilarious Joe Lycett is one of the best comedians of modern day and this book is no different of his persona.Each chapter is like a short story in a good way, he breaks the book down with his letters of complaint and stories about foxes and entertaining doodles.It has plenty of re readability and will leave you with a smile on your face and make you stop taking life to serious.If I did leave a bad review however I fear I would get a strongly worded letter for him so it s not worth it If you love a good laugh with you read This is for you. A generous 3 stars At 6.99 this was the most expensive kindle book I ve bought, and the amount spent was the only reason I ploughed through to the end I really couldn t wait for it to finish I suppose I should have expected it to be a rehash of his shows, but even the odd bit I haven t seen before was barely amusing Particularly irritating was the technique of writing emails in columns of one and a bit words Just seems like a lazy way of getting the page count up I m sure Joe s a nice chap My wife s a fan of him on that cooking thing he does, and I ll still enjoy him on Cat s Countdown and suchlike, but I m cured of buying comedian s regurgitation of their routines in book form Oh, sorry SEWING thing, apparently This is three stars and not two because Joe has amused me over the years on panel shows and YouTube clips, and this is the first time it s actually cost me money, so fair enough, I suppose. .DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚇ Parsnips, Buttered: Bamboozle and Boycott Modern Life, One Email at a Time (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Joe Lycett, Hodder & Stoughton: Books ♵ Funny And Brilliant, Listen As British Comedian Joe Lycett Narrates His Own Witty, Tongue In Cheek Guide To Modern Life A Dynamic Stage Performer, Lycett Brings His Hilarious Debut Audiobook To Life With His Unique Brand Of Laugh Out Loud Anecdotes And Musings In This Book I Have Attempted To Solve Each And Every One Of Life S Problems And I Have Succeeded Dear Listener,Using Letters, Emails, Tweets And Telegrams I Will Show You How The Things In Your Life That Make You Sad, Low Or Anxious Can Soon Appear Trivial, Insignificant And Like A Fish In Short, I Will Butter Your ParsnipsLife Is Hard We Are A Bombarded Generation Facebook, Billboards, Twitter, Instagram, Taxes, Newspapers, Watches Monitoring Our Sleep, Apps That Read Our Pulse, Terrorism There S Such An Onslaught To The Senses These Days It S A Marvel Any Of Us Manage To Get Out Of Bed I Love BedWhile We Are Overwhelmed And Confused By The Miasmic Cloud Of Information, There Are Those That Seek To Take Advantage There Are Parking Fines, Hate Tweets, Nigerian Email Scams And Christmas Newsletters From Old School Friends About Their Ugly Kids And Just As We Re Getting Round To Doing Something About It, We Re Distracted AgainI, Joe Lycett, Comedian, Wordsmith, And Professional Complainer, Am Here To Help During My Short Life Of Doing Largely Nothing I Ve Discovered Solutions To Many Of Life S Problems, Which I Impart To You, Dear Listener Containing A Centurion Of Complaint Letters To Unsuspecting Celebrities, Companies And Anyone Brave Enough To Clog Up My Phone, As Well As Illustrations, One Liners, Jokes And Life Hacks, This Little Gem Offers You A Collection Of Tips And Advice For All Manner Of Modern Woe By The Time You Have Finished Listening To This Book You Will Have Learnt How ToReverse A Parking FineManipulate The Tabloid PressNavigate Social MediaRespond To Hate MailOut Weird Internet TrollsContest A So Called Ripe Avocado Send The Perfect Christmas NewsletterDefeat ISISTake Down Multinational CompaniesAND MUCH, MUCH MOREJoe Lycett XIf You Are Looking For Guidance With Taxes, Quitting Smoking, Moving House, Love, Divorce, Education, Health Care Or Anything Actually Important May I Recommend Speaking To Friends Or Family Members And Not Consulting A Book By A Comedian Who Eats Halloumi At Least Twice A Day