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had me crying with laughter from the beginning I also liked the concept of the character s from the first book are in it also it tied the 2 books together nicely This story has it all laughs tears along the way and a fantastic background story it draws you in and keeps you there from start to finish the characters were amazing an absolutely enthralling emotional and brilliant love story five fabulous stars a book to read again another to join my favourites list. I loved Adam Connor, I loved Lucy, I loved aidan and the whole storyline I thought it was brilliantly written, Lucy made me laugh a lot and deserved a hea and I was so glad she got it and broke her curse Well definitely be readingof Ella Maude. Great book Enjoyed this book and all the twists and turns along the way had me laughing and tears falling in parts fab book ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Naomi Scandalous Book Blog I loved this book, from the first chapter I was hooked It was funny, sweet and Hot.Lucy has recently broke up with Jameson He got a job offer that seen him relocate and even after living together and telling each other I lOVE YOU he never asked her to go with him Now with the lease up on their house Lucy is packing to go stay with her best friend Olive and her husband Jason Olive is a writer and Jason is an actor so this should be fun.Adam is recently divorced and he shares joint custody of his son with his Ex wife His main concern is keeping his son safe and away from danger and the press He is also Olive and Jason s new neighbour.After a drinking session Lucy and Olive decide to do a little detective work They know its Adam that lives next door but they are yet to see him So with plenty of alcohol in heir system they lean a ladder against the wall separating their houses and spy on him, they don t think their doing anything wrong they just want a peak They are rewarded when they see Adam through his window and they vow that this will only be a one time thing.With Olive and Jason out of town Lucy cant help herself she she takes an fewvisits to the ladder But her last visit dosn t go quite like the others She watches a terrible thing unfold and she has seconds to make a life changing decision Her choice is the right one she leaps over the wall and into Adams life but he calls the cops and that is how their story starts.She hates him with a passion, If it hadn t been for her he wouldn t watch his son Aidan grow up.He dosn t want to but he knows he must thank her.With Aidan in tow, they pay a visit to their neighbours house to speak to the Lucy This meeting dosn t go the was Adam planned and he ends up relying on Lucy and her friends looking after Aidan This is where the story heats up Lucy watches the way Adam and his son interact and its hard to to feel anything for this Adonis standing in front of her But she dosn t wan to feel, she knows love dosn t really exist for her She now believes that the curse that has been with the women in her family has definitely enveloped itself around her Adam is seeing Lucy in a whole new light and he finds himself drawn to her, she is great wit Aidan and she gives Adam a sense of calm.With Adams ex wife s life falling apart he finds himself and his son dragged into it evenHe dosnt want Joint Custody he wants sole custody and he knows it isnt going to be easy.Adam has fallen for Lucy and he knows she feels the same way but she wont admit it He isnt one to normally play game but he is prepared to play this game if the prize if Lucy Adam has secrets that he finds himself telling Lucy ashe want her to know that he trusts her and she should trust him in return.This couple share a few kisses and even they heat up the pages but when they finally come together and get down to bumping uglies making love they set the pages on fire but will they get burned I really loved this book I was in such a reading rut and needed something to pull me out of it this was the perfect choice.Lucy is such fun, and I d love to have her as my best friend Adam is as sexy as sin and positively swoon worthy.Overall, this just ticked all my boxes and I m definitely going to go back and read the first in the series I m excited to have found a new author with a fun and refreshing voice `READ KINDLE ↴ To Hate Adam Connor ⇻ I Love Nothing Than To Escape Real Life To Find Those Very Few Magical Moments In A Book I Love How It Has The Power Of Stealing Your Worries Away, Putting A Smile On Your Face, And Of Course Sometimes Making You Crush On Fictional Characters If I Can Manage To Do Even One Of Those Things For A Reader, I Will Be A Happy Writer Ella Maise, An Avid Reader And A Big Dreamer, Is The Author Of To Love Jason Thorn, I M Yours, And The Alexander Maya Series Visit Her At Ellamaise