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`DOWNLOAD BOOK ↿ Cathian (The Vorge Crew Book 1) ⇻ Notice This Book Was Previously Published As A Short Story Called Captain Of Naras Heart In An Anthology It Has Been Updated And Expanded Into Novella LengthWhen Nara Barns And Her Tiny Crew Find Themselves With A Choice Between Jail Or The Sex Slave Auction Block, Its An Easy Choice Especially When They Plan To Escape Their Buyers As Soon As Possible, Anyway Even Better, Naras Buyer Wants Her For Just Six Days, Long Enough To Get Him Through His Heat Until Women From His Planet Can Come To His Aid Six Days And Then Freedom Sign Her UpHowever, Naras Completely Unprepared For The Impact Captain Cathian Vellar Has On Her Body To Survive His Heat, The Tryleskian Must Feedand Nara Is His Favorite Meal Her Body Can Barely Withstand The Rapture Soon, Her Heart Is Just As Engaged But Enduring The Pinnacle Of Cathians Heat He Could Kill Nara, And He Refuses To Risk Her Life