GRATUIT ♰ The Royal Court (Medieval Tale Book 4) ⚖

FREE ♫ The Royal Court (Medieval Tale Book 4) ♷ The Capital It S The Quiet Before The Storm Countess Lilian Earton Is Now On The Threshold Of The Royal Palace, Ready For A Diplomatic And Eloquent Fight A Fight Which Will Decide Her Destiny In A World Shes Sacrificed So Much ForThe Royals And Noblemen Are Farsophisticated In Matters Of Intrigue, Gossip, And Slander Than Anyone She Has Dealt With Before Lilian Steps Up To Another Level Of Negotiation And Intricacy In Her Relationships Much Deeper Anddangerous Than In Her Native Earton Castle Everyone In The Capital Of Ativerna Has Sharp Teeth And Are Not Afraid To Use Them To Their Own Advantage And They All Have Heard Contradictory Gossip About Lilian EartonNew Land, New Friends, And New Rivals Mean New Opportunities She Could Push Medicine And Industry Forward, Could Bring Lots Of Inventions To This World, New Guilds And So On The Only Thing In Her Way Now King Edward Meeting Him Might Ruin Everything Or It Could Save And Protect All Still, He Is Not The Only Ruler Who Has His Sights Set On Lilian The Situation Is Nearing An International Crisis She Has To Win The Hearts And Minds Of The Members Of The Royal Family And Of Her Own Family She Writes A Letter Addressed To Her Husband To Come And Meet Her In The Royal Palace Will Jess Accept This Invitation The Royal Court Is The Fourth In The Medieval Tale Series By Lina J Potter The Story Is Coming To Its Culmination There Are Central Questions To Be Answered, Meetings To Be Had, Mysteries To Be Unraveled Read The Continuation Of The Saga As The Plots Of Different Characters Entwine