GRATUIT Þ Seed, Grow, Love, Write: One man's unexpected and slow journey to fulfillment (English Edition) â eBook or Kindle ePUB free

FREE ï Seed, Grow, Love, Write: One man's unexpected and slow journey to fulfillment (English Edition) æ The Author Is A Natural Storyteller, With A Keen Ability To Capture The Inherent Hilarity Of Both Ordinary And Extraordinary Days You Won T Regret Your Time On His Journey Of Reflections And Growth Through A Lens That Is Reflective, Comedic, Heartfelt And Wise Are You Still Searching For Your Passion Are You Seeking Fulfillment In Your Life But Aren T Sure Where To Turn Next Seed, Grow, Love, Write Is Part Memoir, Part Self Help And Part Hilarious Jaunt Through One Man S Life And Will Leave Every Reader Laughing, Crying And As Author John Markowski Concludes Each Short Story Chewing On Something Different An Opportunity For The Reader To Feel Inspired And To Self Reflect On Their Own Lives Grow With Markowski As The Family Leaf Management Program Lures Him Into Gardening, A Love Further Strengthened By The Markowski Mulch, A Grand Event That Happened Each July Feel The Relief Of A Clean Slate Provided By Mowing The Lawn Known As The Theory Of Vacuum Momentum , And Nod With Understanding As He Explains How Ornamental Grasses Saved His LifeIt S Not All Gardening By Any Means There Are Stories Of His Time As A Mailman, Private Investigator, New Dad, And Petty Thief You Meet His Grandfather, The Amateur Taxidermist, His Wife And Editor , And Blog Readers, Including Allison In Ohio In Seed, Grow, Love, Write, Markowski Shows That A Life Lived Without Passion Isn T Really A Life At All, And You Ll Close The Book Reinvigorated To Find Your Own Passion And Not Apologize For It Meanwhile, You Ll Have Had A Grand Time Getting There This book is part memoire where we get to look at many hilarious incidents of John s life, and some that aren t so hilarious hintthe end made me crybut in a good way His self deprecation and willingness to put it all out there made me laugh out loud Even though I can never imagine using spread sheets and having a set schedule for my gardening my organization involves garden tags in a large ziplock bag, so, you know the opposite end of the spectrum but after reading it, I GET IT Each chapter ends with a chance to evaluate something in your life, or as John says, Chew on this This book shows John s fulfillment has come through family, friends, gardening, pushing himself to be uncomfortable, and having success in that Fulfillment in finally recognizing that just because he works in a cubby in a corporate environment that he can write a passion that he had thought at one time died by way of a probably well meaning college professor that lead to a change in majors and career path We can find our passions and fulfillment outside those 9 5 jobs. I thoroughly enjoyed Seed, Grow, Love, Write I could not put the book down once I started to read it I loved the humor in the book Quite a few times I could relate to some of the situations John found himself in which made me laugh even My favorite chapter was Spring Training, which I have also had the opportunity to enjoy John captures the essence of spring training to a tee At the end of each chapter there is a section called Chew On This It is a thought provoking line or two that pertained to the chapter I found myself anxiously waiting to the end of a chapter to read the next life lesson Looking forward to John s next book. As John s parents we are so proud of how John captures the human spirit in all of us through his humor and insight John combines his love of family, writing and landscaping and brings you to a spiritual level Seed, Grow, Love, Write is an honest must read guaranteed to make you laugh and cry