READ BOOK ☢ Love's Cruel Redemption: The Ghost Bird Series: #12 (English Edition) ♫

So what can I say love this series from the very beginning This book is different from the rest in which we finally see some progression within the dynamics that is Sang and her guys As a team and family and even though there are doubts they seam to finally finalize with what their feeling are towards one another I like the mystery of this story line and the ending was like unbelievable and puts a whole new twist to what I thought and brand new perspective to see where CL is going with in this series Only problem I have is how long these books in this series take to come out But I did enjoyed this read and will continue to wait painfully for the next one probably till next year to come out, just to see where the author will finally take this series Enjoy. READ BOOK ⚑ Love's Cruel Redemption: The Ghost Bird Series: #12 (English Edition) ♷ From USA TODAY Bestselling Author, C L Stone, Read Love S Cruel Redemption, The Much Anticipated Twelfth Book In The Academy Ghost Bird SeriesSangs Life Was On Pause After The Dramatic Break With Her Real Family Now Shes Back In The Game, Returning To Ashley Waters To Appear Like A Normal Student However, Returning To School Hasnt Made Her Life Any Easier When It Comes To The Academy And Her Role In The Secret Organization, Theres No Such Thing As NormalWhen Kotas Mother Catches Sang And The Guys In The Complex Web Of Lies Theyve Woven, Everything Starts To Unravel Their Relationships, Their Ties To The Academy Everythings Under Risk Of ExposureNathan Struggles Most With His Conscience And Lying To Erica Lee, The Woman Who Supported Him When His Own Mother Was Never There, Doesnt Seem Like The Right Thing To Do Shes His Family And Nathan Knows You Shouldnt Lie To Family But He Also Knows The Truth Could Hurt Her It Could Put Erica In Danger And It Could Force Kota To Make A Choice He Should Never Have To His Mother And Sister, Or His Teamhis Chosen FamilyWith Ashley Waters High School Under Attack And The Principal Now Missing, The Academy Needs To Maintain Its Cover Than Ever Its A Bad Time For Erica To Start Discovering What The Academy Is Really All About But To Protect Them All, Nathans Willing To Take The Heat Hell Do It For Sang, As Well As Kota, Victor, Silas, Gabriel, Luke, North, And The Rest Of The Team He May Be Their Only Chance At Survival But Sang, Who Committed To Be All In With Her Team, Isnt About To Let Nathan Go Down Alone The Academy Family First The previous books in this series seemed to be making forward progress in the relationships between characters This one seemed to meander around with no point except to sell a book Also, some serious copyediting or proofing mistakes The author stated there would be twenty books to this series Is she trying to just stretch it out I say get the thing done Editing, editing, editing Can t say it enough It shows an enormously flagrant lack of respect for your readers when you as the author refuse to hire an editor, especially when there are good cheap ones on freelance sites who could at least help you catch the obvious and numerous typos every book in this series is riddled with And the number of reviews per book are proof you re making enough sales to cover a 50 edit.The usual typo rant aside, I also was annoyed by how the supposedly smart and trained team kept making such bad decisions repeatedly I tried to pass this off as due to stress and lack of sleep But it was just so often and so bad that I bagan to wonder why the Academy would ever want to work with this team A lot of details were also left hazy and confusing, probably in an attempt to keep the twist end reveal a surprise Instead, it just made me doubt the author s plotting abilities for the first time in this series And the scent thing used in that reveal makes zero sense either since Sang would have made the connection way earlier due to her often repeated attention to smells.I waited a long time to buy this book, unsure I would stick with the series, but the previous books plotting nudged me into this purchase I don t think I will be buying the next and will probably have to let Sang abd the team go at this point Any author who repeatedly refuses to respect their readers time and money by getting some decent editing does not deserve to continue to have readers. This series is barely moving And there were so many typos, poorly written sentences, and incoherent scenes that this may be the last book I read I m sorry to have to say this, but I was looking forward to this book moving the plot along It didn t And the obvious lack of editing made it worse If this were my book, I d be ashamed to let it out in public until really serious editing issues were handled.